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Although it is light in color, has a fine texture, and kind of sounds cute, you might not like those tiny hairs on your face also known as vellus hairs or peach fuzz. We get it! But you should know, we all have it.

Peach fuzz prevents makeup from going on as flawlessly as it could, and it also can cause the follicles to buildup with dirt and oil leading to acne.

The better quality cameras are becoming and the more obsessed we are about the perfect selfie, we find these hairs becoming more annoying. It’s important to remember the selfies you see online are often filtered and everyone has peach fuzz.

If this is becoming a beauty emergency for you, and you want to get rid of your peach fuzz, we will give you all of our tips and tricks to removing it carefully. (Yes, you can get rid of it, take a deep breath!)

What is Peach Fuzz?

Peach fuzz is not just a teenage boy problem which Merriam-Webster defines as fine, light hair and especially such hair growing on the face of a male adolescent.

EVERYONE has it, some more than others but, it is NORMAL. Since everyone’s skin and peach fuzz is different, one removal option might work better than the other.

This is your face we are talking about, you need to choose the best removal option for you. Ready to defuzz? Look no more…

After digging deep into defuzzing and looking at the numerous ways to get rid of peach fuzz on your face. Drumroll please, shaving (yep, you read that right!) the peach fuzz gives the face the best results.

Getting rid of peach fuzz

How to Get Rid of Peach fuzz on Your Face with The Jill

1. Cleanse and Apply Pre-Shave: Cleanse your face with a foaming cleanser to clean the skin of any impurities or bacteria before you shave. Make sure your hands are clean as well. Then, with the Jill pre-shave oil, wipe it on all of the areas of your face that you plan to shave. Don’t overdue it with the oil, you want just enough so the blade glides gently on the skin without causing any irritation.

2. The Shave: Make sure you have a new blade. Now, remember, the KEY to female face shaving is to shave in the direction the hair grows and not against it.. This will prevent any sort of stubble. Make sure you have your Gunk Pad handy. You’ll want to clean your blade every few strokes! Let’s get to it, hold your Jill razor at a 45 degree angle and pull the skin taut with the opposite hand. Be sure to use the larger blade on larger areas such as the cheek and the smaller blade on smaller areas like the upper lip. It helps to use light feathering motions. Be sure to avoid any moles, acne, and inflamed areas.

3. Nourish & Glow: Our favorite part! How amazing does your skin feel?! Now, we nourish the skin with a facial oil or moisturizer that is packed full of hydration and nutrients. If your skin is a little red, don’t be alarmed, that is totally normal and it won’t last long.

Jill Starter Kit w/ Pre-shave Magic Wipe

The Jill Starter Kit

We have found that the Jill method is the easiest way with its 3 step process to removing peach fuzz. Prep, Shave, and Nourish. Yes, you read that correctly, shave or if you want to use the fancy word, dermaplane. (Can we normalize female facial shaving?!)

When you shave your face, you are removing the the facial hair and dead skin build up that covers your entire face (I promise this doesn’t hurt). This immediately reveals your healthier more radiant skin, it’s basically as a form of exfoliation.


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The Jill Starter Kit with the Pre-shave Magic Wipe includes everything you need to get started including their skin-sensitive blades. (Never use a generic body razor on your face!) These blades are specific for targeting the peach fuzz.

Jill recommends shaving the face bi-weekly and with the auto delivery, you can receive your Jill Kit to fit your shave schedule.

The Jill Blade

The packaging of the Jill Starter Kit with the different blade sizes and choice of delivery options makes it easier than just purchasing regular disposable blades. No more last minute trips to the store!

The Jill Starter Kit vs Disposables
Pros to ShavingCons to Shaving
Your make-up will look look silky smooth with the hair gone from the bladesThere is a risk your skin could breakout or be irritated. It truly depends on your skin.
Helps remove acne scars, pigmentation, and improve skin textureYour skin could feel dry and flaky afterwards.
Removing the dead skin allows your skincare products to to penetrate the skin deeper and be more effectiveYou could end up with minor cuts.

We chose the Jill Starter Kit because it makes the defuzzing process easier for beginners with their 3 step method. If used properly and depending on your skin, it will be left glowing.

We don’t recommend if you have acne prone or sensitive skin. This is an affordable option and a quick solution to getting rid of peach fuzz if you are a good candidate.

If you want that Hailey Bieber glow look, the Jill Starter Kit provides just that. Your makeup will go on flawlessly and your golden hour selfies will not need any Facetuning. You can thank me later!

Before and After Using The Jill

The Glow is REAL! In these before and after pictures above, you can clearly see the what a difference The Jill Method made! When you remove the peach fuzz and dead skin, it’s almost as if you are bringing your skin back to life.

Something is so satisfying about the whole process. You can see the results immediately! Both women are glowing.

After you shave your face for the first time, you won’t regret it and will want to keep up with it because of the impact it has on your skin. Using these specific blades not only gets rid of the peach fuzz, but also helps your skin tone and texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does removing peach fuzz make it worse?

Peach fuzz does not grow back thicker after you remove it. According to Dr. Lawrence Gibson from the Mayo Clinic, The new hairs may seem to be coming in thicker than they were before, but rest assured, they are not. It just seems like the hairs are thicker after shaving or removing them because the top part of the new hair has to push through your skin’s surface as they grow back.

How often should I shave my face?

This is different for every person, however our suggestion is to shave every other week or as needed based on your natural hair growth/frequency of makeup application. Making this a regular part of your skincare routine is important so that you can get all the benefits face shaving offers, such as radiant skin, collagen production and improved product penetration! Maintaining glowy skin requires consistency rather than one-off solutions, shaving regularly enhances the effects of your entire routine.

Does peach fuzz grow back darker?

NO! Total myth. Removing your peach fuzz will not cause the regrowth to be darker. The regrowth will be the same color.

Is peach fuzz on a woman’s face normal?

ABSOLUTELY. Everyone has vellus hair (peach fuzz) fine, short hair that grows all over your body, including your face, stomach, arms and legs. Vellus hair helps regulate your body temperature and protects your skin.

Final Thoughts

Before removing peach fuzz, you should always talk to your dermatologist or skin specialist to see which option is best for you and your skin. Be extra careful if you have pre-existing skin conditions.

Remember this is your face we are talking about. Sometimes the best treatment is just embrace it. But if you do go ahead and remove the peach fuzz, be cautious of the side effects that may come after, such as temporary acne.

Whether you are a beginner or expert at getting rid of peach fuzz on your face, the Jill Starter Kit is so easy to use! I never forget to get rid of my peach fuzz with Jill’s automatic delivery. Depending on what I have going on, I use my Jill blade about every 2 weeks. I get so many complements on my skin. Try Jill and say goodbye to peach fuzz and dead skin. Say hello to radiant glow!