Is Burt’s Bees Cruelty-Free And Vegan?

For years, Burt’s Bees have been one of the top beauty brands at the drugstore. The brand is truly a one-stop-shop for all things beauty. They sell everything from skincare to makeup to lip balms and more! With many people searching to become more ethical in their shopping, people are wondering, is Burt’s Bees really cruelty-free?

In short, Burt’s Bees is 100% cruelty-free. They do not test any of their products nor ingredients on animals in any way. Also, they don’t sell their products in countries where animal testing is required by law.

Let’s dive deeper into Burt’s Bees animal testing policies, ingredients, and more.

Is Burt’s Bees Cruelty-Free?

Yes, Burt’s Bees is cruelty-free.

Here is the statement that they make on their website:

“A true love and appreciation for animals (especially bees) runs deep in our organization. Our products are leaping bunny certified, which means we do not test our formulas on animals or ask anyone to do so on our behalf.”

Is Burt’s Bees Vegan?

Sadly, Burt’s Bees is not vegan. And it doesn’t seem like they plan on going vegan any time soon. In fact, they don’t really even have a list of vegan products because the overwhelming majority of their products have ingredients derived from animals in them. Some of the ingredients they use in their products include honey, lanolin, milk, carmine, and more.

Is Burt’s Bees Organic?

Yes, Burt’s Bees does claim that they are organic!

Here is the statement that they make on their website:

“On average, our products are 99% natural; over half are 100% natural. How can you tell? Just look at the Natural Bar; it shows the exact percentage of each product’s natural ingredients. This feature has been a mainstay of Burt’s Bees® for as long as we’ve been in business. It’s unique to our company, and we’re proud of that fact.”

Where Is Burt’s Bees Made?

Burt’s Bees is made in the United States. More specifically, they are manufactured in North Carolina. By only manufacturing their products there, they ensure that their animal testing policies are being closely followed and abided by.

Is Burt’s Bees Owned By A Parent Company?

Yes, Burt’s Bees is owned by the parent company Clorox. Clorox is not cruelty-free, as they do test on animals. But Burt’s Bees independently makes their animal testing policies, so they are still cruelty-free.

Is Burt’s Bees Sold in China?

Burt’s Bees pulled out of the Chinese market in order to maintain their cruelty-free status. If they were to sell their products in China, they would be allowing their products to be tested on animals. This is because, in mainland China, it is required by law for imported cosmetics products to be tested on animals. Since they do not sell their products in China, Burt’s Bees remains cruelty-free.

Is Burt’s Bees Paraben-Free?

Yes, Burt’s Bees is paraben-free. Since parabens have been shown to cause harm to the skin and sometimes even to one’s health, some brands have completely stopped using them in their products. Burt’s Bees is one of these brands.

Is Burt’s Bees Gluten-Free?

Some of Burt’s Bees products are free from gluten and some have gluten in them. If this is a big issue for you, it is best that you check the website and/or product label before making any final purchases.

Is Burt’s Bees Phthalates-free?

Yes, Burt’s Bees is completely phthalates free. All of their products are marked as made without phthalates.

Is Burt’s Bees Non-comedogenic?

Some of their products are non-comedogenic and some are not. Although some of their products are not labeled as non-comedogenic, the brand works to make all of their products non-irritating. They even have a collection of products for sensitive skin specifically! Of course, if this is important to you, always check the website and/or product label before making any final purchases.

Is Burt’s Bees PETA Cruelty-Free Approved?

No, Burt’s Bees is actually not approved by PETA as being cruelty-free. Even though they are confirmed to not test on any animals, sometimes PETA takes a while before approving a brand.

Where To Buy Burt’s Bees

You can purchase Burt’s Bees at a variety of different places. One of the reasons why the brand is so popular is because it is so accessible to all consumers. When searching in stores, try looking at your local store that has a larger beauty department store. For example, Target and Walmart are great options. Otherwise, you can try looking at your local drugstore such as Walgreens or CVS.

Here are the best and most popular places to find Burt’s Bees online.

Final Thoughts

Burt’s Bees is confirmed to be a 100% cruelty-free brand. They are even Leaping Bunny certified. But they are not 100% vegan. Hopefully, this shed some light on Burt’s Bees’ animal testing policies, ingredients, and overall brand ethics.