What Is The Best Brand Of Essential Oils?

Essential oils have become the solution to just about any problem you can think of, whether it’s a lack of sleep or needing to clean the tub.

Having a trusted essential oil brand to rely on is a major benefit but in an overcrowded market like the one of today, it seems harder and harder to do.

What is the best brand of essential oils?

As a market that continues to grow and evolve, the best essential oil brands are always changing. Currently, some of the most popular names for purity and quality essential oils are Plant Therapy, Eden’s Garden, Vitruvi, and Aura Cacia.

A good essential oil brand is one that has a reputation for safe, pure, and high-quality products, and if you’re looking for your next favorite brand, we can help you find it.

This guide will uncover some of the best essential oil manufacturers on the market today and what sets them apart in their products, reputation and quality.

The Best Brands of Essential Oils Everyone Should Know

Essential oils are a cure-all for so many things, including cleaning around the home and personal health and wellness.

To help you uncover your next favorite essential oil brand, we’ve counted down some of the most popular that the world has to offer and what it is that makes them so unique.

1. Plant Therapy

The 11 Best Brands of Essential Oils

If you’re looking for essential oils that the whole family can enjoy, nobody does it better than Plant Therapy.

The US-based brand has a massive range of oils, including kid-friendly products, and they’re committed to education that allows their customers to use them as effectively and safely as possible.

Every single one of their oils is special and they explain how it was sourced and why they’ve chosen to bottle it. Their range is all organic, made with the highest purity, and undergoes rigorous testing before it reaches you at home.

They’re widely available and accessible around the world as well, so everyone can get their hands on Plant Therapy’s essential oils to see what all the fuss is about.

2. Mountain Rose Herbs

The 11 Best Brands of Essential Oils

Mountain Rose Herbs is a brand committed to ethical standards and that includes everything from farming to packaging.

Their motto promises that they’ll never use conventionally grown ingredients, so you can be guaranteed of their quality and purity, even if it does mean their oils come with a higher price tag.

This brand’s signature product is their roll-on oils, but they span far beyond this, and even have in-house aromatherapists who create their blends. Mountain Rose Herbs is a little harder to ship around the world but the wait will be worth it if you’re someone who favors quality over all else.

Everything they make is organic, quality tested, and fair-trade, ticking all of the boxes that people look for these days when choosing skincare and health products.

3. Aura Cacia

The 11 Best Brands of Essential Oils

Aura Cacia has managed to corner the market on essential oils and become one of the most widely sold brands in stores like Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

Although easily accessible, they haven’t sacrificed on quality, and they guarantee that all of their oils are made with 100% pure ingredients and feature no synthetic colors, fragrances, or preservatives.

The range from Aura Cacia features both single oils and blends, and you can choose either regular oils or those made with premium organic ingredients only.

They also have a huge selection of bottle sizes and they manufacture all of the extras you could ever hope for, like diffusers, bath salts, skin care products, and mist sprays.

Aura Cacia is dedicated to purity and they donate proceeds from their sales to charity, so you can feel really good about buying from them.

4. Aveda

The 11 Best Brands of Essential Oils

Aveda was one of the first brands to champion the cruelty free haircare and skincare trend, and they still lead the pack today with products to suit just about every person and need.

Among their massively popular range of shampoos, face masks, and body moisturizers are a great selection of essential oils and some of the best quality ones you’ll find on the market.

Aveda’s range of essential oils falls into their aroma line of goods, including candles, oils, and body products. Their PureFume range features mist sprays with essential oils front and center, with blends made for insight, wisdom, harmony, and more.

Otherwise, you can select from their handful of high quality and pure essential oils and see what it is that makes this all natural brand such a desired one.

5. Rocky Mountain Oils

The 11 Best Brands of Essential Oils

Rocky Mountain Oils are another global phenomenon and an essential oil brand that’s known for their affordable prices and premium quality.

They manufacturer single-origin oils and proletary blends for just about anything you need, and as a direct-to-consumer company, you don’t have to pay hidden costs to a middle man, which is how they keep their prices so low.

A huge selling point of Rocky Mountain Oils, and another thing that verifies their greatness, is that they offer a 90-day return policy with no hidden clauses.

