Pineapple Hair: A How-to Guide for Long and Short Curly Hair

A universal nightmare for girls with naturally curly hair: waking up with your hair all tangled up when you have to rush to work!

You’re standing in front of the mirror, staring at the frizz explosion that happened when you were asleep. Aren’t you tired of facing the same issue over and over again?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, What’s the best preventive formula of them all?

And the mirror responds, The pineapple method is the best of all!

We’re sure you would love to wake up with crease-free gorgeous curls instead of a frizzy mess.

That’s why we’re here to show how putting your hair in a pineapple can get rid of your bedhead woes!

What Does It Mean to Put Your Hair in a Pineapple?

Putting your hair in a pineapple is the best way to protect your curls when you sleep. When done right, this method leaves a too-beautiful-to-even-touch pile of curly hair on top of your head that resembles the shape of a pineapple – duh!

You put your hair in a high loose ponytail and secure it on top of your head so that the curls stick out like the leaves of a pineapple. This technique will give you beautiful second-day curls.

Step 1: Start with a Good First Hair Day

It goes without saying that you need to start with a good hair day on your first day to rock a stunning natural curl look on the second or third day.

If you’re happy with how your hair looks before you jump into your bed, consider pineappling it!

Step 2: Choose a Hair Band

Look for a cotton hairband or one that has cloth around it and make sure it feels comfortable. Remember that your hair will be up in a ponytail the entire night so don’t pick up any hair tie. You wouldn’t want to have a ponytail indent on your hair in the morning now, would you?

Step 3: Gather Your Hair for a Ponytail

The next step is to gather your hair on top of your head to make a high, loose bun or ponytail. Make sure it’s not too tight unless you want to get a headache!

Step 4: Tie the Hair Band around the Ponytail

Now, it’s time to tie the hairband!

You may have to wrap it only once or twice depending on the thickness of your hair. A tight ponytail will indent the curls. So make sure to keep it loose.

Step 5: Secure the Pineapple

This is an optional step.

If you have long hair, you may want to use a clip to secure the pineapple in place.

Otherwise, the hair strands may keep flopping around in your face while you sleep. A saw clip of medium size would do. Make sure you clip the ponytail to the top of your head.

Another easy way to secure your pineapple is by wearing a sleeping cap. A satin cap or satin scrunchie works well by reducing friction to keep the curls in place throughout the night and prevents frizz in your hair.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Sleep!

Considering that the pineapple is on top of your head, it should be comfortable to sleep with.

In case you notice any of your hair hanging out from the sleeping cap, make sure you sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase. This will prevent frizz and breakage.

Step 7: Refresh Your Hair and Rock Your Curls!

When you wake up in the morning, taking down pineapple hair should be easy. Remove your hairband and shake your head from side to side to let your curls fall.

To refresh your hair, spray some water on it and then use a gel to finger-comb your hair before you leave the house.

How to Pineapple Short Hair

These steps are ideal for medium and long hair, but the pineappling process for short hair is more complicated.

When you gather short hair in a high ponytail, you may notice smaller strands of hair sticking out.

One way to solve this problem is by tying your hair in two pineapple pigtails. This will ensure that all your hair is able to make into the pineapple.

Another way is by securing the shorter strands in place with bobby pins or a cloth headband.

While these tricks work great for a bob haircut, pineappling pixie hair is even easier!

You have to prep your hair and cover your head with a satin bonnet or satin scarf. The smooth satin material will reduce frizz in your hair while you sleep which is especially useful if you have waves.

What Accessories Help with Pineappling Hair?

The only thing you need for pineappling your hair is a cotton hairband or scrunchy and a sleeping cap. If you have short hair, you may also need bobby pins or an extra hairband. Girls with long hair may need a hair clip to keep the pineapple in place.

Apart from this, if you want to tie a headscarf instead of the sleeping cap, you’d want to make sure it is of satin fabric. Satin not only keeps your hair protected but also prevents frizz while you sleep.

Tips for Pineapple Hair

Here are a few essential tips for pineappling your hair.Split your short hair into four sections and tie them loosely with hair tiesUse a satin pillowcase because cotton absorbs natural oil and moisture from your hair while you sleepPut your hair in a pineapple in the morning or evening after washing your hairUse a dry shampoo at nightDon’t sprinkle water on your pineapple hair and leave the house. Water will make your hair frizzyAvoid using an afro pick, as it will cause frizz and ruin your hairstyle
Don’t fluff after pineappling your hair – it will create frizz. If you want extra volume, consider driving with your windows down


Pineappling your hair is a great way of rocking second-day curls with no sign of frizz. It works well for all hair lengths and is too easy to mess up. Moreover, it doesn’t need any special hair accessories and can be done in a few minutes before you doze off!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the idea behind pineappling natural hair?

The idea behind pineappling natural hair is to make a pile of your curls on top of your head, securing them in place. The pineapple method preserves your curls, and prevents frizz.

Will Sleeping with plopped hair cause hair damage?

Sleeping with plopped hair holds all your curls into place and defines it. It ensures that it doesn’t dry weird when you move in your sleep.

Make sure your headscarf or pillowcase isn’t made of cotton because it can damage your hair and cause frizz in the morning.