How to Tint Your Eyebrows at Home

Having perfect eyebrows can really pull your whole look together, whether you are wearing makeup or not. Brow products like brow pencils and pomades have become essential in the makeup community. But, not everyone wants to put the time and effort into perfecting sculpting and coloring in their brows every single day. That is where brow tinting comes into play.

Brow tinting is a great technique for thickening and darkening your eyebrows into your desired look. You can avoid the struggle of filling them in every day, so it is perfect for people who have busy lives. Usually, you would be able to go get your eyebrows tinted at a salon. But, with the pandemic only continuing, that might not be the best option. Here is how to tint your own eyebrows at home.

Tools Needed

How To Tint Your Eyebrows

Now that you know all of the tools you need to get, let’s get onto how to actually tint your eyebrows.

Step 1: Clean brows and the brow area

Before doing anything to your brows, you are going to want to clean them and the area around them. We recommend doing this with some micellar water, as it both cleanses and hydrates the skin. By getting rid of any oil and bacteria build-up on and around your brows, you are creating a clean canvas for the brow tint to be applied onto.

Step 2: Apply petroleum jelly around the brows

Next, you should apply some petroleum jelly around the natural or desired shape of your brows. This will prevent it from staining the skin, but it will also prevent the product from running down the face. Make sure you don’t get any of the petroleum jelly on your actual brows. If you do this, the dye will not fully tint the brows, and you run the risk of having patchy areas.

Step 3: Get the dye ready

Depending on which eyebrow tinting dye you purchase, the instructions will vary. Always read the instructions on your specific product to ensure you get the best results. Some products require you to mix products together, while some are just ready to go.

Step 4: Apply the eyebrow tint

Using your eyebrow brush, dip into the product and brush it on your eyebrows gently. You are going to want to be careful of any harsh lines, especially towards the inner part of the brow. Using gentle strokes and apply small amounts of product at a time is key here.

Step 5: Time it

Set a timer for however long your instructions say to leave the dye on for. Make sure you only leave it on for the recommended amount of time for the specific tint you are using. Otherwise, you may not get the best results.

Step 6: Remove the dye

Lastly, you are going to want to remove the dye from the brows as soon as the timer goes off. Using some gentle shampoo and a cotton pad, lightly remove the tint from your eyebrows. Make sure not to be too rough, as you could pull some of your natural eyebrow hairs out.

Best Brow Gels

If you aren’t interested in the commitment of tinting your brows, there are some great temporary brow gels that give an almost identical effect. You can also use these eyebrow gels to get your tinted eyebrows a little extra oomph.

Glossier Boy Brow

The Glossier Boy Brow is one of the best brow gels out there for achieving the natural brow effect. It perfectly thickens and darkens the eyebrows while still keeping a very natural, “no makeup” look. The formula is a creamy, waxy consistency that closely resembles a brow pomade.

Where to buy it: Amazon

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Eyebrow Gel

The Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Eyebrow Gel is one of the high-end favorites in the makeup community. One of the reasons people love this brow gel so much is because it provides tons of definition to the brows making them look practically flawless. This product comes in a lot of different shades to choose from. Also, it is super easy to apply.

Where to buy it: Amazon

NYX Cosmetics Tinted Brow Mascara

NYX Cosmetics is such a great brand because they have such great quality makeup for a much lower cost than high-end alternatives. Their tinted brow mascara perfectly fills in the brows and sets them down so they stay in place all day long. Unlike other brow gels, this one does not make your brows feel super stiff which is a huge plus.

Where to buy it: Amazon

Final Thoughts

Applying brow products every day can be such a hassle. Luckily, a great solution to this is tinting your brows. With salons being closed due to the current pandemic, many people wonder how to tint their brows at home. With our full list of everything you need and the steps you need to take, we hope that you are able to achieve flawless tinted brows in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I maintain tinted brows?

In between tinting your brows, you don’t really have to do a ton of stuff to maintain them. This is one of the great benefits of having tinted brows. But, you can do some things to make them last a little longer. Applying something like castor oil or coconut oil to them a few times a week will help to condition and nourish them.

How long do tinted brows last before I have to do them again?

While it varies from person to person, tinted brows usually last three to four weeks. But, if you are doing them at home, expect them to last a little shorter than that.

Is tinting your eyebrows dangerous?

Tinting your eyebrows is generally safe if you make sure you are doing it correctly. The areas around your eyes are particularly sensitive compared to other areas of your body. This means that this area is more prone to infections and irritation. To avoid irritating the skin around your eyes and eyebrows, make sure you do not leave the tint on your brows longer than the recommended time.