What is the cost of teeth whitening?

Everyone wants pearly, white teeth, right? There’s a few different ways you can do it whether that be at the dentist office or with white strips. Whenever you’re doing something to your teeth, you want to be careful because teeth are so important and they have to last you a long time. So, stay away from at-home, DIY fixes! Whitening teeth can be done for relatively cheap with relatively little maintenance so here’s everything you need to know.

What is the cost of teeth whitening?

The cost of teeth whitening is about $200 on average but it can range from $45- $500. Crest Whitening Strips cost about $45 for 40 treatments which should last a few months with consistent use. Getting your teeth professionally whitened at a dentist can cost around $400-$600.

The good news about whitening your teeth is you have options at varying price points and all of them will help to make a difference!

What are the factors in teeth whitening cost?

Factors that determine the cost of teeth whitening include the status of your current teeth. Are they yellow? You’ll probably need a teeth cleaning and even a few sessions of whitening. If you just want to touch up your teeth, you can get away with Crest Whitening Strips which are the cheaper alternative to teeth whitening.

If your teeth are in poor condition, you’ll need to get them fixed first because whitening will make them worse and could even destroy the enamel.

What is the average cost by whitening type?



Whitening strips

$45-$80 for 40 treatments

Whitening trays from dentist

$250-$400 per kit

OTC Whitening trays


Whitening treatment at dentist


Whitening strips

Whitening strips are the best way to whiten your teeth at home! Whitening strips are easy, can be done when needed and are relatively affordable. If your teeth aren’t too yellow, these are a good option and they do truly work! Just remember, if you are doing white strips, avoid dark drinks like coffee, teas and soda as they will stain your teeth and hinder improvement.

But at the same time, they’re also a good option for coffee drinkers because you can do them periodically to maintain the whiteness of your teeth. The best option to go for is Crest White Strips and they have tons of different options at the drugstore.

Over the counter

Over the counter whitening trays are hit and miss. You have to make sure you’re applying the whitening solution diligently and carefully because if you miss a spot, your teeth will look blotchy. Generally, OTC treatments work for some but if your teeth are really yellow they won‘t help a ton. The mouth guards don’t fit too well and it’s just not the most seamless process. You’re better off going for whitening strips.

There’s also whitening toothpastes and those won’t do much for making your teeth white but they can help to prolong a whitening treatment.

Dental office take-home trays

Dental office take home trays are a step up from OTC whitening trays. Again you have been diligent with applying the whitening solution so your teeth don’t get splotchy. They only last around 4 months so you need to use them up fairly quickly. Cost wise, it’s not too expensive unless the dentist takes a mold of your teeth for the mouth guard. That is expensive so you’re better off just going for whitening strips as they’re cheaper and last longer.

In office

In office whitening treatments are your best bet for pearly, white teeth. The solution used at dentist offices is much stronger than anything you can use at home so you see quicker and more efficient results. It’s also good to get your teeth whitened under the supervision of your dentist. When getting in office whitening treatments your teeth have to be in good shape. If they’re not, factor in any dental work into your pricing.

Final Thoughts

Teeth whitening is a relatively easy and low maintenance way to revamp your whole look. Everyone notices, pearly white teeth! There are tons of different ways to do it and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get results. White strips work well and while they’re slower than in office whitening treatments, they’re less harsh on your teeth!

If you want to notice a big difference, a whitening treatment done by your dentist is the best bet. Those will make the biggest difference in as little as one session. Make sure you’re going to your dentist to get that one. Some med spas offer it and even kiosks at the mall and you definitely want to stick with the professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you finance teeth whitening?

Yes, some dental offices allow you to finance whitening and more expensive dental procedures with CareCredit. CareCredit which is a credit card for medical expenses. Just like a credit card, you pay with this and then make monthly payments to pay off the balance. Some offices have the option to finance through them if it’s worked out before. That may be a better option if you’re looking to avoid fees, interest rates and opening up a new credit card.

Is one session per teeth whitening enough or should I factor more into my total price?

Usually people go for a few whitening sessions depending on how white your teeth are prior. If you’re getting your teeth whitened by your dentist, factor in a few sessions because you just don’t know how they move through with the process. Some do one session and some prefer to do a few shorter ones over time. They also could require a teeth cleaning before the treatment which can be another added expense depending on your insurance.

Can I use whitening strips and toothpaste to preserve my dentist whitening treatment and save money?

Yes! This is a really smart way to preserve your new pearly whites! Get your teeth whitened by your dentist then purchase whitening strips and a good toothpaste to keep up the work your dentist did. Then this way you can avoid multiple sessions and still preserve your white teeth with affordable, OTC options.

Again, just make sure to use a straw for dark drinks like coffee and tea because that will preserve your white teeth.