Milani Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumper Review

Milani Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumper Review

When you think of drugstore makeup that is high quality, a few brands might come to mind. For a lot of people, Milani is one of those brands. Milani creates high-quality drugstore makeup for an affordable price. So it’s no wonder why they’ve become so popular in the makeup community. One of Milani’s bestsellers is the Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumper.

The Milani Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumper is a lip gloss that comes in multiple different shades. It makes your lips look full and glossy without a tingling sensation. It feels glossy without being sticky or heavy feeling. Plus, it is affordable! If you’re looking for an awesome lip-plumping gloss, this one is for you!

Milani Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Gloss And Plumper

This Milani gloss has a big, doe-foot applicator and a glitter finish.

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Milani Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumper Review

Milani’s Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumper truly does it all. Hence the name, it plumps the lips making them appear bigger and fuller. It nourishes the lips by keeping them hydrated and moisturized all day long. Also, it provides a tinted gloss to the lips adding the perfect touch to any makeup look. Let’s dive into all that this product has to offer.

I purchased the shade “soft rose” to try on my light skin with neutral undertones. I felt that this shade complimented my skin tone very well. With 16 different shades to choose from, you’re likely to find one that works for your skin tone and personal preferences.

This lip gloss is truly the perfect gloss. The problem with most glosses is that it is either too heavy on the lips or too sticky or both. This gloss feels super lightweight and comfortable. Also, it is not sticky at all. So you won’t have to deal with getting your hair stuck to your lips all the time which is the biggest struggle I have with lip glosses.

This lip gloss feels very moisturizing and nourishing on the lips. It has hyaluronic acid in it which is not only very hydrating, but it also is what helps make the lips appear more plump and full. Of course, the glossy finish makes it more comfortable on the lips as well.

Milani Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Gloss And Plumper

This Milani gloss has a big, doe-foot applicator and a glitter finish.

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The finish of this is very glossy. Although there are lots of shades to choose from, it is more on the sheer side rather than pigmented. This is common in most lip glosses.

You can either use this gloss on its own or over another lipstick or other lip product. It looks great with a casual makeup look or a full glam look. The options with this lip gloss seem endless. Its versatility is a huge pro in my book.

Milani is a certified cruelty-free brand, and they are working towards becoming 100% vegan. However, a select few of their products do contain ingredients derived from animals such as beeswax, carmine, and lanolin. Also, Milani is a relatively affordable makeup brand!

One of the things that turn people away from this product is its longevity. I did find myself having to reapply this multiple times throughout the day. Since it is a gloss, it did wear off quickly and it did transfer onto things like coffee cups.


  • Comes in 16 different shades
  • Glossy without being heavy or sticky
  • Feels comfortable and lightweight on the lips
  • Very moisturizing
  • Versatile
  • Cruelty-free
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not long-lasting
  • Not transfer-proof


Here are all 16 different shades:

  1. Champagne
  2. Nude Shimmer
  3. Prismatic Peach
  4. Luminoso
  5. Blush
  6. Bare Pink
  7. Almost Natural
  8. Soft Rose
  9. Moonlight
  10. Golden Dust
  11. Tropical Shine
  12. Sparkling Pink
  13. Rosewood
  14. Pink Quartz
  15. Natural Luster
  16. Rosy Bronze

Where To Buy It

You can find Milani Cosmetics in most places that sell drugstore makeup as well as online. When looking in stores, we recommend going to places with large drugstore makeup sections. Places with small drugstore makeup selections tend to leave makeup companies like Milani Cosmetics out of stock. We recommend looking at different Targets and Walmarts. However, you can usually always find it at your local Ulta store.

Here are the best and most popular places you can buy Milani products online:

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Milani Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumper is one of the best lip glosses I have personally tried from the drugstore. It feels moisturizing on the lips, isn’t sticky at all, and it’s very affordable. If you are looking for the perfect lip gloss for an affordable price, definitely check this one out!

Milani Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Gloss And Plumper

This Milani gloss has a big, doe-foot applicator and a glitter finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to apply lip plumpers?

Lip plumpers are just glosses that make your lips appear fuller. So you can definitely apply lip plumper by itself to the lips for a glossy finish with sheer pigment. If you are looking to have more pigment to your lips, you can apply it over another lip product like a traditional lipstick or a liquid lipstick.

Are lip plumpers bad for your lips?

Depending on the ingredients used in the lip plumper you are using, it can be more or less irritating for your lips. Some lip plumpers have irritants in them, but they are usually only temporary. The Milani Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumper is not irritating at all, but it still has lip plumping effects. That is one of the reasons I love this product! However, some lip plumpers may irritate your lips, but most of them are not inherently bad for your lips.

What are some ways to make lip gloss last longer?

If you struggle with keeping your lip gloss bold and glossy all day long, you are not alone. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to fix this issue. For one, you can apply a foundation or concealer under the lip gloss to act as a primer. Also, using a matte lipstick the same color as the lip gloss underneath can make it last longer. These two tips are what has saved me from having to reapply it multiple times throughout the day.