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From trending hairstyles, hair colors and haircuts to the latest hair tools like hot air brushes, hair dryers, and curling irons, we’ve got you covered.

  • Best Curling Irons for Thick Hair

    Best Curling Irons for Thick Hair

    Having thick hair is amazing…except when it’s time to style it! Are you having a hard time achieving gorgeous, long lasting curls with thick hair? It probably has something to do with the curling iron you are using. With all of the different types of curling irons out there, it’s hard to pick the right […]

  • Is OGX Cruelty-Free?

    Is OGX Cruelty-Free?

    In terms of cruelty-free beauty products, people are most commonly concerned with what makeup they are using. Haircare products are often pushed to the side, as people just aren’t as concerned about their animal testing policies. But, there are still a huge number of hair care brands that still test on animals, making them not […]

  • How To Remove Coconut Oil From Your Hair

    How To Remove Coconut Oil From Your Hair

    Coconut oil is a multi-purpose, au natural beauty salve that has just about a million different uses. Some use it as a moisturizer (be careful as it’s highly comedogenic!), a body moisturizer, and even a hair mask. It’s super hydrating, locks in moisture, and is insanely affordable. If you need a good hair mask to […]

  • How To Get Rid of Brassy Tones From Brown Hair

    How To Get Rid of Brassy Tones From Brown Hair

    You’ve noticed that your hair starts is becoming that brassy tone and want to get rid of it ASAP?! We’ve got you, after all, we’ve all been there! Maybe it’s the excess pigment that didn’t get entirely removed from the bleach process coming through or maybe just from the sun. Either way, it happens regardless […]

  • Top BaBylissPro Hair Dryers with Reviews

    Hairdressers and those that love having beautiful hair know of the power of a great hairdryer. Not only can a hairdryer improve the look of the hair, but it can also help keep the hair healthy in the long run. One of the biggest brands when it comes to hairdryers is the BaByliss brand. They […]

  • Products to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

    Products to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

    If you’re at the hair salon every 4 to 6 weeks for a color touchup, you’re probably wondering how to make your hair color last longer. After all, salon visits can be very costly, so we want to minimize the frequency of them as much as possible. Also, let’s face it, no one wants their […]

  • Nume Classic Curling Wand Review

    Nume Classic Curling Wand: Is It Worth the Hype? Does every beach hair look demand a curling wand? Probably not! Yet, you’ve got to admit that there’s something alluring about those super soft bouncy beach waves. Nume Classic Curling Wand promises to offer you just that and more. This particular curler comes with high-quality tourmaline […]

  • Using Less Heat On My Hair

    Using Less Heat On My Hair

    If you dove into the archives of this blog you would see that I used to bleach my hair at home. A LOT. My hair was almost completely white and towards the end of its cycle it was falling out in huge clumps. Finally about 10 months ago I decided to go to a salon […]

  • Best Tourmaline Hair Dryer

    Finding a hair dryer is more complicated in modern times than ever before! Though you could previously go into a store and have a few options to choose from, the advent of online discount shopping has increased the options from a few to thousands of different hair dryers to choose from. Even just a Google […]

  • Kardashian Beauty Premium Finish Hair Dryer Review

    UPDATE: This product has been discontinued. Kardashian Beauty started as the beauty platform for Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian but each member of the notorious family has started their own brand. However, Kim Kardashian is the only one that stayed in the beauty industry, her brand is known as KKW. The other two sisters, Khloe […]

  • The Best Hair Dryer for Fast Drying

    Blow drying your hair every morning can be a pain. On top of that, the wrong type of heat or settings for your hair can cause substantial damage. If your hair takes forever to dry or seems more damaged each time you do, you would benefit from purchasing a new blow dryer. We will discuss […]

  • The Best Quiet Hair Dryers

    Hairdryers are one of the greatest tools ever invented in the beauty world. They are everyone’s best friend when it comes to quick and easy hairstyling. However, hairdryers are often annoying because of how noisy they are in usage. The noise level of blow dryers usually fills up a room and whoever is using one […]

  • ghd Air Dryer Review

    A hairdryer is one of the most effective tools that one can use when trying to style their hair and is an accessory that is worth investing in. Even though a hairdryer is a fairly simple tool, there are several aspects to the products that are currently on the market that make them stand out. […]

