How To Get Eyelash Glue Off Your Skin & Eyelashes

You’ve had a day of batting your eyes with your fabulous eyelash extensions; how great was that? But now the day is over, you’re now home, and there comes the not-so-fun part, figuring how to get eyelash glue off the skin and eyelashes.

Why do people boost their lashes? Many people believe that enhancing one’s eyelashes is the easiest and most effective way to bring out your beauty. Having beautiful eyes is a beauty trait that never goes out of style, and styling your lashes to frame them in some way is the one part of the everyday beauty routine that one should never miss, even if you’re going for a subtly chic look. 

Those who aren’t blessed by the genetic lottery make do with false eyelash extensions; whether they opt for the classic, volume, or hybrid, these all do well to give the wearer a revamped or redefined look that’s sure to make the heads turning and captivate onlookers. In fact, the number of people having lash extensions has increased in recent years, in lieu of applying mascara, as it delivers the same effect without the fuss and mess that comes with it. 

But such is the price of beauty. Problems and inconveniences happen every now and then, and with falsies, the main peeve for anyone is the adhesive. Whether the bond is latex-based or not, the glue can end up sticking on your eyelids, and that leaves an icky and uncomfortable feel on the skin. 

So in order to avoid the ick, here are easy, sure-fire tips on how to get eyelash glue off your eyelashes:

Things That Can Help Remove Falsies

1. Lash Adhesive Remover

Lash brands and make-up brands, in general, have specifically formulated adhesive removers for their eyelash glue. These products are a combination of solvents that is designed to dissolve the adhesive properties of the lash glue while also being gentle on the skin. This is the most beneficial aspect of a lash glue remover and the reason it tops our list.

Some of the other methods of removing glue from your skin that we have featured on this list might cause irritation, especially for those with sensitive skin.


  • Using your finger, apply a small drop of the adhesive remover to the area containing the glue.
  • Let it sit for 5 minutes.
  • Gently wipe away with lint-free applicators or wipes.

2. Eye Makeup Remover

There are readily available eye makeup removing products in many stores. Make sure to get oil-based makeup removing products. In the previous article regarding eyelash care, we mentioned that anything oil-based beauty product could dissolve the lash strip’s adhesive. So now that we’re aiming to remove the falsies, we’ll do it opposite this time. 


  • Dip a cotton ball or q-tip into the remover. Wipe the excess amount off to avoid dripping. 
  • Work your way along the eyelid, close to the lash strip. Begin from the outer corner and slowly run into the center. Be careful so that the remover won’t get in your eyes. 
  • It may take a few minutes for the adhesive to break down completely. Leave it for up to 2 minutes to loosen up the glue from the skin and pull it away easier. If not, repeat the procedure.
  • Wipe the glue residue with a clean cloth. Wash or cleanse your face, focusing on the eye area to remove any remaining bits. Moisturize as customary. 

(Note: Take note that if you use an oil-based product, this will completely dissolve the glue off from the lash strips, rendering it unusable, so if you want to use the strip lashes again, just use an oil-free makeup remover as an alternative)

3. Oils

If you don’t have eye makeup removers on hand, you can use oils instead. Using oil is generally advised for people with more sensitive skin. Ones that have been proven to break down lash extension adhesives are castor oil, mineral oil, coconut oil, vegetable oil, olive oil, and canola oil. You can easily find some of these in your cabinets or kitchen shelves.


  • Before starting, you should first remove all your eye makeup to make cleaning up easier and mess-free. 
  • Generously coat a cotton bud or a q-tip in oil and gently brush it on the lashes. 
  • Wait for the oils to seep through for a few minutes. This helps the extension’s adhesive wear off and slide off your eye easily.
  • Wash your face properly to remove excess oil from the eyes and face.

