Nume Signature Blow Dryer Review: Is It As Good As It Looks?

Is Nume Signature Blow Dryer the best blow dryer in town?

Nume Signature Blow Dryer Review

With so many options out there, one can never be sure.

But one thing’s for sure: it’s definitely the prettiest of them all!

The first thing we noticed about this handy dryer is its stylish design. From hot pink, cool turquoise to bold black―Nume’s comes in a variety of fun shades. And for a beauty product, an attractive design is always a bonus point. But we have learned that one must never judge a hair dryer by its aesthetics.

This is why we decided to give this hair dryer a trial run to make sure if it’s worth an investment.

Nume’s signature model is known for its ergonomic design, fast drying sessions, and colorful options. Read this Nume Signature Blow Dryer review to find out how well it performed.

Sneak Peek: We rate this hair dryer a 4 out of 5 stars. Read on to find out what kinds of setbacks stopped us from giving it a 5/5 rating.

Pros & Cons


  • The compact size and lightweight makes it easy to use.
  • It’s got a nice steady handle and no-slip grip.
  • The blow dryer comes with multiple heat settings.
  • The long cord (8ft 5 inches) supports your mobility.
  • It dries your hair faster than most dryers. (The time duration is almost 30% less than standard blow dryers!)


  • It’s a pricey investment.
  • The dryer tends to get hot after some time.
  • It has a few durability issues.
  • Doesn’t have a retractable cord.

Key Features

Ease of Use― 5/5

This blow dryer might be a dream device for people with small hands. That’s because its compact design makes it easy to hold. And the lightweight ensures that your hands and wrists won’t feel strained while you use it. Plus, the super sturdy grip makes sure that the dryer won’t slip away when you’re using it.

As far as the cord length is concerned, it manages to make things work for women with long hair. In addition to that, the long cord makes sure that your movements won’t feel restricted.

Durability― 3/5

We are sorry to say that the Nume Signature Blow Dryer might disappoint you in the long run. The dryer has already started to tread towards the ‘too hot to handle’ zone after a few runs. This means that the cheaper parts are likely to giveaway due to overheating. This is why we believe that it might not be feasible for those who like to blow dry their hair daily.

Unsurprisingly, it does come with a limited lifetime warranty!

Heat Output―4/5

Nume Signature Blow Dryer blows out air that is as safe as it can be. The infra-red heat technology and ceramic built ensures that your hair gets dried without losing its moisture. So you don’t have to worry about your hair getting damaged or burnt after use.


For some people, Nume Signature Blow Dryer might not be as pricey as the usual high-end hairdryers. But it isn’t cheap either. Yet, we feel that the amazing features are worthy enough for you to make that purchase.


The Nume Signature Blow Dryer comes with three temperature settings, two-speed modes, and a cool shot button. Like most, ionic hair dryers it offers us standard heating options. The settings are versatile enough for a regular blow drying session.


Nume Signature Blow Dryer is a ceramic ionic hair dryer. According to professional hairstylists, hair dryers that don’t demand turbo power to style your hair. This is why we think that the power wattage of 1875W is great for regular users. It also works well for you if you’ve got a sensitive scalp or damaged hair.

Nume Signature Blow Dryer Review

As we mentioned earlier, Nume Signature Blow Dryer’s funky colors are what grabbed our attention. But don’t think that this is all it has to offer. We can vouch for the fact that this hair dryer gives you the smooth, shiny and anti-frizz look you always desired.

And it does that in the shortest time!

This is a big bonus for women with packed schedules who often ditch the blow dryer because they’re in a hurry.

So what makes Nume Signature Blow Dryer a valuable investment? We think that ticks all the boxes when it comes to being an ergonomic design. It optimizes your blow drying session with its easy-to-use features, long cord, and triple heating options. The best bits though are its high-tech characteristics. The blow dryer is designed with a ceramic grill and ionic technology.

Plus, it only emits far infrared heat. All these factors make it a triple threat for your untamable hair. That’s because the blend of ceramic and ionic traits ensures that your hair retains its moisture. While the infrared heat acts as a heat protector for the hair. This means that the hairdryer locks the heat and prevents your hair from getting too frizzy even when the weather is really humid.

Another thing to love about this blow dryer is its handy dandy concentrators. The company offers you two adjustable concentrators (one ultra slim concentrator and one midsized concentrator). This gives you a chance to style in various different ways. The concentrators help you to optimize the heat in areas where your hair is extra frizzy.

So you can opt for subtle soft curls or keep them silky straight.

Lastly, the compact size makes it pretty portable. This is beneficial for you if you travel a lot or need to pack a hairdryer for a weekend getaway.

All in all, the hairdryer is user-friendly and safe for all hair types.

How Does It Compare?

Nume Bold vs. Nume Signature

Nume Signature Blow Dryer is hands down the better dryer if you’re looking for a salon quality blow dry. The thing that sets it apart from its bolder sibling is its styling options. Nume Bold Hair Dryer doesn’t come with two concentrators. Neither does it have three heat settings.

On both accounts, Nume Signature Blow Dryer is one notch above than the rival.

FOXYBAE Blomance vs. Nume Signature

Choosing between these two blow dryers is a tough task. We enjoyed using both of them because they had more or less similar features. From the ionic ceramic technology to the wattage―every tiny detail is identical here.

The only difference though is that FOXYBAE Blomance Hair Dryer comes with its own adjustable diffuser. This is a big bonus for you if you have curly hair. That’s because the diffuser helps your hair get that extra bounce. Apart from that, it has a retractable cord.

This flexibility makes it more manageable than the Nume Signature Blow Dryer.

Conair InfinitiPRO vs. Nume Signature

Conair InfinitiPRO Hair Dryer beats Nume Signature Blow Dryer due to its speed. The former claims to optimize your blow-drying session up to 50%. On the other hand, Nume Signature Blow Dryer offers only a 30% speed compared to other hairdryers in the market.

So if you’re looking for a hairdryer that has optimized performance then we think Conair InfinitiPRO Hair Dryer is the one for you.

But keep in mind that Conair InfinitiPRO Hair Dryer is a full-sized hairdryer. So it will be a tad bit difficult to manage if you’ve got long hair. The heaviness and size might cause you to drop the hairdryer mid-way.

It’s a Wrap

To sum it up, Nume Signature Blow Dryer is user-friendly, well-built, and a great option for versatile styling. This makes it a perfect fit for anyone who’s looking for a high-quality hairdryer to get that smooth, shiny blowout.

The only drawback is that it doesn’t come with a lifetime warranty. So you will probably have to look for a replacement in the imminent future.

This means it may not be a good option for ladies who are on a tight budget. For the rest of you, we recommend you to splurge a little to reap in all the styling benefits.

Stay tuned for more reviews on your favorite blow dryers!