How Long Does A Spray Tan Last?

A spray tan is one of the quickest ways to boost your self confidence in minutes. Being tan just makes you feel good. My mantra is, if you can’t tone it, tan it! While a spray tan seems so extra, they’re such a great treat. Plus, you get a bronzy glow without harmful sun rays. They can be up there in price so, how long can you expect your spray tan to last?

How long does a spray tan last?

A spray tan lasts around one week. Give or take a few days depending on how you care for your tan and what your lifestyle is like. A spray tan is a great option for an event like a wedding or prom. But, it’s nice to know once you get one you have some time to enjoy it! The key trick to getting your spray tan to last will work for any type of tan. Moisturize.

What factors affect how long a spray tan lasts?

A spray tan lasts about a week. It can last more or less depending on how you care for it. With good care, your spray tan can last 10 days to 2 weeks, easily.

You’re washing it off too soon

After you get a spray tan, you will be advised when you can wash it off. Sometimes it’s 4 hours, 8 hours, etc, it all depends on the formula you get. If the place tells you to wash it off after 8 hours and you wash it off after 2 hours, your spray tan will fade much quicker. It’s best to listen to the directions they give you when you get it done. Personally, I like to leave my spray tan on for as long as I can and I think it helps it to last a little longer.

You’re not moisturizing

If your skin is dry, your spray tan will not last. Simple as that. Moisturized skin will hold onto a tan much better than dry skin and this goes for all types of tans. Any oil based moisturizer will break up your tan and cause it to fade much, much quicker. Avoid those and go for a creamy, oil free formula. Here’s a quick list of some of our favorites:

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You’re exfoliating

Once you get your spray tan you want to avoid shaving and exfoliating for as long as you want to keep your tan for. Why? Shaving and exfoliating basically is just removing the spray tan off your skin. Save shaving and exfoliating for about 4 hours or less, prior to getting your spray tan. Then your skin is smooth and your pores are open and can hold onto the spray tan better.

Save exfoliating for after when your tan has faded or if you’re trying to remove it.

Your lifestyle

Are you a vigorous exerciser? That can cause your tan to fade quicker. Hot, high intensity workout classes can cause your tan to fade off because you’re sweating. Anything that makes you vigorously sweat isn’t the best for your tan. If you’re wearing tight clothes like a sports bra, it may even bleed onto your clothes and fade off if you’re sweating.

Hot showers & Steam

Just like sweating can fade your spray tan, so can hot showers and steam. Think the sauna, baths, pool, hot showers etc. These break down your tan so avoid them for a few days to help your spray tan last. A pool, while not hot water isn’t great for a spray tan either.

Is there anything you can do to help a spray tan last longer?

MOISTURIZE! Seriously it’s that easy your skin will hold on to the spray tan so much better. Plus it’s relatively easy and you can do it daily. Just make sure to use an oil-free formula.

Another key way to help your spray tan last longer is to top it off with a gradual tanning lotion. Around 3 to 4 days after your spray tan, start applying a gradual self-tanning lotion daily to extend your tan. By doing this, your skin will stay tan and you won’t see any weird fading or cracking from your spray tan. This can also be done to extend the life of your self-tanner. The way you care for a spray tan is very similar to the way you would care for self-tan.

How does spray tan compare?

Spray tans can last the longest without much maintenance. Meaning, yes a sun tan lasts but after a few days it starts to fade. Same goes for tanning in a bed. Both of those are tans you have to build up to see them last for 10-days to a few weeks and longer.

A spray tan is one and done but it’s easy and so much safer for your skin.

How long does sun tan last?

A sun tan lasts a few days depending on whether you keep up with it or not. If you tan for one day only, your tan won’t last very long. Versus if you tan in the sun over the time span of a few days, your tan will be darker and it will last longer. Again, when tanning in the sun your skin will hold onto it better if it’s moisturized! So continue to moisturize.

So one day in the sun will last a few days, maybe a week. Whereas a gradual, few days of tanning in the sun could last a few weeks depending on how frequently you tanned. The plus with a sun tan is when it fades, you don’t get any blotches or crackles like a spray tan can sometimes do.

How long does a tanning bed last?

Like a sun tan, tanning in a bed will last longer if it’s done gradually. If you tan one day for 10 minutes, your tan will last a few days. But if you tan 3 days in a row for 10 minutes, you’ll have a darker tan that will last longer like a couple of weeks.

Final Thoughts

The key to making your spray tan last is to moisturize! And this is the key to getting any tan to last whether it be a spray tan, a sun tan or even with self tanner. Moisturized skin holds on to a tan much better then dry skin and that is key.

The best way to tan for the health of your skin is to go with a spray tan or self tan! The warmth of the sun and even a tanning bed feels nice but every time you tan in a bed or outside, you damage your skin cells. Long term, a spray tan or self-tan is the best thing you can do for your tanned self.