Is Makeup Revolution Cruelty-Free And Vegan?

Meet Makeup Revolution. The quick growing UK beauty brand you’ve probably seen on your socials that does it all! This brand is growing daily and falls under the brand Revolution Beauty. (They operate a few more smaller subset brands that create different makeup, skincare, haircare and body care.) Makeup Revolution is an affordable, drugstore brand and they excel in the area of creating dupes for high end products. They have a lot going for them, so can we expect them to be cruelty-free?

Is Makeup Revolution Cruelty-Free?

Yes, Makeup Revolution is cruelty-free! They have a cruelty free certification from PETA. They don’t test on animals, use manufacturers that do, sell in China or commission others to test on animals. If you’re looking for a new cruelty-free brand to try with on trend, affordable products, try Makeup Revolution.

Here is the statement from their website regarding their vegan and cruelty-free status:

“Our products are always PETA-certified cruelty free, never tested on animals and are 76% vegan, and growing. Having begun as a startup, to now one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the world, Revolution is still evolving.”

Along with a cruelty-free certification, Makeup Revolution is 76% vegan. This statement bodes well for their future products and formulations.

Is Makeup Revolution Vegan?

Makeup Revolution is not 100% vegan but they’re 76% vegan and state that they’re evolving and hope to grow that number. All their vegan products are marked with a green ‘V’ on their website. It makes it so easy to navigate and instantly identify the vegan products. We love this transparency because some brands won’t even tell you what products are vegan and which aren’t!

Our vegan standouts include their Conceal and Define and Conceal and Hydrate foundations, both of which have a 50+ shade range. Their new Friends collab is really fun and entirely vegan! A huge chunk of their lipsticks are vegan and that’s a huge feat as most contain carmine and/or beeswax.

Is Makeup Revolution Organic?

Makeup Revolution is not natural or organic. They make no claims to be but they do use a good amount of natural and vegan ingredients. They have a few lines of subset brands so who knows, maybe an organic line is to come in the future! If you’re looking for a vegan brand, try Ilia Beauty, Kosas or Burt’s Bees.

Where is Makeup Revolution Made?

Makeup Revolution’s products are made in China. A brand can manufacture in China without testing on animals. All their skincare products are made in the UK. Overall, they are a UK based brand.

Is Makeup Revolution Sold in China?

No. Makeup Revolution and their subset brands are not sold in physical stores in Mainland China. In order to sell in Mainland China, it’s required by law to test on animals. By doing that, they would give up their cruelty-free status, so it’s good that they aren’t sold there. They are available online which is a great way to give everyone access without having to give up their cruelty-free status!

Is Makeup Revolution Paraben-Free?

Makeup Revolution has some paraben-free products but not all of them are. Some of their eyeshadow palettes contain parabens so keep an eye out for that. Parabens are highly controversial in beauty products and are used as preservatives to extend the shelf life. Their popular Conceal and Define Foundation with 50 shades is paraben-free!

If you’re still curious about which products are paraben-free we recommend reaching out to customer service as that’s the best way to check.

Is Makeup Revolution Gluten-Free?

Makeup Revolution is not fully gluten-free but they do have gluten-free products. If you’re looking for more, reach out to their customer service.

Some of those products include:

  • Conceal and Define Concealer
  • Vivid Baked Highlighter
  • Fast Base Stick Foundation
  • Baked Bronzer

Is Makeup Revolution Phthalates-free?

Some Makeup Revolution products are phthalate-free and some are not. Phthalates are scrutinized in beauty for their effect on the reproductive system. They improve the texture in products like nail polishes, hair sprays and eyeliners.

Makeup Revolution’s phthalate-free products are a little bit tough to identify. Reach out to their customer service for more insight.

Is Makeup Revolution Non-comedogenic?

No, Makeup Revolution is not non-comedogenic and they are not hypo-allergenic. Non-comedogenic means a product is formulated to not be pore clogging. Their Conceal and Define Foundation is oil-free which is a nice option to have for sensitive, acne prone skin. Just because a product is non-comedogenic doesn’t mean you won’t break out or have a reaction to it. Some non-comedogenic brands include Bare Minerals and Physician’s Formula.

Is Makeup Revolution PETA Cruelty-Free Approved?

Yes! Makeup Revolution is PETA cruelty-free approved! They don’t test on animals, sell in Mainland China, use manufacturers that test on animals or commission others to do so on their behalf. Their PETA certification is the extra step they take for their credibility.

Here is PETA’s criteria for cruelty-free brands:

“All companies that are included on PETA’s “don’t test” list have signed our statement of assurance verifying that they and their ingredient suppliers don’t conduct, commission, pay for, or allow any tests on animals for ingredients, formulations, or finished products anywhere in the world and will not do so in the future.”

Along with not testing on animals where it is required by law, these are some principles that separate cruelty-free brands from those that aren’t.

Where to Buy Makeup Revolution?

Makeup Revolution brands are available in store and online at Ulta Beauty. Those brands include: Revolution, I Heart Revolution, Revolution PRO, Revolution Skincare. Another subset brand, Makeup Obsession is available at Target online and in store.

Along with and Here’s the link to Makeup Revolution’s worldwide stockists.

Final Thoughts

Makeup Revolution is a very impressive brand. They’re cruelty-free and 76% vegan with proper identifiers on every product. Plus, they offer a huge range of on trend products and shade ranges. They’re affordable and up to some really great stuff with continued growth. Makeup Revolution’s PETA certification proves their cruelty-free status. It shows the brand’s transparency gives their customers confidence and trust.