How To Remove Toner From Bleached Hair

How To Remove Toner From Bleached Hair

Dying your hair is a fantastic way to get a new look or refresh your current look. However, dying your hair can also turn into a nightmare, especially when you end up with the wrong color. If you end up with a dye job gone bad, there are things you can do to resolve the problem quite easily.

In this article, you will learn the easiest method to remove toner and orange coloring without toner.

Removing Toner

Toner is used to deepen your hair’s shade, but it does not always give the look you desire. In this situation, you are likely going to be searching for remedies that are quick and easy. The good news is that toner will eventually fade with normal washes. However, if you are looking at an unbearable shade, you can use some of these tried-and-true methods.

Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying Shampoo is a great way to remove the unwanted toner from your hair gently. Clarifying shampoo is not only made for removing dye. It is used to remove any excess product build-up in your hair. It is frequently used when hair is becoming dull and lifeless.

Using this type of shampoo to help remove toner is not going to provide immediate results. You will likely notice the toner begins to fade from your hair over time. The more frequently you use the clarifying shampoo, the more quickly it will work.

Cautions: When using a clarifying shampoo to remove the toner from your hair, you need to be cautious about how often you use the shampoo. Because it is formulated to remove excess oil and dirt from your hair, overuse can dry your hair. An indicator of drying hair will be small fly always and extra frizz. If you notice this happening, do not use the clarifying shampoo as frequently. Two times a week is recommended.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Yes, you are reading that correctly. If you find yourself with toner that needs to be removed, you can go to your kitchen and pull out the baking soda. Baking soda and vinegar work much the same way clarifying shampoos do, by breaking down the oils in your hair. This combination allows the color to release from your hair slowly.

Cautions: Baking soda and vinegar are extremely abrasive and will likely dry your hair out. Because of this, you need to limit the number of times you use the mixture, and you need to be prepared to deep condition your hair when you are done.

Dandruff Shampoo

Washing your hair with anti-dandruff shampoo is another way to lighten a too-dark toner in your hair gradually. Remember, this will take time so that you won’t see instant results. The shampoo will break down the oils in your hair, which will allow the color to fade away slowly.

Cautions: Although dandruff shampoo is often used, you need to use caution and limit the number of times you use it. Because it strips oil from the hair and scalp, it will likely lead to dry hair. The best defense against this is to have a good conditioning treatment to use after each wash.

Dish Soap

When all else fails, you can use dish soap to help remove the toner from your hair as well. Most dish soap can break down grease, so it can help your hair release the color. The color release will happen gradually, so you won’t likely see immediate results.

Cautions: Dish soap is not typically used on hair. Because of the grease-fighting components in the detergent, it will dry your hair out. It is important to use this treatment 2-3 times a week and always follow it with a deep conditioning treatment.

Lemon Juice

You may remember a time when you used lemon juice to lighten hair in the sun. If you have too dark hair, you can turn to lemon juice to help lighten it. This process will need to be repeated and will take time to see results.

Cautions: Lemon is very acidic and will dry your hair quickly. To help avoid the intense drying effect, don’t use the procedure frequently, and it is recommended that you mix the lemon juice with the conditioner first.

As you can see, you can use many methods to remove toner from your hair. However, you must be patient because the results will take time. You also want to make sure that you aren’t causing more damage to your hair when removing the toner.

How to Remove Ash Toner from Bleached Hair

Sometimes when you get your hair dyed, you will notice an ash tone that begins to come out. This is not a flattering shade because it can be rather dull and lifeless looking. To rapidly remove the ash tone, you can go to the stylist to work their magic, but if you are short on money and don’t want harsh chemical treatments, you can remove it at home.

The best method to remove ash toner from home is to use a clarifying shampoo. While this will take time, it will be the least abrasive measure that you can take to eliminate the coloring. When using any clarifying shampoo, you want to make sure you don’t overuse the product and cause further damage to your already sensitive hair. Be sure to deep condition each time.

If you are adept at home coloring, you can also try to use a box toner kit to apply warm red tones to the ash. This will help warm up the overall ashy appearance. When doing this, you need to make sure you get the proper color combination or end up with greater problems.

How to Remove Orange from Bleached Hair Without Toner

Orange can be a tricky color to deal with when it comes to dying your hair. If you happen to notice you have orange hair after dying your bleached hair, there is a way that you can rescue it at home. You will need to choose an ash dye that will get you close to your brown or blonde color.

Orange to Brown: If you have an orange tone in your hair and wish to move to a more subdued brown color, you will want to use a light ash blond dye. This will help eliminate the orange tones and allow you to obtain a more golden brown color. When doing this, make sure you are using the proper ash tones.

Orange to Blonde: Making the change from orange to blonde can be a bit more tricky, but you can achieve it. This process will take longer and more steps because you will need to bleach the orange color from your hair before beginning to lighten it. If you try to dye the hair while it is still orange, you will likely end up with a bigger problem.

Once you have bleached your hair to eliminate the offensive orange coloring, you will need to apply an ash blond dye to your hair. This should give you a lightened blonde look without any orange peeking through.

Final Thoughts

Hair dye mishaps are bound to happen, so when they do, you need to be prepared to make corrections at home or with your stylist. It is important to remember that color-treated hair is more susceptible to damage, so whichever method you use to remove toner needs to be followed with a deep conditioning treatment.