Is Bare Minerals Cruelty-Free?

Many people in the beauty community are becoming more concerned about cruelty-free cosmetics. The importance of ethical beauty has clearly become an important issue. So, there has been a much larger push for makeup brands to change their animal testing policies.

Cruelty-free cosmetics not only help prevent animal testing, but they also are generally better for you. The ingredient lists in cruelty-free makeup often leave out harmful things like parabens, sulfates, and more.

Since cruelty-free cosmetics is so important, we all want to make sure the makeup we already have in our makeup collection is cruelty-free. One of the brands that many people buy and love is Bare Minerals. So, the question is: Is Bare Minerals cruelty-free? The answer is yes.

Is Bare Minerals Cruelty-Free?

Bare Minerals is a cruelty-free makeup brand. Here is the statement that they make on their website under the “FAQs” section:

“Please feel at ease when using bareMinerals products as we do not test on animals. We also do not work with any manufacturers that do animal testing.”

Is Bare Minerals Vegan?

Unfortunately, Bare Minerals has not become 100% vegan just yet. Here is the statement that they make on their website under the “FAQs” section:

“Bare Minerals natural haired brushes are made of Goat and Pony. Please note that no animals are harmed in the process of making our brushes. For our customers who chose not to use animal haired brushes we do offer a variety of high end synthetic brushes.”

However, they do have a lot of vegan options to choose from.

Is Bare Minerals Organic?

Bare Minerals is one of the leading natural makeup brands out there. Compared to other makeup companies, Bare Minerals pays more attention to their products being organic.

Bare Minerals brands themselves as a clean beauty brand. Here is the statement they make on their website under the “Our Purpose” section:

“Long before clean beauty became part of the collective consciousness, we were making clean, natural mineral makeup and skincare. Purity in formulation and uncompromising performance have been our guiding principles since we launched in 1995. Every bareMinerals product is 100% free of parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, chemical sunscreens, triclosan, triclocarban, propylene glycol, mineral oil, coal tar, and microbeads, and we are ALWAYS cruelty-free. Skin-improving formulas with proven performance – that’s CLEAN WITHOUT COMPROMISE.”

Where is Bare Minerals Made?

Bare Minerals manufactures all of their cosmetics products within the United States. This ensures that they stick to their animal testing policies without fail. Also, this means that they have complete control over how their products are tested. This is a huge way that they can make sure their products are not tested on animals since their parent company, Shiseido, does test on animals.

Is Bare Minerals Sold in China?

No, Bare Minerals does not sell their products in China, In mainland China, it is required by law for all imported cosmetics to be tested on animals. There is no getting around that. So, Bare Minerals avoids this altogether by simply not selling their cosmetics in China.

Is Bare Minerals Paraben-Free?

Yes, Bare Minerals is paraben-free.

Is Bare Minerals Gluten-Free?

Bare Minerals does not explicitly state which of their products have gluten in them and which are gluten-free. Here is their statement found in the “FAQs” section of their website:

“Many of our products do not contain ingredients derived from barley, oats, rye, spelt or wheat, which are commonly known sources of gluten. However, due to the wide range of raw materials and equipment used during the manufacturing of our products, we cannot confirm that our products are free from any traces of gluten. If you have specific questions or concerns regarding gluten, and the ingredients contained in our formulas, we recommend that you consult your physician.”

Is Bare Minerals Phthalates-free?

Yes, Bare Minerals is phthalates-free.

Is Bare Minerals Non-comedogenic?

Bare Minerals states on their website that the lack of parabens that they use means that their products are hypoallergenic. They also state that their skin-improving foundation formulas are officially non-comedogenic. But, they do not explicitly say if that applies to all of their products. But, since Bare Minerals produces mineral makeup, it is going to be better for your skin and cause fewer breakouts. This is a great makeup brand for those with sensitive skin.

Is Bare Minerals Owned By a Parent Company?

Yes, Bare Minerals is owned by a parent company. In 2010, the company Shiseido, a Japanese beauty company, bought Bare Minerals.

Now, this is where people get confused about if Bare Minerals is cruelty-free or not.

Shiseido does allow testing on animals for their cosmetics products. However, Bare Minerals has still remained cruelty-free and does not allow their products to be tested on animals in any way.

Is Bare Minerals PETA Cruelty-Free Approved?

Yes, Bare Minerals is certified by PETA as being cruelty-free.

Where to Buy Bare Minerals?

You can buy Bare Minerals in many places, as they are an easily accessible brand.

If you are looking to buy their products in stores, they can be found in a multitude of places. Any store that has a drugstore makeup selection is going to most likely have products from Bare Minerals. These stores include Target, Walmart, convenience stores, dollar stores, and more. But, Bare Minerals can also be found in Ulta stores as well.

If you are looking to buy Bare Minerals online, here are the best and most popular sites their products are sold on:

Final Thoughts

Even though Bare Minerals is owned by a parent company that tests on animals, they are still a cruelty-free makeup brand. They do not sell in mainland China where it is required by law to test on animals. Also, they manufacture all of their cosmetics within the United States. This means that they have complete control over their animal testing policies. Unfortunately, Bare Minerals is not 100% vegan just yet, but a lot of their products are. Overall, Bare Minerals is a great cruelty-free brand that provides clean makeup made for sensitive skin.