The New ‘Twilighting’ Hair Color Trend Explained

In 2020, there has been quite a lineup of hair trends. There has been everything from Dua Lipa’s two-toned hair color to gorgeous wispy bangs. Thankfully, this year isn’t done giving us top hair trends. Prepare for “twilighting” to blow up this year.

Unfortunately, we’re not talking about The Twilight Saga film series. “Twilighting” is actually a term for a new hair color technique that is going to make waves in 2020.

“Twilighting” is a highlighting technique curated, specifically, for brunette hair. It uses a combination of balayage and babylights to focus mainly on the ends of the hair and the upper front pieces. The look is meant to be very natural and blended for an effortless glow.

What is twilightling?

Twilighting is a new hair color technique that is meant for brunette hair. Most of the time, the highlights are much more warm-toned which nicely complements the natural brown hair on top of the head. However, it can be used on lighter hair too.

The key to twilighting is that you are only lightening the hair 2 to 3 levels brighter than your base shade.

One of the best things about twilighting is that it is a low-maintenance color. It is perfect for people who don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on their hair. Also, since it creates more golden, warm-toned highlights, you won’t have to worry about toning it or taking care of it too much.

Since there is a seamless blend, you won’t need to touch up your color too often. Twilighting really lends itself to being grown out without there being any harsh lines or roots showing. This is because the color on top of your head isn’t being touched in the color process.

With twilighting, you are able to have a dimensional look to your hair. If you notice your hair looking flat or dull, twilighting might be a great solution to that problem.

What tools or products do I need to twilight my hair?

If you want to twilight your hair, we always recommend going to your hairstylist. But, if you are set on doing it yourself at home, you should at least consult with your stylist beforehand. Since this is such a complicated process, we recommend using a color kit meant for non-professional use. Here are the best kits for twilighting your hair at home.

Highlighting/Balayage Kit:

Toning Shampoo:

Conditioning Treatment:

How twilight your hair

Now that you’ve gotten all of your materials together, let’s get onto the instructions. Be sure to follow these exactly. One missed step could cause a whole entire hair disaster.

Step 1: Mix your bleach according to your kit’s instructions

Depending on which at-home highlighting or balayage kit you have, there may be different mixing instructions. Following the instructions is important in making sure your hair is lightened correctly. Mixing properly is also going to make sure that you don’t end up damaging your hair. All of the mixing materials should already be included in your kit.

Step 2: Section your hair

Sectioning your hair is one of the most important steps in hair color and lightening, but it is often skipped over! Sectioning your hair down the center and at the crown of your head is going to ensure that you get the best-highlighted look. Also, when you section off your hair before coloring, you are less likely to end up missing areas.

Step 3: Apply the bleach

Next, apply the bleach according to your kit’s instructions. We recommend using two brushes in this process. One brush should be used for applying the brush. The other brush should be used to blending. Blending is going to make sure that there aren’t any harsh lines in your application. This is the balayage aspect of the application process that is going to give you that blended-out, natural look.

When choosing sections to apply the highlights, only take small pieces at a time. Taking big chunks is going to look very unnatural. Always use a gentle hand when applying the highlights for a seamless blend.

In order to get the twilight look, you should be applying the color higher on the hair around your face. This is going to give you the “money piece” look which everyone is wanting right now.

Step 4: Leave it on for the set amount of time

Leave the bleach on your hair for the set amount of time stated on your kit’s instructions. Most of the time, this is between 25 and 45 minutes. Don’t leave it on for more than 60 minutes or else you risk seriously damaging your hair. Besides, the bleach stops working after about an hour anyway.

Step 5: Wash it out

After you have let the bleach sit on your hair for the recommended amount of time, it is time to wash it out. We recommend using a shampoo that is meant for brunettes with highlights. These types of shampoos are meant to tone brown hair. They are different than purple shampoos, as those are targeted towards blondes.

When washing out the bleach, make sure you get all of it out. But, still keep a gentle hand. The bleach is likely going to damage your hair at least a little bit. Since your hair is the most prone to breakage when it is wet, always be very gentle when washing it. Also, you are probably going to want to use a deep conditioning treatment afterward to bring moisture back in your hair.

Step 6: Blow-dry and style

After you wash your hair, you are ready to blowdry and style your hair as usual. You don’t have to do this step, but it is always good to see the finished product when your hair is styled nicely.

How often do I need to touch it up?

The great thing about twilighting is that you don’t need to touch it up often at all! It is a very low-maintenance hair color which is one of the best things about the technique. You can let it grow out without having any grown-out roots or harsh lines. It is perfect for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money or time on their hair color.

Final Thoughts

Hair trends are always changing, and 2020 has definitely not been an exception. Twilighting is the newest hair color trend, and we suspect everyone is going to want it done to their hair. If you don’t want to go into a salon, there are some ways to do it at home. If you follow our twilighting instructions exactly, you’ll have a good chance of getting salon-quality twilights.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I maintain twilights?

Again, twilighting is a very low-maintenance hair color. Therefore, you don’t need to do much to keep it looking great. Some simple things you can do to keep your color looking fresh is to apply a toning shampoo and deep conditioner around once a week. Other than that, you shouldn’t need to do anything to maintain the color.

Is twilighting only meant for brunette hair?

Although the twilighting hair color technique is curated towards brunettes, it can also be done on blonde or red hair colors. Since it is only meant for brunettes, it may not look as dimensional on lighter hair colors.

How do I tell my stylist I want twilighted hair?

Since twilighting is a relatively new hair color trend, some stylists may not know what you mean by “twilighting.” Tell them that you want a dimensional balayage that is only 2-3 levels lighter than your natural hair color. Also, tell them that you want money pieces lightened in the front of your hair, framing your face.