Microblading Lips – Everything You Need To Know

If there’s one facial feature that’s become the star of the last decade, it has to be the lips. Every day, we’re seeing new procedures and products come out that help you accentuate them, but none is more exciting than microblading.

What does microblading lips mean?

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure where a blush or color is lightly added to your lips. The purpose of the procedure is to make it appear as though you’re wearing light lipstick or gloss but in a naturally beautiful way, removing the need to apply it each day.

Although a minimally invasive treatment, microblading still comes with some considerations and risks.

If you’ve been thinking about giving your lips a touch of color and want to explore what this procedure is all about, we’ve got the ultimate guide on microblading to help you out.

What is Microblading?

Quick Guide to Microblading Lips

Microblading is a non-invasive and semi-permanent cosmetic procedure where a tattoo is performed on the skin.

Lip microblading involves a mechanical needle depositing colored ink onto the lips, and is commonly referred to as blushing because of the look that it leaves behind.

Lip microblading is performed using techniques like pepper shading or whip shading, both used in regular tattooing.

Small dots are placed in areas on the lips to give highlights, contours, and a natural look, using a mechanical needle that penetrates the skin gently as it’s moved.

The purpose of lip microblading is to give the lips a touch of color that looks natural and like you’re not wearing any cosmetics, and it lasts between one and three years depending on a few factors.

Many people find that after having blushing done, there’s no need to wear lipsticks or glosses anymore as it provides fullness and color that gives them the effect they want.

The Good and the Bad

Any time you’re considering a new skincare or beauty procedure, it’s good to weigh up the pros and cons first.

If microblading your lips is on the agenda, check out the pros and cons associated with getting them done before you dive in.

The Pros

Quick Guide to Microblading Lips

It’s a natural look

Working with a skilled microblading expert means you’ll get the best results, and people love the natural but beautiful effect of this procedure.

It’s not over the top or even obvious you’ve had anything done, you’ll have a natural glow and blush to them that gives you a huge boost of confidence.

No more makeup

With blushed lips, you won’t need to reach for the lipstick or lip gloss again.

Once they’re finished, it will look as if you already have the color and fullness on your lips that makeup delivers, without having to apply a thing.

Tailored to your face

Working with the practitioner who does the tattoo, you’ll be able to come up with a lip color that matches your skin tone and existing lips.

Having something tailored to you specifically means better results and a look that you’ll be happy with.

Improved look

When done right, lip blushing can fix pigmentation or spots on the lips, even out the symmetry, add a light flushing, and make your lips appear poutier.

All of these are major benefits to come from just one procedure.

The Cons

Quick Guide to Microblading Lips

It’s expensive

The average person will pay between $500 to $1,500 to have their lips microbladed, so it’s not a cheap option.

You can save some money by only having half of your lip done, but it may not be the effect you’re after.

It needs touch-ups

After the initial cost, you’ll also have to spend time and money having them touched up. Your tattooist will give you recommendations about when this has to happen but expect to be back in their chair every six months at least.

Permanent effects

Some people find that after having their lips microbladed that part of their face is more prone to infections. Others notice that it’s hard to get their original lip color back even after the tattooing has faded. These are all risks you must be mindful of before going ahead with the treatment.

How Is Microblading Performed?

Quick Guide to Microblading Lips

The best way to prepare for a microblading session is to know exactly what it entails.

These are the usual steps you’ll follow when seeing an expert to have your lip blushing done, including the consult and procedure, so there are no surprises.

  1. You meet with the microblading technician to discuss your lip goals, shape, color, and any other concerns you have.
  2. Preparing for the procedure means keeping lips hydrated, applying a scrub to them a few days prior, and avoiding alcohol and direct sunlight 24 hours before.
  3. At your appointment, the technician will apply a numbing gel to the lips and give it time to take effect.
  4. The tattoo artist will map out the shape of the lips and confirm the color choice with you.
  5. The tattooing starts using a mechanical needle and should last for up to an hour and a half.
  6. A touch-up is performed eight weeks after the initial procedure and then regularly every six months or so.

Does It Hurt?

Quick Guide to Microblading Lips

One of the biggest concerns people have before getting lip blushing done is the pain factor, and this is true for any form of tattooing.

As the procedure involves a small needle penetrating the skin, and in an area as sensitive as the lips, it’s common for it to feel uncomfortable or even hurt a bit.

It’s common practice to apply a numbing agent to the lips before the procedure which can alleviate some of the pain.

However, this doesn’t remove the feeling entirely, so there will still be a bit of discomfort while you’re getting it done.

During the process, you’ll feel a pricking sensation on the lips as the needle goes in and out. Rather than doing it just once, it happens hundreds of times, and by the end of the session, you might feel as though you’ve had enough.

Afterward, it may be tender for a day or two, but from there on out you won’t have any issues.

Post Procedure Care for Microblading

Quick Guide to Microblading Lips

Immediately after having lip microblading done, your lips will look swollen and darker in color than you were expecting.

This is normal and after 10 days it will be completely settled so you can get an idea of what the final effect is, with most swelling gone after 24 hours.

Your microblading technician will give you specific instructions for aftercare that must be followed to ensure the best results.

Usually, this will entail ice packs wrapped in paper towels being applied at intervals and avoiding touching your lips at all.

Certain things will be off-limits until your lips heal, including swimming, sun exposure, eating spicy foods, and wearing lip balms and gloss.

Be mindful not to touch or pick at flaky spots and to allow them to heal naturally. After that, you’ll want to slowly introduce these things to your new lips and speak to the beauty technician if you notice any issues.

Blushing and Beautiful

Lip blushing is a non-invasive way to turn your dull lips into beautiful, blushing ones, but it’s a procedure that requires a lot of consideration.

If you do decide to go ahead with microblading, seek out an experienced tattooist who can show you their work, and make sure they come with glowing recommendations.

Microblading has become a popular trend in beauty and skincare recently, with eyebrows and lips being all the craze.

If you’ve been thinking about booking in for some treatments but still have questions, read on for a few FAQs that can give you a push in the right direction.