  • T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Review

    Update: This product has been discontinued Newer models have been released, see below T3 Airluxe T3 Airbrush Duo (Allure’s Best of Beauty 2021 Finding the right kind of hair dryer is necessary if you want to style your hair without causing damage. And there are lots of options for hair-friendly hairdryers these days. For those […]

  • The Best Travel Hair Dryers

    Hair should be fabulous no matter what country you’re in. You certainly don’t want to leave the fate of your hair down to some random “hotel” hair dryer that is too basic to really be functional. Even worse, you don’t want to be stuck with a hair dryer that will blow up when you turn […]

  • The Best Heat Protectants To Save Your Hair

    The Best Heat Protectants To Save Your Hair

    Let’s face it – most of us all apply some sort of heat to our hair on a regular basis. Whether it’s blow drying, flat ironing, or curling it, heat styling is a part of our everyday lives. But for a lot of us, the damage that heat does to our hair is put on […]

  • Best Hooded Hair Dryer For African American Hair

    When it comes to maintaining your hair, whether it is straightened or natural, you need to have the right tools. A hooded dryer is the most efficient and healthy way of keeping your hair dry. However, there is a difference between the soft hood types and the hard hat. Furthermore, your hair type will determine […]

  • Parlux Advance Light Hair Dryer Review

    Technologically advanced hair dryers are blowing up the hair tools market right now and the Parlux Advance Light Ceramic Ionic dryer is carving out its very own niche in the chaos. We wanted to find out what makes this unique hair dryer so popular, especially among professionals, so we did a little digging and created […]

  • 3 Best Rice Shampoo Bars – Reviews & Benefits

    3 Best Rice Shampoo Bars – Reviews & Benefits

    Rice shampoo bars are widely preferred for the benefits they offer. This unique shampoo bar not only strengthens hair and hair follicles but also encourages hair growth.  What Are Rice Shampoo Bars? It’s been found that hydrolyzed rice protein, one of the key ingredients of rice shampoo bars, contains inositol. This ingredient can penetrate all […]

  • Side Effects Of Rice Water On Hair

    Side Effects Of Rice Water On Hair

    Hair products made of artificial chemicals can be tough from both financial and health perspectives. Thus, a lot of people opt for inexpensive, natural ingredients such as rice water. But, are there any side effects of rice water on hair? Rice water, despite its benefits, can leave you with dry hair and a pungent smell.  […]

  • Best Collagen And Biotin Supplement

    Best Collagen And Biotin Supplement

    Having strong, lustrous hair can really make a difference in your everyday look, and with proteins and vitamins like collagen and biotin, you can have healthy hair the way you want it to be. To help you find the best collagen and biotin supplement, we will break down five of the trendiest we’ve seen online. […]

  • Which Shampoo Is Best For Hair Growth And Thickness

    Which Shampoo Is Best For Hair Growth And Thickness

    Hair loss is a very common problem for a lot of people. There are many reasons why you may be losing hair, most often than not, hair loss can be caused by stress or hormonal changes in your body. You may have noticed that your hair is falling out and want to combat it. There […]

  • Moerie Hair Growth Spray Reviews

    Moerie Hair Growth Spray Reviews

    Let’s face it, all of us suffer from hair problems at some point in our lives. Hair loss, damaged hair, oily scalp, and dandruff are issues that both men and women face. Unfortunately, these hair problems can restrict your hair growth. Moreover, the effect is much more serious for older persons. To solve all your […]

  • Kintsugi Hair Reviews – KeraNew Ingredients & Side Effects

    Kintsugi Hair Reviews – KeraNew Ingredients & Side Effects

    The Kintsugi KeraNew Nourishing Hair Complex is a supplement formulated to reduce dullness, improve shine, add moisture, and thicken your locks. This Kintsugi Hair review will guide you through everything you’ll need to know about this hair supplement.  What Is Kintsugi Hair? Kintsugi is Beverly Hills-based hair care company founded by stylist Paul Lindsey. Much […]

  • What Is A Relaxer For Hair?

