Is Neutrogena Cruelty-Free?

When you think of skincare, you probably think of popular skincare brands such as Neutrogena. Neutrogena is easily accessible to most people and relatively affordable, so it makes sense why so many people use it.

But when thinking about ethical beauty, is Neutrogena really all that good to buy?

Is Neutrogena Cruelty-Free?

Unfortunately, Neutrogena is not cruelty-free. Although Neutrogena is one of the most accessible brands for people to buy, you may want to reconsider buying it. Let’s dive deeper into Neutrogena’s animal testing policies and whether they are worth buying or not.

Here is the statement that Neutrogena makes on their website:

“We want you to feel good about how we make Neutrogena products. You can only do that if you have the facts. The fact is, Neutrogena doesn’t conduct animal testing of our cosmetic products anywhere in world, except in the rare situation where governments or laws require it. At Neutrogena, we won’t ever compromise on the quality or safety of our products or stop seeking alternatives to animal testing.”

So even though Neutrogena claims they don’t test on animals themselves, they still do sell their products in countries where animal testing is required by law. Therefore, they technically cannot be considered 100% cruelty-free.

Is Neutrogena Vegan?

No, Neutrogena is not 100% vegan. Some of their products are vegan, and some contain ingredients derived from animals. Until Neutrogena reformulates all of their products to contain no ingredients derived from animals, they cannot be labeled as vegan.

Is Neutrogena Organic?

Some of Neutrogena’s products are organic and some are not. The majority of them are not considered to be technically organic. But the Neutrogena Naturals line is made with products that are almost completely organic. With 94% of the ingredients in these products being naturally derived, this line is considered to be organic.

Is Neutrogena Owned By A Parent Company?

Yes, Neutrogena is owned by the parent company called Johnson & Johnson. Johnson & Johnson is a corporation that develops medical devices and consumer packaged goods. Johnson & Johnson is not cruelty-free nor are they vegan.

Where is Neutrogena Made?

Neutrogena is made in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. From these countries, the products are shipped out to other countries for sale.

Is Neutrogena Sold in China?

Yes, Neutrogena does sell its products in China. In mainland China, it is required by law for all imported cosmetics products to be tested on animals. For them to sell their products in mainland China means that they are consenting for them to be tested on animals. This makes them not cruelty-free!

Is Neutrogena Paraben-Free?

Some of Neutrogena’s products are paraben-free, and some are not. To know for sure, check the label and ingredient list before making any final purchases.

Is Neutrogena Gluten-Free?

Again, Neutrogena is not completely gluten-free, but some of their products happen to be gluten-free. If this is important for you, make sure you are checking to see if the specific product you plan to purchase is gluten-free or not. You can do this by checking the label and ingredient list or calling Neutrogena’s support line.

Is Neutrogena Phthalates-free?

In the Neutrogena Naturals line, all of the products are free from phthalates. However, most of Neutrogena’s other products do have phthalates in them. If you are concerned about these types of ingredients and/or have sensitive skin, stick to the Neutrogena Naturals line.

Is Neutrogena Non-comedogenic?

It appears as though most of Neutrogena’s products are non-comedogenic meaning that they have a lesser chance of clogging your pores. This is optimal for sensitive skin. But to be sure, always check the label of whatever you plan on buying.

Is Neutrogena PETA Cruelty-Free Approved?

No, Neutrogena is not certified by PETA as being cruelty-free. This probably won’t happen unless they stop selling their products in China where animal testing is required.

Where To Buy Neutrogena

One of the best things about Neutrogena is how accessible and affordable it is. You can purchase Neutrogena products both in stores and online.

When searing in stores, Neutrogena can be found at most grocery department stores like Target and Walmart. It can be found at drugstores such as Walgreens and CVS. It can also be found at beauty department stores such as Ulta.

Here are the best and most popular places to find Neutrogena online:

Alternatives To Neutrogena

Since Neutrogena is not cruelty-free, here are some similar alternative brands that are.



Final Thoughts

If you’ve been a fan of Neutrogena for years, you might be bummed to find out that they actually are not cruelty-free. Sadly, they aren’t vegan either. If this has completely turned you away from the brand, we don’t blame you. Check out some of the cruelty-free alternatives we’ve listed above.