Olaplex No. 3 Review And Dupes

Best Dupe For Olaplex 3
B3 Brazilian Bondbuilder Instant Restore & Protect

The B3 Instant Restore & Protect Reconstruct or is a deep reparative treatment that quickly fortifies the hair, helping to reduce damage while extending color life and restoring softness.

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While many of us love a good balayage or highlights, let’s not forget about the horror that follows it – damaged hair. Bleaching or coloring can test the limits of your hair, leaving it very dry and brittle.

Hair dyes and bleaching comprise of chemicals that uplift the hair cuticles so that the dye can enter the hair. These rough chemicals end up breaking the bonds that keep your hair strands healthy.

Luckily, there are products out there to heal and repair the damage done to your hair and also protect them from any future damage. These products that repair the internal bonds of your hair are called bond builders. Bond builders help maintain the integrity of your hair, even during serious chemical processing. They can make your hair healthier.

Olaplex No. 3 allows you to restore your hair back to its former glory with 3 easy steps. According to hairstylists and professionals, Olaplex No. 3 tops the list of the best bond builders out there. Not only does it repair damaged and compromised hair, but it also strengthens and protects the hair structure. Olaplex No. 3 allows you to have healthy, nourished and shiny hair.

Olaplex 3 Review

One important thing to bear in mind about Olaplex No. 3 is that it is not a conditioner; it is a treatment, a hair bond builder to be specific. Olaplex’s treatment is recommended by bloggers, hairstylists, and professionals worldwide. This treatment, which lasts between 10 to 90 minutes, strengthens your hair and reduces breakage. Olaplex No. 3 helps repair compromised and shattered hair. It strengthens the hair structure and restores the health of your damaged hair.

Not only is the Olaplex treatment safe to use on all hair types, but it is also very simple and easy to apply. Olaplex 3 is not only vegan, but it’s also paraben, sulfate, phthalate, and cruelty-free!

Olaplex No. 3 Dupes

Frequent chemical treatments can make your hair really porous and prone to breakage. Bond builders help restore your hair back to its former glory. There are many bond builders that can help repair and protect your hair— the best of them being Olaplex No. 3 hair treatment.

While this treatment is the best, it is quite expensive. The good news is that you can save your hair while saving your money by using these amazing Olaplex dupes!

1. B3 Brazilian Bond Builder

Best Dupe For Olaplex 3
B3 Brazilian Bondbuilder Instant Restore & Protect

The B3 Instant Restore & Protect Reconstruct or is a deep reparative treatment that quickly fortifies the hair, helping to reduce damage while extending color life and restoring softness.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The B3 Brazilian Bond Builder is another recent product. It is a single-step professional product that prevents chemical damage during the dyeing process. The B3 Bond Builder claims to enhance the shine of your hair and improve pigment retention. This bond builder, unlike other products, also repairs hydrogen and salt bonds. Other bond builders only repair disulfide hair bonds.

The B3 Brazilian Bond Builder is easier to use than other products since it’s only a single-step product. The level of the developer doesn’t need to be adjusted when using this bond builder.


  • This bond builder repairs disulfide, hydrogen, and even salt bonds.
  • It is super easy, quick and convenient to use as it consists of a single product.
  • Developer levels don’t have to be adjusted when using this product.


  • This product doesn’t have the same ingredients as Olaplex, making it quite different.
  • It’s not only more expensive than other Olaplex dupes, but it is also more expensive than Olaplex itself.

Where to buy it: Amazon

2. ApHogee 2 Minute Reconstructor

ApHogee focuses on manufacturing and promoting healthy and strong hair. It’s not very surprising that one of their products claims to reconstruct hair strands. Made of different oils, vitamins, and amino acids, the ApHogee Keratin 2-minute Reconstructor is great for hair post coloring.

This 2-minute Reconstructor helps your hair restore its softness along with its strength. The best thing about this product is that you only have to keep it on for 2 minutes and/or five minutes for damaged hair. Not only is it affordable, but it is also available in different sizes and is packed with antioxidants.

ApHogee also helps prevent split ends and breakage. The ApHogee Keratin 2-minute Reconstructor can only be used on damaged hair. You need to be very careful while using this when you are dealing with sensitive hair. The ApHogee Reconstructor is proof that great things can come in different yet affordable packages.


