The Ordinary Serum Foundation Review

The Ordinary Serum Foundation Review

A lightweight foundation that is actually low coverage is hard to come by. Usually they’re too light to the point of being useless or they’re actually pretty heavy and look cakey. It’s such a fine line. Mega popular skincare brand, The Ordinary has a serum foundation that rarely gets attention due to it’s super popular skincare line. But, the foundation deserves hype because the texture and coverage are perfect for those who want something lightweight.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation is an ultra lightweight and breathable foundation that looks like skin. It has a watery texture that feels like a serum and is never heavy on the skin. It’s not going to be everyone’s favorite but if you like light, minimal coverage you will like this. The shade range needs exceptional help but like all of The Ordinary’s products, it’s very affordable and packed with skincare benefits.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation Review

The Ordinary describes this Serum Foundation as Moderate Coverage with a lightweight serum consistency. It’s low in viscosity and feels ultra lightweight on the skin. The pigments are highly saturated and formulated to sit on the skin without collecting in fine lines or texture. This would be a great option for mature skin! This foundation has a matte finish and comes in 4 undertones: Pink, Red, Neutral and Yellow.

The lowdown – this foundation is ultra lightweight and low coverage. It will even out your skin tone but won’t cover a blemish. This foundation is comfortable and the semi matte finish makes it perfect for everyday wear and almost all skin types. It’s not tacky or sticky and it wears pretty well throughout the day without settling into fine lines.

If you have super dry skin, you’ll want a hydrating base because this matte formula can stick to dry spots. This foundation is not a hydrating formula, don’t confuse that with its lightweight properties. That’s why with the appropriate primer, it can work for all skin types. It’s similar to Glossier’s Skin Tint in that it’s ultra light and has a your skin but better look.

The Ordinary does have a foundation shade guide to help you shade match. They state that this product is so light every person should have 3 shades that can match their skin tone. That’s not true and there is no way there’s a shade for everyone. The foundation does have 4 undertones, pink, red, yellow and neutral which is a good variety. But, this foundation has 21 shades and it’s not a well-distributed shade range.

There is nowhere near enough deep tones and even the medium tones have very slim pickings.

Hopefully a shade extension is something they are in the process of because this current range is very inadequate. The Ordinary does have a few different primers to pair this foundation with. They also offer a coverage foundation which offers a full coverage, pigmented finish. You could mix the serum and coverage foundations by The Ordinary for a very wearable, everyday look.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation Pros

  • This foundation is super affordable!
  • Offers 4 different undertones. The shade range is abysmal but the price is very affordable and these mix well together.
  • The semi-matte finish is very accessible for all skin types.
  • Pigments are dispersed in The Ordinary’s proprietary spreadability system that allows the foundation to last all day without settling into fine lines and pores.
  • This Serum formula looks very natural on the skin.
  • This super lightweight formula is great for evening out the skin tone.
  • Cruelty-free and vegan formula.
  • Alcohol and oil-free formula.
  • Contains gold and silver light-reflecting particles for a highlighted look.
  • Has an easy pump applicator.
  • The Ordinary also offers a full-coverage formula for those looking for that.
  • This foundation should pair well with your normal makeup, no issue.
  • If you’re purchasing this online, The Ordinary does have good images of the foundation shades and swatches up.
  • This is a great foundation for mature skin as it does not sink into fine lines.
  • Can be blended in easily with your fingers.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation Cons

  • The shade range is not diverse enough for everyone to have a shade. The Ordinary needs to do a lot of work on the medium and darker end of the spectrum.
  • The lightweight texture can cling to dry patches.
  • This does not have a hydrating formula.
  • This formula will not cover blemishes.
  • This does not apply well with a beauty sponge.
  • This formula contains silicone.
  • The packaging is not the most luxurious.
  • If your skin is super dry, this may not be the most flattering formula on the skin.
  • Some formulas depending on where you’re located have SPF 15. This is not enough SPF alone to protect your skin and it can cause flash back.
  • This formula dries quickly so apply it in sections.

How to apply

This foundation is so lightweight you want to apply it with your hands or a brush. A sponge will just soak up all the product. You can build up the coverage minimally, but keep in mind, any more can look cakey especially since this is so lightweight and matte. Always shake before using because the liquidity texture can settle.

Where to buy it

The Ordinary Serum Foundation is available:

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been searching for an ultra-lightweight complexion product without much luck, this could be the product to end your search. Unfortunately the shade range is so poor you could also discover this foundation to realize that they’re isn’t a good shade for you. Our hope is that The Ordinary is working on a shade range extension. The Ordinary Serum Foundation is a really great foundation that fills a void in the beauty industry: affordable, lightweight coverage, skincare benefits, vegan and cruelty-free.