21 Trendy Hairstyles For Winter 2020

Winter is definitely one of the most fashionable seasons of all and a time when many hairstyles tend to get more dramatic. During this time of the year, people are wearing more clothes than normal. This also means more accessories and outerwear–hats, scarves, coats, shawls, and more. You need the right hairstyle to pull everything together. It only makes sense to have hairstyles to compliment your winter clothing collection so we’ve done some research on the best winter hairstyles. Keep reading to find out what our twenty-one favorite hairstyles for winter are.

Layered Bob

The bob has been making a comeback from the 90s. Not only is it a great way to keep those ears warm this winter, but it’s super manageable and one of the best hairstyles for winter. Another plus is that it looks super cute under a beanie. One of the most well-known modern celebrities that consistently rocks a layered bob is Dua Lipa. Charlize Theron also often rocks a bob and she always looks classy no matter what.

Khloe Kardashian sometimes has a bob. She takes the layered bob look to a very modern, sexy, upscale look in this photo.

Bardot Bangs

Inspired by pop-culture icon Brigitte Bardot, these chic, feminine bangs continue to be a favorite. It’s amazing how well this cut has survived over time while others have faded away. This cut frames the face beautifully, giving any look a feminine touch while still looking edgy. Bardot bangs are so versatile that they can literally go with any outfit so it’s great for a winter look. J Lo is often known to wear Bardot bangs and it compliments her high cheek bones very well. Model Georgia May Jagger wears Bardot bangs quite often in her personal life as well as professional photo shoots.

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Knotted Updo

A knotted updo is a perfect combination of class and simplicity. Paired with an upscale winter outfit, you’ll look like a winter goddess. A knotted updo can be one of the easiest hairstyles you’ll ever do–you simply tie your hair in fashionable knots and pin it. You can choose to have only a few knots for a quick, casual look or you can choose to have a lot of intricate knots to make the look more formal. Adding simple decorations such as pearls or jewels can give the hairstyle an ethereal appearance. Supermodel Lydia Hearst wore an intricate knotted updo in this photo and she looks fabulous.

Box Braids

In the African and African American community, braids are a cultural norm. Box braids tend to be some of the easiest and quickest braids to do but that doesn’t mean that the look is simple. Box braids can be worn casually or can be styled to be formal, professional, or even upscale. They are appropriate for any season of the year. For example, look at tennis star Venus Williams. She looks amazing and ready for anything. Keke Palmer often sports box braids and is seen here looking classy and regal with her hairstyle.

Ringlet Curls

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Ringlet curls is a very dramatic hairstyle to have. You’ll definitely get attention with this hairstyle. Any type of hairstyle with volume is great for winter because it not only looks great, but it acts as a barrier to the harsh coldness. It can be difficult to keep curly hair moisturized in the winter, but if you keep great moisturizer products on hand, you’ll be fine. Many celebrities wow their audiences with a head full of ringlet curls, whether its short or long. Here is a breath-taking photo of Halle Berry (above) modeling ringlet curls. Zendaya (below), a pop singer, also looks great with ringlet curls.

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Undone Bun

If you want a hairstyle that is effortless and can be worn any time and any season, the undone bun fits the bill. It’s so simple that anyone can do it. Simply use a volumizer to give your roots some lift. Brush your hair back loosely. Separate your hair into two sections, wrap or tie them together, then pin your hair done. Viola! Undone bun. Singer Madison Beer (above) shows how an undone bun can serve as a red carpet look. Actress, singer, and model Teyana Taylor (below), who often changes hairstyles with the blink of an eye, sports a unique, edgy undone bun.

Braided Bun

Here is another bun that looks stunning, especially for a formal event. There are so many ways to do a braided bun. You can have it messy and loose such as actress Olivia Wilde’s braided bun. You can opt for a tighter, extremely polished dramatic braided bun as shown in this casual photo of actress and singer Brandy Norwood.