  • This Reconstructor is super-affordable.
  • It is packed with antioxidant green tea.
  • It contains botanical oils, vitamins, keratin, and amino acids
  • It is a good hair protectant – prevents breakage and split ends.


  • This product is meant for damaged tresses.
  • It is almost ineffective if you’re hair isn’t damaged.
  • It is not very suitable for protein sensitive hair.

Where to buy it: Amazon

3. Ion Absolute Perfection

The Ion Color Brilliance Absolute Perfection is a great product. It aims at repairing and generating your hair bonds for stronger hair. The Ion Absolute Perfections helps reduce dryness after any chemical treatment. It works instantly to restore the moisture in your hair and reduces breakage.


  • It restores moisture in your hair.
  • This product repairs damaged hair bonds.


  • This product isn’t vegan or cruelty-free like Olaplex.
  • Unlike Olaplex, the Ion Color Brilliance Absolute Perfection contains preservatives.

Where to buy it: Amazon

4. Redken pH-Bonder (Discontinued)

Redken pH Bonder is a great alternative to Olaplex No.3. It not only protects your hair from damage, but it also reduces hair breakage. It’s great to use after chemical treatments, such as bleaching or hair coloring. The Redken pH-Bonder’s also has a bond protective additive that is added to the bleach or color formula before application.

Use RedKen pH-Bonder’s fiber-restorative concentrate after you wash out your hair dye. This will repair damage and improve hair cuticles for greater shine and softness. Redken pH Bonder can also be utilized as a stand-alone treatment to restore damaged and broken hair. Redken pH Bonder tops our list of the best Olaplex dupes.


  • The Redken pH Bonder is as good as Olaplex at repairing hair bonds.
  • This is a great product available at an affordable price.
  • This product has a short processing time and doesn’t need a strong developer.


  • While it repairs some bonds, the Redken pH-Bonder fails to repair a few other hair bonds.

Where to buy it: Unavailable

5. Schwarzkopf Fibreplex Bond Enforcing System

Schwarzkopf also makes a damage control system to protect your hair from chemical hair treatments. Schwarzkopf claims that their product is a better alternative to Olaplex. It can reduce hair breakage by almost 94 percent, leaving the hair fibers in a great condition.

Like Olaplex, Schwarzkopf’s damage control system also consists of three products; Bond Booster, Bonder Sealer and Bond Maintainer. These products are to be used in three different steps.


  • The Fibreplex Bond Enforcing System helps in reducing hair fall.
  • It has an entire bond system that makes your hair more manageable.


  • Dimethicone is listed as a second ingredient. That means that this “bond maintainer” also coats your hair like a regular conditioner.

Where to buy it: Amazon


The results from Olaplex No. 3 can vary from person to person. A common misconception that surrounds this product is that it will give you uber-soft and silky hair. This is why some people are disappointed after using this product.

Sure, Olaplex is meant to soften your hair a little, but it’s a hair bond builder and not a conditioner. Its aim is to mend broken and damaged hair bonds to make your hair more manageable.

Olaplex doesn’t have any direct dupes but a great alternative is B3 Brazilian Bond Builder, which is also our top pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Leave Olaplex 3 on Overnight?

The Olaplex 3 treatment should be applied for at least 10 minutes. For damaged hair, Olaplex recommends you leave the treatment on for 90 minutes. On Olaplex’s Instagram page, they say that you can leave this treatment on overnight. They also say that it isn’t necessary because results are visible in ten minutes. Additionally, if you plan on leaving it on overnight ensure that it doesn’t come into contact with your eyes or face.

What Exactly Does Olaplex Do?

Olaplex is a hair bonding agent that helps protect your hair from chemical damage. This can be things like bleaching or dyeing.

Olaplex allows you to get any hair color you desire without damaging your hair. As a bonder, it reforms the damaged and fragmented hair bonds that occur due to excessive hair coloring or over-bleaching. Bear in mind that Olaplex is meant to repair and protect your hair— it doesn’t promise silky and soft hair.

How Long Does An Olaplex Treatment Last?

Olaplex doesn’t wash out that easily. The results keep improving with every treatment. The longevity of the treatment depends on the condition of your hair. You can get the Olaplex treatment twice a month, four times a month, or whenever you plan on dyeing your hair.