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What is the cost of SmartLiposuction?

The average cost of SmartLipo ranges from $2000 to $5400 per area. The price varies based on where you get it done and on what part(s) of your body. Keep in mind that one area is not the stomach but rather waistline, abdomen, and love handles that make up the stomach which will greatly affect the price.

SmartLipo is a new and fairly low key approach to removing fat from specific areas of the body like liposuction. SmartLipo uses lasers to target and melt fat cells. It’s great for melting fat and tightening the skin without general anesthesia or IV sedation!

The surgery is minimally invasive with fewer risks than traditional lipo, quick and has very little downtime. It’s great for targeting stubborn fat and goes best for those that are within 30 pounds of their weight goal.

SmartLipo uses lasers to melt fat cells and is ideal for many because it works, it’s quick, minimally invasive and doesn’t leave scars.

If you’re looking to remove stubborn fat in areas like the upper arms or lower belly, SmartLipo is a great option and only requires one session.

What factors affect the cost of SmartLiposuction?

Factors that add to the cost of SmartLipo include what area and how much. SmartLipo averages from $2k-$5k per specific area.

But, some doctors bundle a few areas of the body for a better deal.

For instance, one plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills charges $1295 per area if you get 4 areas done. So that means at the very least you’re paying $5,180 not including facilities, lab work and anesthesia.

At this Beverly Hills plastic surgeon’s office the abdomen, waist, each love handle is considered 4 areas.

Since this plastic surgeon is located in Beverly Hills, it’s fair to assume that they’re on the upper end of the price range.

They charge per area while some places may charge $6000 for the whole abdomen and back. Or even bundle arms, thighs, and the waistline. SmartLipo is minimally invasive so it pays to get everything done at once.

Treatment Area

smart lipo

Depending on if you pay by area or with a package deal, SmartLipo will vary in cost! Ballpark, you’re still looking at a few thousands at the very least.

While it’s an expensive cosmetic procedure, it’s cheaper and easier on the body than traditional lipo.

SmartLipo is done with local anesthesia which is cheaper than general anesthesia and you can be back to work the next day.

SmartLipo can be performed on the upper arms, buttocks, abdomen, thighs, chin, love handles, neck and back. It’s open to virtually any area that you have with stubborn fat you’re looking to lose.

How much fat is being removed?

A good candidate for SmartLipo is someone who’s within 30 lbs of their goal weight and someone who can maintain their weight. At most, 30 lbs of fat is what you’ll be looking at to be removed.

You don’t need to have this much fat but you need to have enough to remove! SmartLipo does not work in place of bariatric surgery.


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To maintain fat loss a healthy lifestyle is recommended because while the fat is removed, it’s not gone forever.

SmartLipo is really good for stubborn fat that you can’t seem to get rid of with diet and exercise. Places like the lower stomach, arms, jowls and chin.

SmartLipo vs Lipo


Urban areas always tend to be more expensive than suburban areas when it comes to cosmetic treatments. Some people even travel to Mexico and overseas for cheaper SmartLipo.

In any case, always make sure to research your surgeon and always look for a board certified plastic surgeon. Since SmartLipo is minimally invasive with little downtime, you have more flexibility to travel to somewhere cheaper.

Facility fees (surgeon, anesthesiologist, etc.)

SmartLipo saves you some money because it’s minimally invasive and can be done without general anesthesia or IV sedation. You’re up and moving the next day so there’s no need for a recovery home or time off work.

Since you don’t pay for general anesthesia this helps to cut down on the cost as well! But, note that facility, lab work and anesthesia fees will come along with your surgery and often won’t be included in the price from your doctor.

What is the average cost by treatment area?

prices of smartlipo

Estimated prices depend on where you go. Prices try to include facility, lab work and doctor fees but aren’t exact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you finance SmartLiposuction?

Yes you can! Some offices allow you to go on a payment plan meaning you pay off your surgery in monthly increments. Or some take CareCredit which is a credit card for cosmetic surgeries. Like a credit card, you pay for the surgery with this and then make monthly payments towards paying down the balance. The interest can be high but some surgeons offer up to a year of interest free payments.

Does a consultation for SmartLipo cost money?

Some surgeons have free consultations and some will charge a $100 fee. A consultation fee is more common with bigger surgeries versus easy procedures like fillers. But, the consultation fee you pay always goes to the cost of your surgery or treatment.

Will I need multiple sessions in case the fat comes back?

SmartLipo uses a cannula which is a hollow needle to remove fat melted by a laser. So, you’ll leave the surgery with the results you want. The fat will not come back unless you gain weight! Unfortunately, the surgery does not completely remove body fat forever. (One can dream!) So a healthy diet and lifestyle are recommended to get the best and most long-lasting results.

Final Thoughts

SmartLipo is a great alternative to liposuction if you’re looking to spot remove a small amount of fat completely. Or if you have under 30lbs of fat to lose! SmartLipo is minimally invasive, doesn’t require downtime or general anesthesia and doesn’t leave scars. Since a laser is used to melt the fat, only one treatment is required and you leave your doctors with your ideal results. This makes it very price effective because it’s cheaper than lipo and only requires one session for instant results.

SmartLipo is often compared to CoolSculpting, another minimally invasive treatment to spot remove fat. CoolSculpting takes time to see results and multiple sessions so you end up spending more money. If you’re looking to remove stubborn fat and near your goal weight, SmartLipo is hard to beat!

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