Hybrid Lashes vs. Classic vs Volume – A Complete Guide

Hybrid lashes vs classic vs volume – Which type of fake eyelashes are best for you and what are the differences between them?

Having long eyelashes, much like flawless skin, is a genetic lottery prize that everyone vies for. And who wouldn’t want that? Long lashes certainly bring out and highlight the beauty of one’s eyes, which many believe to be the most beautiful part of the human body.

Unfortunately, though, not everyone is blessed with being born with naturally long, lush eyelashes. But that shouldn’t stop you from having them now and bringing out the beauty of your eyes. Thank God for the gift of eyelash extensions! They were first used in 1911!!

This practice has helped many people achieve their desired look. This simply involves putting semi-permanent fibers (usually made out of human hair or mink fur)  attached to the natural eyelashes to make the lash fringe look longer, emphasizing the eyes, making them more alive and brighter. 

Just before you head off to your nearest eyelash extension salon, you need to learn first what kind of eyelash extension you’re going to get. Yes, there are different kinds, and there are three of them; the classic, hybrid, and the volume eyelash extensions. If you’re new to the whole eyelash extension thing, you might think all of these look the same. Think again, girl. 

If you’re mulling over which will look better for you, hybrid lashes vs. classic ones, classic vs. volume lashes, or hybrid vs. volume lashes, we’ll help you decide which of these types suits you best. 

First, let’s break them down. Starting off with…

Classic Eyelash Extensions

You can never go wrong with the classics, they say.

Classic lashes are the most common type of eyelash extensions. It’s the earliest type of extension ever made and continues to be a popular choice for many, especially for those who want to pull off a simple, no-fuss, no-frills appearance. This could be an ideal pick if you’re a beginner at getting extensions, especially if you don’t want to catch too much attention.


They are applied on a 1:1 ratio, one extension on one natural lash. It usually takes about an hour and a half to 2 hours to apply the classic lash extension for both eyes. 


15 mm is the maximum size for classic lashes, although there are also 12 mm, and 10 mm as the minimum. The latter can be used on superfine natural lashes or even apply a second layer of the same size for added volume. 


  • Affordability – The classic type is usually the cheapest extension. The service ranges from $150 to $200, depending on the salon or technician you go to.
  • Faster application time – While an hour or two might be tedious for some, lash technicians only have to apply one extension per natural lash for the classic set, so it’s faster than the other types. 
  • Naturalness – If you’re aiming for a more au naturale look, then this is the ideal pick for you.
  • Comfortability – These extensions are usually light on the eyelids, making them comfortable enough for daily wear at work, leisure, or simply doing house chores.


  • Not fit for everyone – Sadly, not everyone call pull off a classic look. If you have thin or sparse eyelashes, the classic lash extension might not suit you well since it might not fill the gaps evenly.
  • Not curly enough – The classic extension only gives a natural look sans the fluff and flare, so you might want to pick a more daring option.

Speaking of daring options, let’s level up on that…

Volume Eyelash Extensions

If you’re aiming for a slightly more dramatic and fabulous look, then you should go give the volume eyelash extension a try.

Relatively new to the falsies scene, the volume eyelash extensions offer a fuller, lusher look that adds glamour and drama to your eyes, but at the same time, gives it a more youthful look. This style is sometimes referred to as Russian volume lash extensions since Russian lash technicians were the first to popularize it. 

Volume eyelash extensions can go from an extremely natural look with added length and volume through their 2D and 3D lashes to a more striking look with the 5D version.


The volume eyelash extensions are usually applied at the ratio of 1: many, which means it’s possible to add more than one eyelash extension can be added per natural lash to achieve the desired voluminous effect. The total number of extensions per fan is referred to as 2D, 3D, 5D, 7D, 10D. The falsies are bundled together in a “fan” before being applied to your natural lash. Normally, most people tend to go for a 3D or 5D ratio to achieve that fabulous, fan-like shape. 


Volume eyelash extensions are available in 0.05 to 0.07 mm for a standard set and 0.03 to 0.05 mm for a mega volume one.


