How Long Does A Lash Lift Last?

How long does a lash lift last? Getting a lash lift has become one of the more popular beauty trends in the past few years, and it continues to be so. And while you might enjoy going around town batting your eyes and captivating a few dozen cuties, you might wonder, how long a lash lift will last?

What Is A Last Lift?

What Is A Last Lift

Often referred to as “lash perms,” the lash lift is a non-invasive procedure that involves the natural curling and perming of the lashes to make them appear longer and fuller without the need for using coats of mascara or eyelash extension fans. It’s often paired with lash tinting to make the lashes appear darker, thicker, and more visible.

The treatment involves applying a keratin-infused chemical solution to the lashes that “lift” and curl them, brushed upwards over a silicon pad. There are small, medium, or large silicone pads depending on the natural length of the lashes and fixed into your desired shape or level of curl, which is then followed by applying a neutralizer or a setting solution, which prevents over-processing. Sometimes, applying a kind of nourishing oil is often a final touch-up step to recondition and strengthen the lashes, depending on which system you use. Each step is left on for ten to fifteen minutes.

So, How Long Does A Lash Lift Last?

Typically after a period of 4-6 weeks, the curls start to relax, and gradually the hairs also begin to fall out once they reach the end of their growth cycle. Although in some cases, the perm can last even up to 2 months, or even shorter than the standard 6-week period, depending on how well you take care of it. 

But there’s more to that…

How To Extend The Life of A Lash Lift

1. The Individual Lash Growth Cycle

Going deeper into the lash growth cycle, it’s perhaps the principal factor determining how long a lash perm lasts. Since it’s a natural process, it’s an inevitable factor. Every strand of hair has its own lifespan, and not all fall off simultaneously. Some people’s lash growth cycle is shorter, while others last much longer than the rest. 

So in lash perms, the chemicals only affect the lashes’ exterior part; they don’t go deep into the follicles. So once the lash grows out and falls off naturally, the perm will also go away with it.

2. Immediate Aftercare

After getting a lash lift, you will need to observe a set of aftercare rules in the hours after getting the procedure to maintain the perm; otherwise, improper care would ruin the results.

The standard prescribed aftercare rules consist of a lot of things to avoid for the first 24 to 48 hours:  

  • Not touching your lashes.
  • Not wearing contact lenses on the day of the treatment.
  • Not applying any kind of eye makeup.
  • Not using facial cleansing products.
  • Not going for a sauna/steam.
  • Not sleeping on your face.
  • Not washing your face for 48 hours.
  • Not engaging in heavy physical activities that may cause sweating.

Not washing your face for 48 hours after a lash lift treatment may seem like an icky and uncomfortable scenario, but one needs to make sure to protect the lashes from getting wet by any liquid. Any liquid that comes into contact with your lashes within a day after getting a lift will easily break down the chemical bonds in the lashes and ruin the perm. 

Instead, you can use wet cotton pads to clean your face gently, avoiding the eye area. You can still take a shower on the same day, but make it brief and not too hot since the resulting steam and heat will not do the lashes well. Even after the 48 hours have passed, avoid scrubbing the eye part too hard when cleaning your face.

3. Maintenance

Now that you’ve passed through the initial 24 hours. There are also some things you should remember when it comes to maintaining the perm throughout their lifespan. Observing proper care can significantly prolongs the lash lift’s duration for up to 2 months.

One should follow these procedures religiously:

  • Avoid using eyelash curlers
  • Avoid using mascara
  • Avoid using any oil-based products
  • Don’t use waterproof makeup products 

The formulas of liquid, oil-based, or waterproof makeup products can damage the lashes’ chemical bonds and ruin the whole look. 

To protect your lash lift, some lash techs prescribe using a conditioner that will help maintain the newly permed look. After the lash lift procedure, you can use a mild nourishing essence to protect and moisturize the eyelashes. However, before availing of any product, it still pays to consult with your trusted lash tech before trying out any conditioner on your permed lashes.

4. Your Skin Type

People with oily skin might have a problem with their lash lift. A person with oily skin produces more sebum in every area of their face, and the sebum or “oil” also comes in contact with the eyelashes and can break down the keratin the lashes had absorbed. As a result, clients with oily skin don’t usually last up to six weeks. 

But don’t fret just yet! If you have oily skin and want to prolong the lash perm lifespan, you can use an oil blotting film/paper as an alternative to constantly washing your face to remove the oil, especially if you’re outdoors. Make sure to concentrate on the areas above the eyes/eyelids.

5. Skincare Products

As mentioned above, using makeup/skincare products immediately after a lash lift procedure should be avoided. You can go back to your usual makeup and skincare routine after at least 24 to 48 hours when the lash has fully dried. 

Avoid oil-based products of any kind while sporting the lash perm since the oil in the products hastens the breakdown of keratin, ruins the look, and makes the lashes revert quickly to their original form. Products containing parabens should also be avoided at all costs since these might cause other health problems. 

With or without mascara, eyeliner, or shadow, your permed lashes will surely look stunning, but they can still give an added flare to your look. If you plan to do so, make sure to use them only after 48 hours and that you use oil-free products only. Remember to apply them gently to avoid damaging the perm. 

Our takeaway

Getting a lash lift is a less painful, less hassling method that makes your eyes stand out, giving you an entirely different look that’s sure to make the heads turn. 

The lifespan of a lash perm depends entirely on how the person maintains and takes care of it. Following proper aftercare habits and maintenance, you can count on your lash lift looking good for the expected six weeks or even longer. Getting your lashes repeatedly wet in the 24 hours after the treatment or using oil-heavy makeup products does away with the curl.

Before getting your lash lift, make sure to pick what style suits you best; the ideal length, whether it has a dramatic or a more subtle effect, should be one that greatly complements and enhances your facial features. If you’re not satisfied with the treatment results, you can cut short your current lash lift lifespan by going against the aftercare instructions or asking your lash tech to remove or redo your perm.

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