Is Becca Cosmetics Cruelty-Free?

If you’re active in the beauty community and haven’t heard of Becca Cosmetics, you might be living under a rock. Founded in Australia, Becca Cosmetics is one of the most popular high-end makeup brands worldwide. They are known for creating face makeup that works for all skin types and shades. Some of their bestsellers include their champagne pop pressed highlight and shine-proof foundation.

With more people becoming more conscious of the ethical side of makeup, many wonder if Becca Cosmetics is also cruelty-free.

Becca Cosmetics is 100% cruelty-free. They do not test their products on any animals, and they do not sell their products in places where animal testing is required by law. But, not all of their products are vegan just yet.

Is Becca Cosmetics Cruelty-Free?

Yes, Becca Cosmetics is completely cruelty-free. Here is the statement they make in the FAQs section of their website:

“BECCA is and will remain a cruelty-free company. We do not test our products on animals and we will continue to hold true to this principle.”

Becca Cosmetics does not sell their products in places where animal testing is required by law, like mainland China. Also, they do not condone any third-party animal testing.

Is Becca Cosmetics Vegan?

No, not all of Becca Cosmetics’ products are vegan. Here is the statement they make in the FAQs section of their website:

“BECCA Cosmetics does not claim any of our products are gluten-free or vegan.”

In a select few of their products, they do use ingredients derived from animals. Here are some animal-derived ingredients that they use: Carmine, Lanolin, and Beeswax.

Here is a list of Becca’s vegan products that they currently sell:

  • Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer
  • Backlight Priming Filter Face Primer
  • Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector
  • First Light Priming Filter Face Primer
  • Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder
  • Ignite Liquified Light Face & Body Highlighter
  • Ignite Liquified Light Highlighter – Limited Edition
  • Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation
  • Under Eye Brightening Corrector

Also, if you are purchasing products on the Becca Cosmetics website, the vegan products are labeled in their description.

Is Becca Cosmetics Organic?

Unfortunately, Becca Cosmetics is not considered to be organic. They don’t use at least 70% natural ingredients in their makeup formulas, so they cannot be labeled as “all-natural” either.

Where is Becca Cosmetics Made?

Currently, Becca Cosmetics manufactures its products in four countries: Australia, the United States, Germany, and Italy. In these places, animal testing is not required by law, so they remain cruelty-free. They do not make any of their products in places where animal testing is mandatory.

Is Becca Cosmetics Sold in China?

No, Becca Cosmetics is not sold in China. In mainland China, it is required by law to test on animals. So, if a company chooses to sell their beauty products in China, they cannot be considered cruelty-free. This is the main reason why Becca Cosmetics chooses not to sell their products in China.

Is Becca Cosmetics Paraben-Free?

Most of Becca Cosmetics’ products are paraben-free, but a few are not. Here is Becca’s statement on their website:

“Most BECCA products are paraben-free; however, some are not. We’ve included a full listing of ingredients for each product on the product page and specify claims like “paraben-free” in the Details and Ingredients tab of each page.”

So, if you are unsure if a product of theirs is paraben-free or not, just check the description of the product on their website.

Is Becca Cosmetics Gluten-Free?

According to Becca Cosmetics’ website, they cannot confirm that they are gluten-free. Here is their statement:

“BECCA Cosmetics does not claim any of our products are gluten-free or vegan.”

Is Becca Cosmetics Non-comedogenic?

No, Becca Cosmetics cannot confirm that their products are non-comedogenic.

Is Becca Cosmetics Owned By A Parent Company?

Yes, Becca Cosmetics signed a contract to be owned by Estee Lauder in 2016. Reportedly, Estee Lauder bought Becca Cosmetics for a whopping $200 million. Estee Lauder does test on animals by selling their products in mainland China. Becca Cosmetics hasn’t followed in Estee Lauder’s footsteps in terms of entering the Chinese market. So, Becca Cosmetics keeps its cruelty-free status.

Here is Becca Cosmetics’ statement saying why they joined the Estee Lauder Companies:

“Our #BECCABeauties are our guiding light. The past few years have been amazing and we have grown tremendously. We appreciate all of your support and love to help get us where we are today. As we continue on our journey, we are excited to join The Estée Lauder Companies family. With their extra support, we will be able to bring our products and vision to even more #BECCABeauties worldwide.”

Is Becca Cosmetics PETA Cruelty-Free Approved?

Yes, Becca Cosmetics is PETA approved as being cruelty-free. Even before Becca Cosmetics was bought by Estee Lauder, they were already certified by PETA. However, the company is not certified by Leaping Bunny.

Where to Buy Becca Cosmetics?

You can buy Becca Cosmetics both online and in-store. As far as stores go, Becca Cosmetics is sold in Sephora and Ulta. You can also purchase Becca Cosmetics in mainstream department stores like Macy’s and JCPenney. But, the best and easiest place to buy Becca Cosmetics is online.

Here are the places where you can buy Becca Cosmetics online:

Final Thoughts

Becca Cosmetics has been one of the most popular high-end makeup brands for years. Makeup consumers are becoming more and more conscious of animal testing policies. So, it’s no secret that many people question their favorite makeup brands. We are pleased to inform you that Becca Cosmetics is a top cruelty-free makeup brand. Although their parent company, Estee Lauder, does test on animals, Becca Cosmetics does not follow their policies. However, you should know that Becca is not 100% vegan just yet.