Scentbird Review

Fragrances are deeply attractive and perfect for wooing a lover. But they also speak volumes about one’s personal taste and style. Women who like fresh fruity scents are ambitious and possessive. People who love rosy and floral smells are cautious, while vanilla-lovers are bustling with life and vigor. If you’re looking for a scent that reflects you, the options are endless.

If collecting tiny bottles of scents is too expensive for you, you can get a monthly subscription like Scentbird. With a variety of fragrances available for delivery, it’s easier to find your fave.

Read on to find more about the specialized service.

What Is Scentbird?

If you’re a fragrance aficionado, you must have heard about Scentbird. It is a quick monthly service that delivers a batch of fragrances to customers. The biggest benefit is that you can try a wide range of scents without buying entire bottles. This can save you hundreds of dollars in case you realize the scent doesn’t match your taste.

Scentbird offers a 30-day supply of some of the most popular authentic designer fragrances to your house. Each vial has about 140 sprays, making for an ideal monthly supply.

How Does Scentbird Work?

Here’s how the service works. Customers who visit the website can browse from a stellar collection of more than 500 fragrances. Apart from this, they can also go through wellness products and skincare make up. You can choose a few trial items to try for the month at a reasonable price.

Scentbird is popular for its authentic designer fragrances from the likes of Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Versace, and Tom Ford. So, it’s a good way to try luxury fragrances without splurging a lot of money. Moreover, first-timers get an atomizer case on their first order with free shipping on all the orders.

Once you check out, your batch will be delivered to you in the next few days. Scentbird also gives you a chance to customize your orders in case you have several fragrances piling up even after a month. You can change the delivery date for the next order and even cancel or skip a shipment.


As opposed to buying scents off retail, Scentbird offers a reasonable monthly subscription. The price is only $15 per month. Customers also get the convenience of paying semi-annual fees of $84 or an annual subscription of $164. This can roughly save you a few dollars every month as opposed to a monthly subscription.

However, Scentbird only accepts credit cards so Pay-pal isn’t an option. Subscriptions will be auto-renewed depending on the package you’ve bought. You will be billed as soon as the first order is placed.

Each 8ml bottle that you buy will cost you only $14.95 against a whopping $70 from the retail store. On a fair comparison, Scentbird opens a window to high-end fragrances at a very reasonable price.


After your first order, the shipping cycle usually starts on the 5th of each month and the packages are shipped from 15th-19th. Scentbird is known for its prompt deliveries and the best part is that there’s no shipping fees or taxes.

How Do You Sign Up for Scentbird?

As a new member, you will be required to sign in and choose your subscription. You can choose from monthly, semi-annual or annual subscriptions. A monthly package will usually last for 31 days. You can pick a scent from over 450 designer brands and niche fragrances.

If you can’t decide, Scentbird sends you the perfume of the month instead. Once the order is checked, you will receive it shortly at your doorstep.

Create an account on the website after verifying your e-mail address, password, and gender. An easier option is to sign in from Google or Facebook. Use the details to log in and proceed to the month-to-month subscription page with all the billing and shipment details. Enter your credit card info and shipping address to get your order delivered.

Free Trial

Scentbird doesn’t offer any free trials for first-timers. However, they do have seasonal sales and coupons for discounts on the first order. You can check their website for the details.

Scentbird vs. Scentbox

A very close rival of Scentbird is Scentbox. Both companies give their subscribers a high-end supply of perfumes. As far as the cost is concerned, there are minor differences. While Scentbird charges $14.95 per month, Scentbox costs $13.95 per month. So, as far as the price is concerned, Scentbox takes the lead.

But here’s the catch – their fragrance quality is not as good as Scentbird, which explains the price difference. Scentbird stands out for offering niche indie fragrances as well as high-end brands. This gives the subscriber a ton of scent options to choose from.

Their packaging is swanky, sophisticated, and really draws the customer in for a surprise. While both Scentbird and Scentbox send you a good quantity of the product, Scentbird wins when it comes to quality.

Lastly, both the companies are accommodating to their subscribers. You can sign up and cancel any order if you’re not sure about them.

Our Scentbird Review

Now, let’s get to the part we’ve all been waiting for. Many customers avoid high-end perfumes because of their budget. The biggest benefit of Scentbird is that it has made brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Tom Ford available to more people. This service is great at allowing people to find new scents without spending on big bottles.

So, as far as the money is concerned, Scentbird is a pretty cheap service for the amazing quality of the products it offers. The accessibility of the prestigious colognes is what really drew us in the first time. The staff at Scentbird is extremely friendly. They guide customers about subscription plans that would suit their budget and convenience. Making an account and registering is extremely easy.

The packaging is very neat and attractive with the Scentbird sticker on it. All the contents are delicately packed in a bubble-wrap to sustain their pristine quality. There were also two info cards – one raving the Cologne of the Month and the other with details on how to use the spray. The fine detailing and the little personal touch are what drew us in.

When it comes to the quality of the scents, Scentbird definitely got it right. Whether it was a Tim Ford best-seller or an indie cologne, Scentbird delivered a good amount of all the products. The customer service and delivery were exceptional and timely.

Is Scentbird Worth It?

Here’s our verdict on Scentbird: Yes! It’s certainly worth it! From the affordable price to the endless list of fragrances, everything was on point. Scentbird offers a great opportunity to try luxury and niche perfumes for an entire month without breaking the budget.

Working women who have a boatload of responsibilities and don’t get time for fragrance shopping will love Scentbird. In fact, Scentbird offers a fantastic set of perfumes for anyone who wants to save up money.

Its subscription packages are extremely flexible. You can cancel the subscription anytime you want, which makes it a favorable option for both women and men. The best part is that it allows first-timers to find their taste in perfumes.

If you don’t like a certain scent, you can always ditch it and cancel your order for the next month. If you do, you can go out to buy an entire bottle of it. Scentbird is ideal for anyone who wants to experiment with authentic scents. The services are certainly worth every dime!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Scentbird carry authentic fragrances?

Yes, it does. The website boasts a collection of over 400 new authentic fragrances from both designer and niche brands. All the vendors are authorized and offer only the highest quality fragrances to customers. They certainly don’t sell any knock-off or fake scents.

Can I buy perfume from Scentbird without a subscription?

Yes, you can absolutely buy a perfume even if you’re not a subscriber. You can shop for gift subscriptions, gift cards, and gift boxes without a subscription. The gift box offers pre-selected luxurious fragrances with an entirely free month of service!

How long does it take to get your first Scentbird?

After you place an order, your first package delivers within 7-10 days. Extra fragrance orders ship between the 15th and 19th of each month.

Is Scentbird available for men?


The service is most popular with women but, it also offers a monthly subscription for men. In fact, they have a separate page on their website that caters to high-end men’s perfumes.

Does Scentbird ship internationally?

Unfortunately, no. Scentbird only ships in the United States. According to the website, they’re planning to expand in other areas.

How do I cancel my subscription to Scentbird?

Scentbird offers a quick and easy way to cancel subscriptions. If you want to cancel your membership, hover the mouse over your name once you’ve signed in. An option called “Subscription Status” will appear.

The option “Cancel Subscription” will be underneath the shipment history. Click on it to start the cancellation.

Can you skip months on Scentbird?

Yes, you can. If you need a break from the monthly fragrance supply, Scentbird lets you skip a few months. After signing in, hover the mouse on your name and select “Subscription Status”. Once you’re there, scroll down and click on “Skip a month”. You can select the number of months you want to skip.