    Whether you’ve got naturally curly hair or are hoping to achieve that glossy straightened look even in the muggy summer months, a relaxer could be just the thing. Relaxing products can be used to give you longer-lasting straightened locks but they’re not ideal for everyone, so there’s a lot of research to be done. What […]

  • How To Make Your Hair Less Greasy (10 Easy Methods)

    How To Make Your Hair Less Greasy (10 Easy Methods)

    Everyone hates when their hair gets greasy, especially when it occurs so frequently sometimes. Dry shampoo can be an easy fix, but it is not always the best solution for your hair. Many alternatives can help you reduce the frequency of your becoming greasy. You will find that you can use alternatives, but other processes […]

  • 10 Types of Hair Rollers and How to Use Them

    10 Types of Hair Rollers and How to Use Them

    Everyone loves a good curl, but for many of us (especially those of us with naturally straight or short hair), figuring out how to tweak our hair into a lovely, full-bodied look may be a bit overwhelming. It is hard to know where to start getting that curly hairstyle of your dreams as there are […]

  • How To Bleach Your Hair Without Damaging It

    How To Bleach Your Hair Without Damaging It

    Bleaching your hair is possible to do at home, but it does need to be done carefully. Even a slight mistake can cause extreme damage to your hair, so it’s important to do each step with care. The following article is a detailed how-to explanation of how to bleach your hair at home without damaging […]

  • How To Curl Your Hair Without Heat (9 Simple Ways)

    How To Curl Your Hair Without Heat (9 Simple Ways)

    Do you have poker straight hair but have always wanted big, luscious, curly locks? You may have turned to the ever-popular curling iron because your hair does not have any natural curl. Although curling irons are a common tool for adding curls to hair, they can also damage your hair over time due to the […]

  • Are Flat Irons Bad for Your Hair?

    Are Flat Irons Bad for Your Hair?

    If you straighten your hair just about every day, sometimes you may remember to use a hair protector, and other times you won’t. What you may not realize is how damaging a flat iron or heating element is to your unprotected hair. Flat irons can be very damaging for your hair because they: Remove any […]

  • How To Apply Toner To Bleached Hair

    How To Apply Toner To Bleached Hair

    If you have ever had your hair bleached at a salon, then you understand how vital a toner can be. Not only will a toner take down the brassiness that many people experience with bleached hair, but done correctly, it can have a significant impact on the results that you may experience. When it comes […]

  • How To Remove Toner From Bleached Hair

    How To Remove Toner From Bleached Hair

    Dying your hair is a fantastic way to get a new look or refresh your current look. However, dying your hair can also turn into a nightmare, especially when you end up with the wrong color. If you end up with a dye job gone bad, there are things you can do to resolve the […]

  • The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density Review

    The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density Review

    Face serums are a must in any skincare and beauty routine. But have you ever heard of a multi-peptide hair serum? A serum that promotes hair growth, density and health. Sounds like a dream! The Ordinary has a Multi-Peptide hair serum and while most hair serums tend to run very pricey, this one is super […]

  • 10 Hairstyles From The 1940s That Look Amazing Today

    10 Hairstyles From The 1940s That Look Amazing Today

    It isn’t a secret that many of the styles, makeup, and hair that is popular today were once popular many years ago. Styles and trends evolve with time, but they have to take inspiration from somewhere. Specifically, we’re going to take a look at some of the best hairstyles from the 1940s that have found […]

  • The 6 Best Micellar Shampoos Your Hair Needs ASAP

    The 6 Best Micellar Shampoos Your Hair Needs ASAP

    Micellar shampoo works to remove product build-up from your hair and scalp. You’re probably thinking, is this necessary? If you use lots of hair products like dry shampoos and texture powders or sprays, yes! Just because you wash your hair does not mean that it’s clean of all the buildup. You’ll know if you have […]

  • How To Remove Vaseline From Your Hair

    How To Remove Vaseline From Your Hair

    If you’ve gotten Vaseline stuck in your hair, you know how difficult it is to remove. Vaseline, or petroleum jelly, is so difficult to remove from hair because it is not water-soluble. This means that it doesn’t easily remove itself with a rinse of water. It sticks to the hair and stays there. There are […]

  • What Is A Blowout?

    What Is A Blowout?

