10 Perfectly Romantic Hairstyles For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a special time of the year for most women so you’ll probably want to look (and, consequently, feel) your best. Having the perfect hairstyle can give your look that special “finishing touch” you need to make your Valentine’s day romantic. However, it can be hard to choose one since you want to look younger without looking immature. Here are ten great romantic hairstyles for women over fifty that will have you looking fun, flirty, classy and can even make you look younger. Pair one of these looks with these Valentine’s make-up tips and you’ll knock your Valentine’s socks off.

Pixie Cut w/ Side Swept Bang

Pixie cuts have always been a very elegant hairstyle. It screams class and sophistication. Adding a side swept bang introduces the romantic element to the hairstyle and gives it that extra touch of femininity–a quality that you’ll want during a time like Valentine’s Day. Pixie cuts with side swept bangs are great for people with thick hair and/or round faces. Pair it with smokey eyes and a statement jewelry piece (keep it to just one statement piece) and you’ll have one of the most classy romantic looks of the season.

Swept Back Hair

One of the most elegant ways to show off your beautiful eyes is to remove everything in front of them. We’re talking about your hair–a swept-back hairstyle is a great way to showcase the best features of your face. It’s also one of the easiest hairstyles to do so if you’re in a rush, grab a brush and some hairspray, and sweep away. Sweeping your hair back lightly with volume adds a touch of romance to your hairstyle. You can achieve this by doing a light barrel curl, then lightly pulling it out and sweeping your hair back. If the curl is too tight and/or won’t stay put, simply run your fingers through it until it loosens up.

Loose Curls

Loose curls are a fun and flirty hairstyle that can give you confidence on any Valentine’s Day. Curls are extremely feminine and loose curls tend to be girly and may even make you look younger. There are many different ways you can achieve loose curls. If you’re looking for a simple way, try hair rollers. If you would rather go the quick method, you can use a curling iron with a large barrel. With either method, use a hair brush to brush the curls out. You could also use your fingers.

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Simple Low Ponytail

If you have long hair, a straight, sleek, pulled back ponytail is always a classy and elegant way to style your hair. You can add an bit of flair by using hair to wrap the ponytail. Another twist is to add body to the front of your hair instead of slicking it all back. You can do this with a barrel curl. Simply brush the barrel curl out and lightly pull your hair back into the ponytail, making sure not to pull it too tightly on the front.

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Layered Haircut

A layered haircut is a great way to add body and volume to your hair. It’s also very sexy and your date may even want to run their fingers through it. Layered hair can go with just about any outfit and you can either curl it over, under, or even wear it straight. It’s very versatile and, depending on what you do to it, can be easy to do. Make sure you use a good amount of hairspray to prevent fly-away hairs.


Buns are classic hairstyles that have been around for ages. They are always a great hairstyle that can make you look polished and elegant. Buns can be high or low–both will make great Valentine’s Day looks–however, a high bun can make you look a little younger. A bun is a great hairstyle to pair with a statement jewelry piece, especially a necklace because a bun will keep the hair from interfering in your necklace’s shine (yes, pun intended). Buns are one of the best hairstyles for evening wear, but can also be pulled off with more casual, upscale looks.

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Straight, Flat-Ironed Hair

Straight hair can always be fun and sexy if it is done in a polished, refined way. This is not to say that you should do nothing to your hair, you’ll just need to use heat-protectant and possibly straightening gel or oil to give your hair that sleek, polished look as you flat-iron it. You’ll have body and shine, and you’ll be ready for a romantic Valentine’s Day date in a snap since it’s very easy to do. Of course, this hairstyle is better for medium to long length hair.

Voluminous Curls

A head full of curls is fun, flirty, and very romantic. It makes a statement and can make you the center of attention in any venue. Best of all, curls look good with just about any outfit. While it does take a good bit of time and patience to style and refine, the results are well worth the effort. You can choose heated or heatless methods to curl your hair depending on your personal preference. Either one will yield the same result–a fabulous hairstyle that will make you the belle of the ball and the center of your admirer’s attention.

Cropped Hair

Cropped hair has become extremely popular over the past few decades, especially among older women. It’s very easy to maintain and, if done correctly, looks fabulous and oozes confidence. Just like a pixie cut, cropped hair looks great with statement jewelry pieces and is a very good choice if you want to show off your best facial features. It’s also a great choice for women who like to wear heavy makeup because you won’t have two elements competing for attention. Cropped hair is great any time and with any outfit, so it goes without saying that cropped hair is great for Valentine’s Day. Here is a great photo of cropped hair.

Feathered Bob

A feathered bob is a great hairstyle, especially if you have thin hair and/or you want to add the look of volume to your hair. Teasing it just right can give you the romantic look you desire. You could even give it some lift at the top to add some uniqueness to it. Paired with great eye shadow and a very nice lip color, you will have a classy look that will make you stand out on Valentine’s Day.