KKW Beauty Nude 5 Creme Lipstick Review

Update: KKW Beauty shut down on May 1, 2022 to be rebranded. Stay tuned for updates.

KKW Beauty, Kim Kardashian West’s beauty line, good and bad is highly talked about whenever they launch something new. You can’t help but wonder, are her products good? Their lipsticks come in a variety of different finishes and shades but the real spotlight is on their Nude Creme Lipsticks. The Nude Creme lipsticks come in 11 shades and they are a nude lipstick lover’s dream.

KKW Beauty’s Nude 5 Creme lipstick is a dream lipstick! The shade selection offers a nude for everyone and it’s creamy finish is comfortable and so easy to apply. These lipsticks are comfortable to wear and suit any occasion. You can’t go wrong with them if you’re looking for a good nude! If you’re still looking for the perfect nude lipstick, you may have met your match with KKW’s Nude Creme line!

KKW Beauty Nude 5 Lipstick Review

This lipstick is a keeper! I love that it comes in a variety of nude shades that are just a little bit different then the next. They’re the perfect lipstick to try out if you’re still on the hunt for that perfect nude shade. I have the shade 5 which is a mid-tone rosy nude and it’s perfect for everyday and even fall and winter.

It’s a little bit darker of a nude but still gorgeous, flattering and can be worn with any look. Their descriptive shade numbering would allow me to pick a lighter shade online effortlessly.

These lipsticks are a creme formula and they glide onto the lips. They are comfortable, hydrating and feel undetectable. If you’re looking for a matte lipstick, this is not that. But, KKW does offer a matte lipstick with a non-drying formula in 6 shades. Nude 5 would last on the lips for a few hours but keep in mind, it will transfer onto a cup and after a meal it would likely be undetectable.

This lipstick has your typical curved, bullet style applicator. It’s so easy to apply even without an liner and the application is precise and doesn’t need any touching up! The formula is so smooth and easy to apply and so pigmented. One swipe is all you need for intense lip color.

I was skeptical when I tried this lipstick but now I am so beyond impressed! This lipstick is wearable, the formula is comfortable, pigmented and exactly what I like in a lipstick. I will definitely be buying more shades and I would love to try the lip liners next as those get really great reviews.


  • Comfortable, cream finish is hydrating.
  • Cream formula glides on to the lips. No liner is needed for a precise application. But it would pair beautifully with one if that is what you like!
  • 11 shades of nude lipsticks is a dream! The shade numbers and descriptions are perfect for finding the shade you’re looking for and if you want one darker or lighter.
  • Pigmented! One swipe application is all your need for a gorgeous, intense color on the lips.
  • KKW is not a drugstore nor quite high end and the prices reflect that. I’d say they’re pretty good for the quality of lipstick you get. Plus, Ulta frequently has coupons and sales so you could definitely snag these lipsticks on sale.
  • Sleek, minimal packaging that is perfect for a flat-lay or to touch up your lipstick when you’re out.
  • KKW Beauty is cruelty-free.


  • If you like a matte formula go for another KKW Beauty lipstick because these are a cream finish and will transfer.
  • These smell like wax as it’s an unscented formula. It’s not too noticeable but some reviewers swore off the lipsticks because of that.
  • KKWbeauty.com is all final sale so if you may want to make returns, buy your KKW products from Ulta.
  • You don’t get a ton of lipstick in the applicator.

Colors/Swatches (if applicable)

In the Nude Creme lipsticks there are 11 shades. It’s inclusive and there is a nude share for almost all skin tones! KKW beauty also offers pinks, reds, peaches and matte shades. I got the shade Nude 5 and it’s a great everyday, darker nude shade. It’s very wearable and a true rosy nude.

  • Shade 1: Light pinky nude
  • Shade 1.5: Light peachy nude
  • Shade 2: Warm light nude
  • Shade 2.5: Honey nude
  • Shade 3: Mid-tone terracotta
  • Shade 3.5: Rich mid-tone pinky nude
  • Shade 4: Mid-tone cool nude
  • Shade 5: Mid-tone rosy nude
  • Shade 6: Deep brown nude
  • Shade 7: Mocha nude
  • Shade 8: Deep chocolate nude

Where to buy it

KKW Beauty is available on kkwbeauty.com or exclusively online at Ulta or in Ulta stores. If you want to snag some on sale, Ulta is definitely the place to go as they frequently give coupons and have sales on KKW.

Final Thoughts

Anyone in search of the perfect nude lipstick should really give the KKW Nude Creme lipsticks a shot! These lipsticks perform really well and the shade range is stunning. The shade numbers make finding your perfect nude relatively easy and perfect if you’re wanting to add a shade darker or lighter into your routine. If you’re looking for a matte finish KKW offers those as well in a variety of wearable nudes and pinks.

Overall, these are solid lipsticks and definitely worth looking into if you’re looking for a nude shade! The shade offering is diverse and open for many to find their best shade. I’m so impressed with these and can confirm, they are worth the hype and definitely worth the price point. The lip liners get really great reviews so if you’re looking for a good lip kit, lipstick and liner duo those are definitely worth checking out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my perfect nude?

It’s not as easy as you would think! When looking for your perfect nude, obviously what’s most important is that you like it and how it looks on your skin. But, here’s a few tips to make the process a little smoother.

  • If you have light skin, go for a shade that is darker than your skin tone. If you have deeper skin, go for a shade that is lighter than your skin tone. For fair – light skin, sometimes a lighter shade works and looks stunning! And sometimes it looks like you have concealer on your lips. So, if you’re looking for an everyday nude shade, go for a shade that is darker than your skin tone. For example, fair and light skin should go for a warm-tone nude. If you have darker skin, a deeper nude shade lighter than your skin tone is great for adding dimension. Berry tones are great for this!
  • Find something that mimics your natural skin undertones. If you have warm skin, warm tone lipsticks are perfect. Cool tones can look washed out and even grey so be more careful with those. If you have cool undertones, go for a neutral undertone!
  • Look at the natural color of your lips and go from there. Your perfect nude shade likely won’t be too far off from the natural color of your lips because we’re trying to find the perfect ~nude~ lipstick.

Is this lipstick unscented?

Yes! Due to that, it smells like wax. Some don’t notice and some people really don’t like it so keep that in mind when you’re trying it out! Fragrance is so tough because people get mad when you include and they don’t like it but then get mad when a product doesn’t have it and smells odd!

What’s a creme or cream finish lipstick?

A cream finish describes the formula. Creamy, soft, hydrating and easy to apply. Versus matte that’s stiffer has some tug. This formula on the lips is a satin – there’s some shine, it’s not matte and it’s comfortable. It also will transfer but it’s hydrating and easy to apply!