Even if you open a bottle of their essential oil and use some of it, only to find you don’t like it, you can still send it back for a full refund and the best customer service you’ve ever dealt with.

For a brand that goes beyond just making quality oils, Rocky Mountain is the way to go.

6. Eden’s Garden

The 11 Best Brands of Essential Oils

Eden’s Garden has been operating since 2009 and they’ve earned themselves as one of the go-to brands when it comes to essential oils.

All of their oils are high quality but affordable, and they create a huge selection of products that span beyond your regular lavender oil or linen spray, including kid friendly oils and natural deodorants.

The Eden’s Garden brand is committed to excellence with rigorous testing and quality control. They source their oils from all over the world and ensure everything is harvested and packaged sustainably for your peace of mind.

Even with all of this hard work from the brand, you still pay a reasonable price for them, and they’re one of the most affordable and accessible oils out there.

7. Public Goods – Tea Tree Oil

The 11 Best Brands of Essential Oils

The entire range from Public Goods is focused on being high quality with minimal ingredients, and always sourced, manufactured, and packaged sustainably, so you know you’re only getting the best.

The US-based brand doesn’t just make essential oils but everything your home needs, including canned food and dish sponges, aiming to deliver the whole package in an earth-friendly and beautiful way.

Their essential oils are a standout though and consistently ranked as some of the best, including special blends for beard oil, hair oil, and so many others.

Public Goods essential oils are non-GMO, cruelty free, single-origin, and organic, but even with all of these benefits, they’re still reasonably priced and accessible to everyone, making them one of our favorites.

8. Vitruvi

The 11 Best Brands of Essential Oils

The Vitruvi brand has been committed to the ethical manufacturing of essential oils since it launched in 2013. The Canadian company creates only the purest oils with no synthetic ingredients or fillers, so you know everything you’re using is of the highest quality.

Along with their extensive range of oils, their diffusers are their best sellers, giving you a stylish way to enjoy aromatherapy at home.

One of the coolest things about Vitruvi is that they stand by their products with a 15-day guarantee, which is pretty hard to come by with essential oils.

However, they’re not set up yet to ship to all international destinations so you’ll need to check their website to see if you can get your hands on their essential oils. For high quality oils and a guarantee that you can actually lean on, Vitruvi is one of the best.

9. Now Foods

The 11 Best Brands of Essential Oils

If you’re looking for essential oils that are affordable and accessible but still high quality, Now Foods can deliver.

This brand is known predominantly as the large nutrition retailer and capable of delivering low prices, however, their in-house laboratory where they develop and bottle their own essential oil line is what sets them apart.

Now Foods bottle their oils and surpass industry standards for quality control, but if you’re looking for 100% organic oils, they aren’t quite there yet.

However, as well as having one of the most expansive selections of oils on the market, you can easily purchase them online and have them delivered around the world. If you’re after therapeutic grade essential oils that don’t break the bank, they’re work checking out.

10. Jurlique

The 11 Best Brands of Essential Oils

Jurlique is an Australian skincare brand with over 30 years of experience creating gentle yet effective natural solutions for its customers.

Their essential oil line is regarded as one of the best, and the fact that they grow the ingredients for their products on their personal farm without using any chemicals is what makes them such a fan favorite.

Although Jurlique is one of the more expensive options, the quality makes the price worthwhile, and their loyal customers have been happy to pay it for years.

Their essential oil line can be purchased as standalone oils, blends, and carriers, so you have a lot of freedom with how you use them. For the absolute height of quality and purity in essential oils, Jurlique is one of the best.

11. Tata Harper

The 11 Best Brands of Essential Oils

Tata Harper is a brand started by its namesake, in an effort to create quality and clean skincare and beauty goods that she found were lacking in the market today.

The range of essential oils manufactured by this brand stand up to that claim and are all made from organically sourced ingredients for your peace of mind.

The standout products by Tata Harper aren’t necessarily the essential oils but the products that use them, including the Hydrating Floral Essence mist that uses rose and lavender oils in its refreshing formula.

They cost a little more than some of the brands we’ve found but the quality and purity of their oils, plus the beautiful packaging, make it worthwhile to splurge on now and then.

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