You can also choose anything in between. Braided buns tend to stand out on their own, so you don’t need a lot of accessories unless you just want to add a jewel, clip, or something simple. Versatility is definitely a key feature of this hairstyle.

Braided Ponytail

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I love Gigi Hadid’s braided ponytail because it looks great and it can also be a great way to hide a bad hair day. Pull your hair back into a ponytail and hide those dry, split ends into a big braid. This is one of the best hairstyles for winter since the braid can protect most of your hair from the harsh winter cold. Even if you aren’t hiding a bad hair day, a braided ponytail can be an edgy look for many casual occasions. Take this photo of supermodel Chanel Iman for example. She looks super chic and edgy while still looking comfortable with the “girl next door” vibe.

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Side Swept Bangs

Side swept bangs are always a cute, feminine touch to anyone’s look. They beautifully frame the face and the side swipe gives the bangs a bit of personality. Superstar Taylor Swift looks amazing in this photo shoot with side swept bangs. Singer Rihanna looks very elegant sporting side swept bangs.

The best part about side swept bangs is that its easy to do. Just swipe the bangs to the side, quite literally. You can wear your hair up or down, and you’ll probably want to use a good hairspray to get your bangs to stay put.

Flip Out

This is a hair trend that sort of died out in the 90s but is making a slow comeback with a modernized take on it. Many people don’t flip their hair out as dramatically as it once would be in the past. For example, celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkins styled Kendall Jenner’s hair in the photo with the ends just slightly flipped. However, there is always an exception and actress Lisa Rinna demonstrates that well. She is known for often having her hair flipped out on the ends and her hair still looks quite modern and classy.

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Top Knot

Top knots are great hairstyles for people with great faces. I say this because it takes a great face to pull off having all your hair back with a strange knot just sitting on your head. However, people who pull this off usually do it flawlessly. Top knots can go with just about any outfit from casual to formal. They are also great if you wear winter scarves because your hair won’t be rubbing up against the scarf. Chrissy Teigan took hers up a notch by adding a cute hair accessory.

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Singer Bebe Rexa shows a more downscale, playful, on-the-go top knot that is quick and easy.

Side Braid Ponytail

The side braid ponytail is becoming a very popular hairstyle. It’s ultra feminine, chic, and easy to do. You can also amp it up with some more intricate braiding. Keep in mind that this hairstyle looks better with long hair (past your shoulders), so if you have short hair you could opt for some extensions. It’s also a hairstyle that makes you look young, so if you already look young this may have you looking “school-aged”. Check out singer Ciara’s cute side braid with lace twists. Celebrity chef and model Lorraine Pascal looks great with her side braid complimenting her Halloween costume.

Model, actress, and entrepreneur Tyra Banks looks adorable in her french-braided side braid.


The afro is a hairstyle that is deeply embedded in African American’s history and culture. Not only is it a natural hairstyle for people of color, but it is also a symbol of black people’s pride and power. For many black people, their hair just grows into an afro naturally. People of other races have been known to sport afros but must do some work to get their hair to puff out as needed. Taraji P. Henson is stunning sporting this afro.

So is actress Viola Davis, looking elegant and regal. Afros are great for winter because they keep your head warm. You probably won’t be able to wear too many hats with this hairstyle, so it’s good that it provides insulation.

Retro Bangs

Bangs have made one of the strongest comebacks of any retro hairstyle. They look great with a top knot and frames heart-shaped faces wonderfully. However, if you don’t have a heart-shaped face, you can still pull it off. Keep your retro bangs straight with super hold hairspray and a flat iron. Lorraine Pascale made our list again with a modern hairstyle that incorporates a retro bang. Here is a photo of Ariana Grande sporting retro bangs. Both ladies look absolutely stunning and pull the bangs off nicely.

