Is Huda Beauty Cruelty-Free And Vegan?

Yes! All of Huda Beauty’s brands are cruelty-free! They do not test on animals nor are they sold in Mainland China. Currently, they are working on getting their cruelty-free certification. Depending on how strict you are with your cruelty-free brands, Huda Beauty is a great option to have.

Cruelty-free beauty brands are growing as many are choosing to go cruelty-free with their beauty routine. Cruelty-free means a brand does not test on animals or sell in places where it is required. So, going cruelty-free with your makeup and skincare routine means not using or supporting any brand that tests on animals.

That sounds extreme but it’s really not. Testing on animals is antiquated, unethical and unnecessary in today’s day and age. Brands like Colourpop, Tarte, CoverFX, Huda Beauty and E.L.F are cruelty free. In no way does it affect the quality or performance of the products so why aren’t all brands cruelty-free?

Brands can be cruelty free in the testing but if they sell in Mainland China, they’re required to test on animals and thus aren’t considered cruelty-free. There are a few different facets that deem a brand cruelty-free and one of those is being CF certified. PETA and Leaping Bunny are two certifications that 100% cruelty-free brands can get to properly label their status.

Huda Beauty was founded by mega beauty guru Huda Kattan. Their products are fun, pigmented, colorful and perfect for Instagram makeup and a beat face. They also have two subset brands, Wishful Skin and Kayali Fragrance.

Is Huda Beauty Cruelty-Free?

Yes, Huda Beauty is cruelty free. So are her other brands, Wishful Skin and Kayali Fragrances. They are currently working on getting cruelty-free certified. Here’s their direct quote from the FAQ page on their website:

“Whilst our products are not officially certified as ‘cruelty free’ yet (we are working on this!), we can confirm that we do not conduct or commission animal testing on ingredients, formulations or finished products.”

Huda Beauty does not test on animals nor do they work with companies that do so for them. All their necessary testing is on human volunteers. They have manufacturer’s certifications that state they do not test on animals. They are not sold in mainland China or any other country where animal testing is required.

Huda Beauty’s lashes used to be constructed from mink hair. The problem with that is many brands state that their mink lashes are cruelty-free when it’s not really possible. The minks are locked in cages and their hair is brushed or picked off for the lashes. That in no way is ‘ethical’ or cruelty-free.

Now her lashes are made with silk fibers or faux mink, synthetic mellow fibers. Faux mink lashes have come a long way. They’re not plastic like and look so real! When looking for cruelty-free lashes, synthetic is the best way to go.

Is Huda Beauty Vegan?

Some but not all of Huda Beauty’s products are vegan. Vegan beauty products contain no animal byproducts. But vegan does not necessarily mean natural or better. Vegan products can have synthetic chemicals and fragrances but still be vegan as long as they don’t include animal products.

Some Huda Beauty products contain honey, carmine and beeswax which are all animal derived products. Beeswax is popular in lipsticks or lip products. Carmine is especially popular in makeup products with red or pink pigments.

Here’s a list of Huda Beauty’s vegan products.

  • #FAUXFILTER Foundation
  • Life Liner Duo Pencil & Liquid Eyeliner
  • Makeup Remover Balm
  • N.Y.M.P.H. Not. Your. Mama’s. Panty. Hose. Body Illuminator
  • Obsession Eyeshadow palettes in:
  • Mauve
  • Smokey
  • Electric
  • Emerald
  • Warm Brown
  • Mint
  • Neon Green
  • Neon Orange

As for skincare from Wishful Skin the vegan items include:

  • Chin Lift – Sculpting Sheet Mask
  • Thirst Trap – Cocoon Mask
  • Yo Glow Facial Enzyme Scrub

Vegan makeup brushes:

  • Bake & Blend Brush (Face)
  • Blur & Glow Body Brush (Body)
  • Buff & Blend Brush (Face)
  • Build & Blend Brush (Eyes)
  • Conceal & Blend Brush (Face)
  • Sculpt & Shade Brush (Face)

Is Huda Beauty Organic?

Huda Beauty is not organic nor do they claim to be. ‘Organic’ or ‘natural’ claims in beauty are broad terms, often used to market products as they are not specifically regulated by the FDA. Typically, organic beauty is products that don’t contain genetically modified ingredients and the ingredients are harvested without chemicals. Just like organic foods.

So no, Huda Beauty is not organic. They have ingredient lists up for every product on their website.

Where is Huda Beauty Made?

Huda Beauty is made and manufactured in Dubai! There is no manufacturing in China which means there is no animal testing. Some of their products ship from the UAE and they also have a warehouse in the US where their products ship from.

Is Huda Beauty Sold in China?

No, Huda Beauty is not sold in China because they do not want to test on animals. Nor do they pay for animal testing. In Mainland China, testing on animals is required to sell products in physical stores. If a brand claims they’re cruelty free but sell in Mainland China they’re not. Selling in Mainland China means they pay for animal testing to regulate and sell their products there.

Is Huda Beauty Paraben-Free?

Yes, Huda Beauty is paraben-free! Parabens in skin care are very polarizing. They’re artificial stabilizers or preservatives to help fight off bacteria and mold in skin care giving it a longer shelf-life. In place of parabens, there are other ingredients you can use to extend the shelf life of beauty products.

There is some research that shows parabens can be linked to endocrine disruption and breast cancer. FDA regulations deem parabens safe in very small amounts. However, many brands are taking the precautionary step to remove all parabens from their products, Huda Beauty being one of them.

Is Huda Beauty Gluten-Free?

Some but not all of Huda Beauty’s products are gluten-free. They don’t have a gluten-free seal on their products. If you’re looking for gluten-free, reach out to their customer service to double check. Their liquid lipsticks are gluten-free.

Is Huda Beauty Phthalates-free?

No, Huda Beauty is not Phthalates-free. Phthalates like parabens are linked to endocrine disruption and breast cancer. They’re deemed okay in small amounts by some and risky by others. They are present in many fragrances, creams, hair products and nail polish.

Phthalates are approved by the FDA in small amounts due to research done on them.

Is Huda Beauty Non-comedogenic?

No, Huda Beauty is not non-comedogenic. Non-Comedogenic means a product is formulated to not clog or block pores. This doesn’t mean non-comedogenic products will eliminate all your acne or have no risk of causing reactions or breakouts.

Huda Beauty does claim that their products are non-irritating. Their complexion products have skin conscious ingredients and some skincare benefits. Ultimately, only you the user can be the judge of that and everyone’s skin is different!

Is Huda Beauty PETA Cruelty-Free Approved?

No, Huda Beauty is not PETA Cruelty-Free approved, yet. Per their FAQ page, they are in the process of getting their certification.

Where to Buy Huda Beauty products?

Huda Beauty products are available on:

Final Thoughts

Huda Beauty, Wishful Skin and Kayali Fragrances are all cruelty-free! They are not 100% vegan. They have some vegan products like their #FauxFilter Foundation and many of their Obsessions eyeshadow palettes. But vegan doesn’t necessarily mean good or ‘natural.’

Huda Beauty does a fantastic job at making beauty exciting, keeping up with trends and offering makeup that’s perfect for full glam looks. Cruelty-free makeup is in no way a testament to the quality or performance of the makeup. Tons of brands maintain being cruelty-free while creating amazing products! Let’s push more brands to continue to follow suit because there’s no reason why they can’t.

Cruelty-free makeup is ethical, socially responsible and it’s attainable. The products tend to be better for you overall! So, if you’re looking to make the switch to cruelty-free know that Huda Beauty is a great option to choose from.