  • Perfect for pulling off dramatic looks –  Volume lashes are often used for special occasions like parties, weddings, and other social events. These lashes will make you an absolute scene-stealer.
  • Fuller lashes –  This type of lashes helps you get finer and fuller lashes, especially if you have sparse ones. They can help fill up gaps if you have sparse lashes. 


  • Less natural look – Lashes that are 5D or higher are more voluminous than normal, so they may look less natural than expected, so you might want to consider going for lesser volumes, unless if you’re into that. 
  • Long process – Volume lashes take more time to apply on than the classic lash extensions since a volume set requires a good number of fans, and making them is a meticulous process, so it can take a while before techs apply them to your natural lashes. But if you can wait, then this shouldn’t deter you. 
  • Not suitable for everyday wear– Sporting volume lashes might not always suit some people well. Unlike classic lashes, volume lashes aren’t appropriate for a large number of work setups, such as in the medical field and some blue-collar jobs.
  • Expensive: Since it uses more lash extensions, time, and skill to execute a volume set, it’s slightly more costly than classic falsies, They cost around $200 to $300 depending on the rate of the parlor you go to, but you can treat it as an investment or trial before ultimately deciding between a classic set or a much thicker set.

But what if you want to make the best of both?

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

From the name itself, hybrid lash extensions combine the classic, and the volume lashes offer a varied texture and more amplified look, but without the unnatural look. This way, your eyes are complemented even better than setting for just one style. In fact, this type of extension is quite popular among Hollywood celebs, especially the Kardashians, who popularized this look. 

The hybrid setup consists of 70% volume and 30% classic, while other techs also go for 50-50, each of them giving a whole different look. 


Since it’s a hybrid of two styles, after all, the process of applying will definitely vary, and may ultimately depend on the specific mix of your choice. Given the process, it can take up to three hours to fully apply them.


As with the application process, the thickness of the lashes will also jive in with the combination you choose. 


  • A good blend of both worlds – This set works if you’re not satisfied with either type of extension. If you don’t want to get the mega volume right away or feel unhappy with the gaps in your classic lashes, this is definitely the perfect pick for you.  The hybrid style lets you get volume and naturalness in one treatment. It combines the fullness of volume lashes without the unnatural thickness, and fine texture of the classic falsies.  
  • Workplace friendly – Since the hybrid doesn’t give off a bold, striking look, this might be ideal for when you want to rock and bat your eyelashes in the office without being voluminous enough to catch the attention of your boss.
  • Perfect for all kinds of eyelashes – Hybrid is ideal for people with all types of lashes, whether they’re thick, thin, sparse, or weak, and it gives them a more dramatic, stunning look. 
  • Good value for your money– While it’s costlier than classic eyelash extensions, it’s considerably more affordable than volume ones. The price range goes from $100 up to a whopping $345, depending on the skill of your lash tech. 


  • Rarity – Finding a good hybrid lash extension service might prove to be a little difficult since not all lash salons can offer them and that not all lash technicians or artists can properly execute a good set. Make sure to hire one with proven expertise in both styles. 
  • Lengthy process – Hybrid extensions need time and precision in order to bring out a great fan. At most, the whole process could last for an hour or three, depending on your chosen combination.

Frequently Asked Questions

A newbie in the whole eyelash extension shebang might have a few questions running up their head:

A word of advice

Now that we’ve tackled all three kinds of eyelash extensions, what they offer, who they’re suitable for, and their possible cons. Whatever your choice may be, whether you’ll go for a classic, a volume, or the hybrid, always take into account the kind of peg you’re aiming for, the type of lashes you already have, and your facial features so that these can blend well together and create a stunning look that’s bound to steal the scene.

Also, it pays to check and observe the lash technician’s credentials and skills before settling on one to sure maximum success. While it’s recommendable to bank on the skills of a novice tech, opting for experienced artists is always a safe option. Don’t forget to ask for client referrals and compare customer reviews.

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