(Note: As with oil-based products, don’t use oils if you plan on reusing the lash extensions again)

4. Hot Towel  

The strength of an adhesive can be affected or compromised in high-heat situations. Given temperatures can significantly decrease the firmness of adhesives upon application, changing how they dry and cure. As a result, the softness allows the bonded parts, in this case, the lash strips, to move or slide as their bond begins to break down. So for lash removal, we’re going to do the hot towel technique.


  • Soak the towel in water and wrap it tightly.
  • Place the wet towel in a microwave for 30 to 60 seconds (1 minute) 
  • Take the towel off and place it flat over your face, concentrating near the eyelids. Let it cool down for another minute or two if it’s too hot.
  • Let it remain on your face until you feel the adhesive slowly wearing off. 

Suppose you don’t have a microwave. Simply soak the towel in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes.  You can dip the towel in the bowl again if it starts to cool down.

5. Steaming

Using steam is a great way to get rid of the eyelash adhesive off your skin without having to use any product or item. Plus, think of this as a sort of treatment for your face; steam helps relax the facial muscles, promote blood circulation, and releases acne-causing bacteria, cells, as well as trapped sebum. 


  • Boil 3 – 4 cups of water and pour down to a large,  heat-proof bowl. 
  • Put a towel over your head, and place your face over the bowl. Make sure everything is completely covered so as not to let the steam out.
  • Stay here for 2-3 minutes so that the steam can properly break down the glue from the eyelids. Stay for a few minutes more if the adhesive is still firm. 
  • Wipe away the glue residue with a soft, cotton towel. You can also wash your face with your go-to cleanser to get rid of bacteria released by the steam.

(Note: You can also steam your face before using the oil method on your lashes to loosen the adhesive further away)

6. Hot Showers 

You’re probably exhausted after a day of doing catwalks with your fabulous lashes. Why not hit two birds with one stone by taking a hot relaxing shower. The steam from the hot shower will decrease the lash strip’s adhesive bond.

However, be careful not to scrub it off as it can damage the lash fibers too. Just let the steam wear the glue out. Once it’s removed, wash any remaining bits of glue from the eyelids and natural lashes and proceed with your normal night routine. 

Maintaining Your Lashes

Taking proper good care of your lash extensions is always a must. Keeping them this way helps maintain their curls, keeps the fibers in place, and prolongs their lifespan. When removing the lashes, it’s still important to handle or remove them carefully as they slide off. 

Once they’re off, set them aside before you clean up. Using a tweezer, start removing any leftover glue, adhesive residue, or dirt still left on the band. It helps the glue stick easier and better the next time you put the strips on.

Then, start cleaning the lash fibers to remove accumulated dirt or particles. Use an alcohol-soaked cotton bud or q-tip and gently work your way from one corner of the strip to the other. Do it gently so that the lash fibers won’t come off.

After cleanup, make sure the lashes are dry and well before putting them back in their container. Doing so helps the lashes retain their curls and firmness. If they do start to lose their shape, use an eyelash curl to give them a little tweak.

When in doubt, ask the pros

If you’re unsure about the lash removal hacks, you can always ask your trusted eyelash extension technician about it. You can ask if they can include lash removal as part of the lash extension service cost. Lash techs have the proper tools and techniques in removing them safely, and most salons and techs do have them as part of their package deal.

As we know, eyelash extension applications cost a lot of money, so one should take good care of their strips. While a few DIY hacks can save you some time and money, improper handling and methods can yield unsightly results. One wrong move can end up with the lash strips ending up getting damaged. So it’s better to be safe than sorry and ask a lash professional for help. 

The Price of Beauty

Getting lash extensions is all the rage these days. This latest beauty trend leaves people of every age, gender, and race dreaming the idea of wearing full, long, thick lashes without the need to apply several coats of mascara. 

But of course, the desire for beauty entails great effort and commitment. With the lashes, while it gives you an instant revamped look and heightened confidence, it also imposes great care from your end at the same time. But surely, the effort is compensated at every glance captured by the lashes’ batting, and the work you put into it, consistency in looking beautiful will certainly follow.