The 15 Trendiest Hairstyles For Women Over 50

As women age, they tend to want hairstyles that are much more manageable than others. Many women decide to cut their hair down to shoulder length or shorter with the bolder people going full-on short crop. Before you chop off all your locks, there are great hairstyles for mature women with long hair too. Cutting your hair should be a choice, not a necessity. We’ve done some research and compiled a list of fifteen of the trendiest hairstyles for women over 50 years old. Keep reading to check them out.

Choppy Bob

Bobs are great hairstyles for women over 50 because there are so many types of bobs that at least one of them is bound to fit any face shape. It’s a nice and simple hairstyle that is easy to maintain. The choppy bob is a really good choice because it gives the hairstyle some personality and it’s also the bob with the most volume. Choppy bobs are so versatile–you could add some light curls to it like the one above to give yourself a more youthful appearance. You could even elect to have a straight choppy bob for a more edgy look.

Cropped with Bangs

There is an unspoken trend of women aged 50+ years–cut off all that long, youthful hair and go with something that’s more manageable like the cropped haircut in this photo. Caring for cropped hair is relatively easy compared to a lot of other hairstyles. Keep it washed regularly and trimmed every few weeks. Avoid heated tools if possible and use hairspray that reduces frizz. Besides being low maintenance, a cropped haircut makes you look bold and charming at the same time. Having bangs with your cropped haircut frames your face and provides cover for people who may be self-conscious about their forehead.

Pixie Cut

It’s easy to get pixie cuts and cropped cuts confused because they look similar. The difference is that a pixie cut is short on the back and the sides and slightly longer at the top. It may or may not have a bang. Done correctly, a pixie cut can make you look fierce and fabulous like the woman in this photo.

Many people tend to get the impression that pixie cuts aren’t versatile, but this curled pixie cut disproves that.

Even if you choose to not “doll” your look up, a simple pixie cut like this one can make any woman feel good and look great.

Vintage Bob

Bobs have been popular for decades and vintage bobs from the 50s and 60s are starting to come back in style. Bobs are extremely versatile and are great for women who want to be stylish and stand out at any age. This is a gorgeous version of a vintage bob. The subtle waves give it the perfect hint of class and sophistication. Here is a curly vintage bob that is cute and playful.

This straight vintage bob features a retro bang. It is reminiscent of burlesque or pinup girls and is great for the mature woman who still has sex appeal.

Fluffy Curls

Fluffy curls are always a good look on most women. Whether you decided to keep your hair long like in this photo or short like in this one, having fluffy curls gives your hair personality. It takes a bit more upkeep than a straight hairstyle, but it’s worth it if you want a style that makes you look happy and carefree.

Fluffy curls in long, gray hair can look almost angelic like in this photo.

Messy Waves

If you are a mature woman with shoulder-length to long hair, you may want to consider messy waves. Messy waves are a very adorable hairstyle that is easy to maintain. It’s on trend and you can achieve the look with or without heat. Messy waves work better on shoulder length hair such as above or long hair like this.

It’s not the typical hairstyle for a mature woman. It’s a great hairstyle for the young at heart–the mature woman who still feels young and free. This hairstyle looks great with a few accessories such as pins or clips.

Classic Tapered

The classic tapered hairstyle is a super trendy hairstyle that looks great when it’s done right. It’s definitely a hairstyle for the fierce and focused woman. This hairstyle screams boldness and confidence like in. On a mature woman with gray hair, the style could be a little less trendy but still every bit as bold. This photo is a great example. The classic tapered haircut has been around for a long time and continues to be a favorite among mature women who like short hair.

Layered Bob w/ Bangs

As always, bobs very popular hairstyles for women over 50. Layering it takes away the volume and allows it to have the body to move around. You could opt for a tousled look with wispy bangs if you have thick hair.

However, if you like volume, you could try feathered layers. This will make your hair look like it has a lot of volume and texture. You could also try a very neat layered bob such as the one in this photo. The layered bob gives you a lot of styling options.

Wavy Bangs

Many people think that wavy and/or curly hair does not do well for bangs, but this isn’t true. Bangs are a great way to frame your face, and wavy bangs can add a softness to your face that straight bangs can’t. Gray wavy bangs look really good. It gives an impression of a happy, mature woman who might be baking an apple pie in the kitchen. In some cases, like in this photo, it can give you a look that is sort of hippie chic. Either way, wavy bangs are in.

Round Bob

The round bob is classic. It can be long or short like the one above, either way, it frames the face beautifully, especially if you have a square jawline. It can add a softness to your look that makes you look warm and approachable. Check out this bob with the side swept bangs.

Here is a shoulder length, wispy bob that also looks great. No matter how you cut it, a round bob is a great look for just about any face type, however, if you have a round face you’ll want to stick with a longer bob.

Unkempt Curly Locks

Unkempt curly locks are fun and youthful. Remember Shirley Temple? She was an iconic child star who was famous for her unkempt curly locks. She kept them well into adulthood, although, they can get a bit softer with age. Unkempt curly locks can help you to defy your age. They look great on mature women and, like in this photo keeps your look interesting. You can have large curls, small curls, long, or short. The generally youthful look will apply across the board.

Side Swept

Side swept hair is definitely in. Not only does a side swept bang frame your face but it can also act as a barrier. For people with larger foreheads, a side swept bang is the perfect cover up solution. Side swept bangs can also cover up hairline issues. A side swept bang with a bob like in the picture above can elongate a round face. These wispy side swept bangs paired with beautiful gray hair look almost angelic.

Short Crop

Short hair, don’t care! That is the theme for the mature woman who is simply looking for an easy to manage style. It doesn’t get too much easier than short cropped hair (unless you go bald) because if you don’t have hair you don’t need to maintain it. We’ve already discussed cropped hair and pixie cut hair in previous sections and this may seem similar to those. The difference is that it doesn’t have longer hair at the top like a pixie cut and it’s shorter than cropped hair. Talk show host Ellen Degeneres is known for sporting short cropped hair.

Tousled Short Do

Effortless is a term that is often used to describe a look and it’s a term that many mature women aspire to. However, you’ll find that most things that are described as effortless are described that way because they look effortless, not because they are effortless. This leads us to the tousled short hairstyle. It’s effortless (our definition). It is also a great look for mature ladies who tend to keep busy. Actress Sharon Gless is known for her tousled white hair on the television show Burn Notice. Here is another photo of a beautiful white-haired tousled look.

Back Brushed

There is something about a mature woman with back brushed hair. It oozes confidence, sophistication, and an almost regal nature. This can be seen in the J’adore commercials with Charlize Theron. She looks fierce with brushed back hair. In this photo, this woman looks fabulous with her hair brushed back.

In this before and after” shot, this woman has a tousled brush back hairstyle. She looks absolutely radiant. Brushed back hair helps to keep the focus on other great features of your face. Maybe you have beautiful eyes or lips and you don’t want these features to have to compete with your hair. Back brushed hair ensures that your features stand out.