    Have you ever walked out of the salon and wondered why you can never get your hair to look that good? Well, part of it probably has to do with how your hair was washed and blow-dried. This is called a blowout. Now, when you attempt to do a blowout on yourself, the results often […]

  • How To Get Rid of Brassy Hair with Vinegar

    How To Get Rid of Brassy Hair with Vinegar

    Going blonde is a fun but tedious process. Depending on what your natural hair color is, you may have to go through multiple lightening sessions to get to your desired lightness. After the process is complete, you leave the salon feeling great. But after washing your hair a few times, you may notice some orange […]

  • All You Need To Know About Low Porosity Hair

    All You Need To Know About Low Porosity Hair

    Many people do not understand just how complex hair really is. There is so much that goes into perfecting your best hairstyle while still maintaining hair health. One of the many issues that hair can face is being low porosity. Low porosity hair simply means that the structure of the hair has difficulty absorbing moisture. […]

  • Moroccanoil Hair Oil Treatment Review And Dupes

    Moroccanoil Hair Oil Treatment Review And Dupes

    If your hair is feeling dry, brittle, frizzy, or all of the above, you may have thought about using a hair oil treatment. Oil treatments are known for nourishing the hair and replenishing moisture. It does this by sealing the hair’s cuticle meaning that the hair will be more protected from damage. Other benefits of […]

  • How To Use Coconut Oil In Your Hair

    How To Use Coconut Oil In Your Hair

    Coconut oil is the one ingredient that just about works for anything and everything. What else can you cook with, eat and use on your body and hair?! While it’s comedogenic and can be troublesome on the skin, it does wonders for your hair. Whether that be as a hair mask or conditioner it’s easy, […]

  • Is Aveda Cruelty-Free?

    Is Aveda Cruelty-Free?

    Aveda is most widely known for their popular hair care and hair styling products. Also, the Aveda Insititute cosmetology school is implemented all throughout the United States. It is easily one of the most popular cosmetology schools out there. With such a large impact on the beauty community, many wonder if Aveda is ethically responsible […]

  • How To Highlight Your Hair At Home

    How To Highlight Your Hair At Home

    We have been dealing with the worldwide pandemic for months now. Because of this, public places have been closed down…including hair salons. For all of you out there with highlighted or color-treated hair, this can cause some serious hair issues. After dealing with grown-out roots for this long, you likely are ready to retouch your […]

  • The Best Bleach For Doing Your Hair At Home

    The Best Bleach For Doing Your Hair At Home

    Would you dare to bleach your own hair at home? There are so many YouTube videos and resources of education that doing it at home doesn’t seem so risky anymore. This video by Brad Mondo is a fantastic resource that breaks down how to find the right color and how to dye your hair at […]

  • The New ‘Twilighting’ Hair Color Trend Explained

    The New ‘Twilighting’ Hair Color Trend Explained

    In 2020, there has been quite a lineup of hair trends. There has been everything from Dua Lipa’s two-toned hair color to gorgeous wispy bangs. Thankfully, this year isn’t done giving us top hair trends. Prepare for “twilighting” to blow up this year. Unfortunately, we’re not talking about The Twilight Saga film series. “Twilighting” is […]

  • The Magic Pill That’ll Make Hair Grow. Does Viviscal Work?

    The Magic Pill That’ll Make Hair Grow. Does Viviscal Work?

    Hair loss affects over 21 million women in the US every year. Stress, poor nutrition, health conditions, hereditary factors, heat-styling, and damage can all lead to hair loss and thinning. Hair loss causes many women to lose confidence, and because of that, many suffer in silence. It’s way more common than you would think. Viviscal […]

  • Going Sulfate Free? Try these Are the Best Shampoos To Try

    Going Sulfate Free? Try these Are the Best Shampoos To Try

    You have most likely seen, or maybe even bought, a shower product that is labeled “sulfate-free.” Sulfates are incredibly damaging to your hair, as they strip the strands of their natural oils. They leave your hair feeling dry and brittle, which is no good. So, buying a shampoo that is free of harmful sulfates will […]

  • Dyson Hair Straightener Review – The Corrale

    Dyson Hair Straightener Review – The Corrale

    What lengths would you go to for a guaranteed, good hair day? More important, what price would you pay? Dyson’s hair tools have reached new levels of hype, and the one thing all their reviews have in common is how game-changing they are to your hair routine. Dyson offers advanced technology that translates to quick […]

  • Everything You Want To Know About The Curly Girl Method

    Everything You Want To Know About The Curly Girl Method

    Calling all curly-haired girls! Ready to be blessed by the Curly Girl Method? If you’ve never heard of it, the CGM is a hair care method that will help you to achieve the best curls of your life. We’re not telling you to change your entire hair care routine overnight but you may want to […]

