How to Straighten Synthetic Wig Hair

Many women feel like having long straight hair can make them feel attractive right away. They believe that long, healthy hair can make them more noticeable in the eyes of the opposite sex.

To get those long locks of hair, some women invest in expensive hair care products to make their hair grow quickly. Other women simply turn to synthetic wig hair for an instant fix to get the look they desire.

Synthetic wig hair is a great way to turn your dream of having long luscious hair into a reality. The best part about synthetic wig hair is it looks beautiful and requires minimal effort for maintenance. Synthetic wig hair can also be heat-resistant which means you can use different styling tools on them to create any hairstyle you want.

Can You Straighten a Synthetic Hair Wig?

It’s very easy to straighten synthetic hair wigs by yourself at home. Before we get into the details of how to do so, you need to know a thing or two about the sensitivity of synthetic hair to heat.

The only thing you need to be careful about while straightening synthetic hair wigs is that they are often highly sensitive to heat. Synthetic wig hair is made from fibers and this is why it usually demands more care. As the synthetic fibers are made from plastic, exposure to higher temperatures can damage them significantly. So, make sure you never apply heat to non-heat resistant synthetic hair wigs.

That being said, there are many synthetic hair wigs in the market which are an exception to this rule. These synthetic hair wigs are heat-resistant so you can use different heat-based styling tools to straighten them. This is safe to do as they not get damaged when exposed to higher temperatures.

Can You Apply Heat to Synthetic Hair?

This depends on whether the synthetic hair wig you have is heat-resistant or not. If you’ve bought a heat resistant wig, you can freely use different styling tools like straighteners or hairdryers that apply heat on it.

When your synthetic wig hair is not advertised as the heat resistant type, you must use other subtle techniques to straighten it. In this case, you need to avoid using heat and turn to other ways which can help you achieve the same results.

How to Straighten Your Synthetic Wig Hair

If you have a synthetic wig that is heat resistant you can simply use a hairdryer or hair straightener to make the hair straight. Otherwise, you can use any of the methods explained below.

Buy a Styrofoam Wig Head

In order to straighten synthetic wig hair that is not heat resistant, you will need a Styrofoam wig head to place your wig. You can easily buy this wig head from any costume or wig shop. Placing your wig on a Styrofoam wig head will help keep it straighter and detangled in the long run.

Detangle the Wig

The first thing to do when you get a Styrofoam wig head is to pin your wig on it. After securing it on the wig head, start detangling the wig slowly and gently. Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle the wig from the tips and gently work your way towards the roots. We also suggest you don’t use your personal hairbrush for this job as the natural oils from your scalp can damage your synthetic wig.

Pour Hot Water over Your Wig

If your wig still doesn’t appear to be straight after detangling it on a wig head, you can use hot water to make it straighter.

Heat a large pot of water to about 160°C. Once the water reaches your desired temperature, pour it over the wig generously and leave it to air dry. You will notice that your wig is a lot straighter when it finally dries.

The important thing in this straightening technique is to measure the temperature of the water accurately. If the water is not hot enough then it won’t straighten the hair and if the water is too hot, it will damage your wig. So, follow the instructions explained above carefully.

Place Your Wig in a Steamy Bathroom and Detangle it

Another subtle method to straighten synthetic wig hair is to place the wig on a wig head inside a steamy bathroom. Run the shower with hot water and remember to close any windows in the bathroom to fully retain the steam inside. Then, start detangling the wig as mentioned above. The steam in the bathroom will help straighten the wig and you can take it outside to dry once the wig hair looks straight enough to you.

How Do I Know if My Wig is Heat-Resistant?

The best way to know if your synthetic wig is heat resistant or not is to ask this question when you are buying the wig. This way you can compare the price and weigh your options to choose a wig that is most suitable for you.

If you already have a synthetic wig at home, you can try to determine whether it is heat resistant or not by touching it. The fibers of a non-heat-resistant wig usually feel rougher than that of a heat-resistant wig.

You can also test if the wig is heat-resistant or not by styling a small section of hair from the back of the wig. Use a hairdryer on medium heat to straighten the hair. If the hair remains unharmed and smooth, your synthetic wig is definitely heat-resistant.

Can You Use Straighteners on Synthetic Hair?

As explained earlier, you can use straighteners on synthetic hair wigs that are heat-resistant. If your wig is not heat-resistant, using straighteners can damage the fibers of the synthetic hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding styling synthetic wigs.

What should I do if I don’t know what kind of wig I have?

You should try to contact the company you bought the wig from to find out. If you still can’t get a definitive answer, only style your hair using the methods detailed above for wigs that are not heat-resistant.

What should I do if my hair straightener doesn’t have a heat range option?

In this case, you can try straightening a section of your wig hair. This will help you determine if the heat settings of your straightener are safe for your synthetic wig.

Can I use a hairdryer to straighten my synthetic hair wig?

It is better to use a hair straightener on mild heat settings to straighten your synthetic wig hair. If you don’t have a straightener, you can use a hairdryer to get the job done.


Straightening your synthetic wig hair is quite easy. We suggest you follow your heart and finally buy that wig! Don’t let a simple task like straightening hold you back from getting the long, luscious hair you’ve always wanted.