Z Palette Review and Dupes

Have you ever used an eyeshadow palette, but didn’t have the exact shade to complete the look you were going for?

We’ve all been there.

That’s why customizable eyeshadow palettes are becoming so popular these days. With customizable eyeshadow palettes, you can customize the palette to have every shade you want while leaving out the ones you don’t care for.

One of the most popular customizable eyeshadow palettes is the Z Palette. It has been getting tons of hype lately in the makeup community, and deservingly so. Here is our full review of the Z Palette products. Also, we have pulled together our top picks for its best dupes, our favorite being the Morphe Magnetic Palette.

Z Palette Review

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The Z Palette is a makeup line that makes customizable eyeshadow palettes. Zena Shteysel curated this product in 2009 to compile all of her favorite products into one palette. The palettes are very slim, so they are travel-friendly which was exactly what Zena was going for. There are 49 shades of eyeshadow to choose from to include in your palette.

There are tons of different styles of palettes in the line. In the Pro Black Series, there are different sizes of plain black palettes that fit different amounts of eye shadow pots. In the category called “other styles,” there are the same palettes available in fun colors. Finally, they have an option where you can personally design the case of your palette.

Also, you don’t only have to put Z Palette’s products in the case. You can also fit depotted blushes, pressed powders, and highlights into the case. So, this is a great product for someone who has a lot of singles in their collection that need a place to go.

Where to buy: Amazon

Z Palette Dupes

As it turns out, Z Palette is not the only makeup company that makes customizable palettes. There are tons of options out there that similarly are able to compile your favorite shadows into one palette. So, here are our top picks for the best Z Palette dupes.

Morphe Magnetic Palette

Our Pick

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Morphe is a classic makeup brand that never fails at providing the most high-quality and pigmented shadows. Their magnetic palette in the large size is able to hold approximately 30 Morphe eye shadow singles at once. Since this palette is completely flat, it can also hold singles from other makeup brands. The magnetization on the palette is very strong, so you don’t have to worry about the products moving or getting damaged. The palette is sleek and sturdy, so it is great for people who travel a lot. For the sizes and price, this is by far the best dupe for the Z Palette.


  • Strong magnetization
  • Can hold both Morphe products and other singles
  • Travel-friendly

Where to buy it: Morphe

Anastasia Beverly Hills Magnetic Palette

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Anastasia Beverly Hills has gotten lots of praise from the makeup community. Their magnetic palette is one of their best products, as it allows you to customize your very own eye shadow palette. It comes in six color cases, and the palette can hold up to 28 ABH eye shadows at a time. Because it has a magnetic backing, you can easily rearrange the shades at any time. The case is sleek and sturdy, so it is great for travel purposes. The case of this palette has a glitter coating on it. So, if you don’t like glitter getting everywhere, this probably is not for you.


  • Sleek and compact for traveling
  • Can hold up to 28 shades at a time
  • Strong magnetic backing


  • Glitter fallout from the case

Where to buy it: Anastasia Beverly Hills

NARS Pro Palette

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The NARS Pro Palette launched its first custom palette a few years back. With this palette, you are able to insert both eye and cheek products. The palette comes in a small and large size depending on your needs. They have tons of product options when it comes to what you put into the palette. They can place eye shadows, blushes, highlights, bronzers, and more! Also, there are some pre-filled palette options for those who aren’t sure how to arrange theirs. But, the casing is not as sturdy as the Z Palette. After some time, it can get worn out and less travel-friendly. Also, there is only a simple black colored case to choose from.


  • Lots of options besides just eyeshadow
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Pre-filled options available


  • The case isn’t very sturdy
  • Only color option for the case is black

Where to buy it: NARS

Pinnacle Cosmetics Custom Palette

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Pinnacle Cosmetics is a company that isn’t as widely known as some of the others. But, their concept for custom palettes is very unique. Instead of using one palette to hold everything in, they have separated their custom palettes into what type of makeup they hold. For example, they have a custom lipstick palette, custom eyeshadow palette, and more. For each palette, there are tons of sizing options to choose from. The sad thing about this design is that it is difficult to put singles from other makeup brands because they probably will not fit. Also, since there are different palettes for different products, it doesn’t save a lot of space as the Z Palette does. So, this is not the most travel-friendly option.


  • Lots of sizing options
  • Can hold tons of different products other than just eye shadow


  • Not travel-friendly
  • Cannot put singles from other brands in the palette

Where to buy it: Pinnacle Cosmetics

Final Thoughts

The Z Palette is one of the best makeup creations out there. With all of your favorite products being stored into one palette, it makes it super easy to do your makeup efficiently in little time. Since you would only theoretically be using one palette, it is great for people who travel often. Out of all the Z Palette dupes, the Morphe Magnetic Palette is our top pick by a landslide.

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What is the best way to change out shadows in the palette?

All of the products mentioned in this guide have different removal techniques. For example, the actual Z Palette has a certain de-potting technique that is a little more tricky than others. But, the majority of them simply have a magnetic backing. This means that you will be able to rearrange and remove singles by pulling them off the palette. You shouldn’t have much trouble for palettes with a magnetic backing.

How do I choose what to put in the palette?

Well, choosing what is going to go into your custom palette is completely up to you. Personally, I like to include a little bit of every product. But, if bronzer isn’t your thing, don’t feel pressured to include it in your palette. The great thing about custom palettes is that they are personalized to your needs. A good place to start is to think of the makeup you wear most often and go from there.