  • Best Flat Irons for Silky Straight Hair

    Best Flat Irons for Silky Straight Hair

    Are you on the quest to find the best flat iron in the market? Whether you’re a beginner or a pro―every new purchase is as challenging as the first one. That’s because the flat irons are evolving according to our needs. You end up seeing new products popping up every other month. We know how […]

  • AbsoluteHeat Flat Iron Review

    AbsoluteHeat Flat Iron Review

    Raise your hand if you want a dependable flat iron that cuts down the trips to the hair salon. We’re right by your side on this quest. It’s why we’re always keeping an eye out for the next best thing— In the hopes of helping you find the ideal flat iron for that sleek and […]

  • Evalectric Classic Flat Iron Review

    Evalectric Classic Flat Iron Review

    Straightening your hair is a surefire way to make you look as fancy as you feel. If you’ve been planning on upgrading to a new flat iron, then you may have seen the Evalectric Classic Flat Iron. It works on different kinds of hair and is easy to take with you when you’re traveling. With […]

  • DAFNI Classic Hair Straightening Brush Review

    DAFNI Classic Hair Straightening Brush Review

    So many people don’t straighten and style their hair because of how much work goes into the styling process. Have you ever had to hold yourself back from looking your best because you did not have the time and energy? With the new invention of brushes to straighten hair, you can push all your worries […]

  • L’ange Ondulé Curling Wand Review

    L’ange Ondulé Curling Wand Review

    This wand is best for thick hair if you want bouncy, easy curls. You can get flowy waves that stay in your hair for a good amount of time when you’re out for the evening. Made of titanium, the L’ange Ondulé Curling Wand ensures your hair doesn’t get frizzy after you’re done curling. For those […]

  • Hot or Not? A Helen of Troy One Step Hot Air Brush Review

    Hot or Not? A Helen of Troy One Step Hot Air Brush Review

    Whether you’re going out for dinner or want a fun evening with your friends at home, looking nice is essential. When you’ve got something as convenient as a hot air brush, it’ll make your life so much easier. So what exactly can the Helen of Troy Hot Air Brush do? The Helen of Troy One […]

  • Best Curling Iron for Short Hair

    Best Curling Iron for Short Hair

    There’s no denying that cute and bouncy curls are never out of fashion. Whether you are going for a chic or retro look, you can always rely on curls to get you a stunning hairdo. But to get those perfect curls, you need the right curling iron or wand. Keep in mind that your curling […]

  • Best Hot Air Brush for Short Hair

    Best Hot Air Brush for Short Hair

    Your hairstyle can either be your crowning jewel or it may look like a used and abused mop! So what if your locks barely brush your shoulders? With the best hot air brush for hair, those trim tresses can be arranged and teased into a spectacular hairdo that can turn heads. These babies can help […]

  • Best Curling Irons and Wands for Fine Hair

    Best Curling Irons and Wands for Fine Hair

    O, ladies with fine hair! We know how maddening it is to spend hours trying to curl fine hair, only for it to fall flat within an hour. However, you definitely can’t let that derail you from having gorgeous curly locks, can you? Definitely not! We have the perfect solution for you. We have a […]

  • The Art of Curling – The Drybar 3-Day Bender Curling Iron

    The Art of Curling – The Drybar 3-Day Bender Curling Iron

    One of the most annoying things is when you burn yourself when trying to curl your hair. Curling wands aren’t the most flexible items to use, and it’s easy to burn yourself or your neck or your scalp with them. In fact, many a newbie or a seasoned owner of a curling wand has experienced […]

  • These Are The Best Titanium Flat Irons You Can Buy

    These Are The Best Titanium Flat Irons You Can Buy

    If you are a fan of straight hair, you already know the importance of choosing the right flat iron for your hair. The flat iron you use will affect not only your hairstyle but also the health of your hair. You don’t want to end up with fried hair. So, if you are ready to […]

  • These Are The Best Professional Flat Irons You Can Buy

    These Are The Best Professional Flat Irons You Can Buy

    With so many professional flat irons to choose from, finding one that suits your hair texture and thickness is challenging. If you are not new to flat irons, then you know that the best straightener is one that has ceramic plates. Don’t take our word for it, though! We would go with the Platinum + […]