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High Ponytail

The high ponytail is a great hairstyle that is better suited for long hair. Having a straight, sleek ponytail gives women a fierce, edgy look that can be great for any occasion from working out to walking down the red carpet. Ariana Grande is known for sporting high ponytails. The actress turned singer sports a long, high ponytail most of the time and it suits her very well. Lady Gaga looks stunning wearing this high ponytail while modeling for Versace.

The high ponytail is somewhat dramatic, so you probably don’t want to pair too many accessories with it, unless they are flat and decorative (depending on your outfit).


Like the afro, dreadlocks are another hairstyle that is deeply rooted in the African American culture and history. This hairstyle is especially prominent in the Carribean. Actress Lisa Bonet has sported dreadlocks for a long time and looks elegant and whimsical in this photo.

Actress Shanola Hampton looks red-carpet worthy with her dreadlocks in a stylish updo.

Singer and reality show star Zhavia Ward became known for her dreadlocks on the show The Four. She stood out because she isn’t African American. The hairstyle is very popular and is starting to break cultural barriers.

Huge Curls

Huge curls are usually really beautiful. They are generally done with long hair although it can be pulled off with short hair. Huge curls are so attractive that you don’t need many accessories. We’ve seen some people use a hairpin on one side and that looks good as long as it’s a fancy pin. We have another picture of Lady Gaga with huge, luxurious curls.

Sports Illustrated model Tanya Mityushina sports her huge curls in a ponytail in this photo.

Actress Chloe Bennet took a more casual approach to big curls and she still looks amazing.

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Swept Back Look

The swept back look can easily make a woman look sultry and empowered. It’s a bold style and can give a sense of androgyny, especially if it’s done with short hair. To do this style, you’ll probably want to start with wet hair. Use a comb or brush to slick the hair back from your face. Use holding spray or holding cream to create texture. You can choose to air dry or use a hairdryer. Singer Zendaya looks great with her hair swept back so elegantly. Here is a side view of a swept back look from Paris Jackson.

Two Texture Pony


The two texture ponytail can give you an edgy editorial look. The most common two texture ponytail is with straight pulled back hair and a wavy or curly ponytail. However, you can do any combination that you like. Pop singer Ella Mai (above) often sports two texture ponytails. Gabrielle Union looks fierce in this over-the-shoulder shot with her two texture ponytail.

This style can be easily achieved–just pull your real hair up or back into a knot and clip on a fake ponytail. You can do the look with your own hair (actually, Ella Mai does this) if you don’t mind putting in some extra effort.

Old School Scrunchy

Scrunchies are back! There was a time when looking at a scrunchy reminded me of the female cast of Saved by the Bell, a hit tv show from the early 90s. Now, scrunchies are reentering the fashion scene. Scrunchies haven’t changed at all since the 90s, but how they are being worn has changed. A lot of scrunchies are being worn on knots and/or buns. They are also being used on straight ponytails instead of the “big hair” ponytails of the late 80s and early 90s. Model Hailey Beiber is known for stepping out wearing a scrunchy whenever she isn’t blazing up a photo shoot.

Meghan Trainor also wears a scrunchy on occasion.

Half Bun

The half bun is a quick and easy hairstyle that you can implement when you’re in a hurry, on-the-go, or just hanging out with friends or family. It’s a great, casual hairstyle that can be leveled up with braids and/or accessories such as clips or pins. In some cases, it might even be suitable for a night out. Hilary Duff (above) poses with family (she is in the middle) and she makes the half bun look nice and comfy. Nicole Sherzinger sports an edgy half bun and braids look that is fun, flirty, and sexy.

Straight Hair

Sometimes simplicity can be best and having your hair completely bone straight can make you stand out among the crowd of curls. This hairstyle works best with long hair because if it’s short it could get confused with a bob. You’ll want your hair to be straight, shiny, and full of body so use a good straightening cream that fights frizz along with a really good ionic flat iron. Tika Sumpter (above) pulls off this look effortlessly in the photo. Gwen Stefani and Naomi Campbell have been known to wear their hair bone straight often.