Is The Hanacure Face Mask Really Worth It?

Skincare is essential in your self-care routine. Having a proper skincare regimen that works for you makes you feel your best and most confident self. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular skincare products is face masks. Face masks help to rejuvenate the skin while clearing out any impurities.

If you’ve been on the beauty side of social media, you might have already seen Hanacure Face Masks. They are some of the most popular face masks on the market today. Although the face mask might age you 40 years while it’s on your face, it will make your skin look flawless afterward.

Hanacure Face Mask Review

According to Hanacure’s website, the Hanacure face mask is a multi-treatment gel mask that dramatically transforms the skin’s appearance. The mask helps to fight against skin concerns like aging and enlarged pores. Its clarifying qualities help to give a youthful glow to the skin. The product comes with a brush to apply the mask.

The mask comes with CO2 OctoLift which reacts with carbon dioxide. So, when the mask is applied to the skin, the skin gets very tight and tingly. The impurities are then absorbed by the mask, and when you remove the mask, you’ll see a visible change in your skin.

Some ingredients included in the mask’s formula are lotus leaf extract, green tea extract, and honeysuckle flower extract. They use natural products that are very gentle, so it won’t irritate people with sensitive skin. Hanacure’s products are always cruelty-free and vegan. Additionally, they don’t include any parabens, sulfates, or phthalates in their formula.

One of the downsides about this product is that it can create a lot of redness at first. Since it tightens the skin, it stimulates the blood flow in your face. This should not last long, but it is especially apparent in people with very pale skin.


  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Immediate changes in the skin’s appearance
  • Has anti-aging qualities


  • Can create a lot of redness at first

Where to buy it

The Hanacure face masks are not found in stores. They can be found either at Hanacure’s online shop or on Amazon.

How does it compare?

We have come to the conclusion that the Hanacure face mask is an awesome skincare product. But, don’t let its social media hype lead you to believe that it is better than other products. Always do your research and find something that works for you. Here, we looked at two other face masks that claim to do similar things that the Hanacure one does. Let’s see how they compare.

Hanacure Face Mask vs Skin1004 Zombie Mask

SKIN1004 Zombie Mask

This 8-in-1 full-face treatment mask claims to give you the effects of a spa facial in only 15 minutes.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Skin1004 Zombie Mask is another mask that is often compared to the Hanacure mask. The tightening qualities in the mask help to reduce any imperfections that may be present on your skin. Specifically, this formula is made with aloe vera extract which helps to give a bright glow to your skin. One thing to note about this product is that the smell is a bit off-putting. This is due to the ingredient called albumin. Albumin is a natural ingredient that helps to lift the skin.

Where to buy it: Amazon

Final Thoughts

The Hanacure face mask has been trending all over social media. So the question is, is it really worth it? The answer is yes and no. The Hanacure face mask is a great face mask that provides immediate results. But, it isn’t the only product that works. Other face masks can provide the same results as the Hanacure mask. So, research different products and see which one tends to your skin’s needs. It really is about whatever works for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you do the Hanacure mask?

The Hanacure mask is definitely not something you want to apply daily. Instead, it should be applied two to three times per week at most. This is because it can easily dry out your face if you apply it too often. Also, it isn’t going to do speed up results by using it more often. So by doing it more than three times per week, you’re really just wasting product.

When you achieve your desired results or your skin starts to clear up, start applying it less often. Ideally, you should end up only applying this product a few times a month to maintain your skincare.

How long should you leave the Hanacure mask on?

The Hanacure mask should be left on for 30 minutes for ideal results. If you leave it on for less than this, you won’t get the best results possible. If you leave it on for longer, there is a huge possibility of irritating your skin. Other products call for different times, so make sure to always read the directions on the mask you are using.

What other products should you be using alongside the Hanacure mask?

Although the Hanacure mask has skin-perfecting qualities, it can’t just be the only product in your skincare regimen. First, you are going to want to wash your face with a gentle facial cleanser. This gets rid of all the bacteria and dead skin that was on your face, and it preps the skin for the face mask. After you apply the mask, you should put a vitamin C serum on your face. This will help bring your skin back to life after the face mask dried it out a bit. Then, you should apply a moisturizer over the top of it. If there isn’t already SPF in the moisturizer you are using, apply sunscreen as well. All of your products should be fragrance-free and gentle to not irritate your skin.

How long does Hanacure face mask the results last?

The results of the Hanacure face mask varies from person to person. Depending on the severity of your skin, it can range from one month to several months. These results are based on users who apply the product regularly and take proper care of their skin. Again, after achieving your desired results, you should be able to maintain these results by only using the mask a couple of times per month.