  • Absolutely Iconic – The Kristin Ess Professional Blow Dryer

    Absolutely Iconic – The Kristin Ess Professional Blow Dryer

    This year is all about saving and being thrifty to accomplish your goals. That’s why you need to save the amount of money you spend on blow dries at salons. Getting your own blow dryer is not about saving money. It is a great investment in looking good so, if you do not have the […]

  • The Best Curling Iron For Glorious, Flaunt-Worthy Curls

    The Best Curling Iron For Glorious, Flaunt-Worthy Curls

    For those of us who don’t have curly hair to flaunt, we resort to using curling irons to create bouncy and beautiful curls and waves in our hair. However, with repeated curling iron usage, our hair is bound to get damaged. Looking for the best curling iron that won’t damage your hair? Well, then you […]

  • The Best Triple Barrel Curling Iron

    The Best Triple Barrel Curling Iron

    Don’t you love curly hair? If yes, it’s time you upgrade your curling game and switch to one of the best hair styling tools currently available in the market – a triple barrel curling iron. A triple barrel curling iron is not your regular curling iron. It is bigger and better, and ideal for creating […]

  • The Best Flat Irons for Fine Hair

    The Best Flat Irons for Fine Hair

    When we talk about grooming essentials for women, the two features that come out at the top of the list are skin and hair. Like skin, our hair is also delicate and therefore, you should think twice before putting any kind of serum in it or using a hair styling device. The one tested-and-true styling […]

  • The Best Hair Straightening Brushes

    The Best Hair Straightening Brushes

    Are you a curly-haired girl who can’t stop obsessing over perfectly straight, smooth hair? We’re sure you’d give almost anything to flaunt that look! Well, someone heard a curly head like you and invented a hair straightener. But doesn’t it take forever to straighten those curls into sleek straight hair? You’re right, women had no […]

  • Best Flat Iron for Curly Hair

    Best Flat Iron for Curly Hair

    Everyone likes to experiment with their hair, trying out different hairstyles, cuts, and colors. And when it comes to styling, one of the favorite tools is the flat iron. This is particularly true for women with curly hair. In fact, if you like to mix things up and have a little fun with your curly […]

  • Best Rotating Hot Air Brush

    Best Rotating Hot Air Brush

    Daily hair care can be a troublesome experience and many people yearn for the straight-out-of-salon look. Your hairstylist may have had years of training but a part of the magic they work is the hair tools too. So, it means you too can bring the salon magic home if you have the right tools available! […]

  • Best Curling Iron for Beach Waves

    Best Curling Iron for Beach Waves

    Your hair represents your personality and with so many styles to choose from, you can opt for a different one every day. Be it the straight swirl or curls, if you know how to carry the style, you’ll wear it confidently. Most people go for beach waves because they give off a laid-back look but […]

  • Revlon One-Step Review: A Killer Hot Airbrush, Hair dryer, and Volumizer

    Revlon One-Step Review: A Killer Hot Airbrush, Hair dryer, and Volumizer

    If you feel that you could never ace a stunning at-home blowout despite using the best hair dryer, tools, and hair smoothing products, you’re not alone! Most women end up creating frizz in their hair or their arm muscles give up mid-process. But, all hope is not lost as there is a perfect styling tool […]

  • The Best Hot Air Brush for Fine Hair

    The Best Hot Air Brush for Fine Hair

    Listen up, ladies! We know that it’s frustrating to watch your hair fall flat after hours of blow-drying. Our wispy strands have a way of letting us down when we most need it. They are also prone to get damaged faster than other hair types. Does that mean you ditch your hair styling sessions to […]

  • Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2 Review

    Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2 Review

    I’ll be the first one to admit that handling hot hair styling tools is not an easy job. You can end up with burns and scorch marks if you’re not careful. It’s why I’m always on the lookout for hair straightening brushes and flat irons that reduce the risks of burns. One of my recent […]

  • Best Curling Iron for Long Hair

    Best Curling Iron for Long Hair

    Curling long hair is hard but not impossible. A good curling iron goes a long way to make this process easier. However, it’s not particularly easy to find the best curling iron for your hair. You may have to browse a little and learn more about barrel sizes and the materials used to make them […]

  • Olaplex No. 3 Review And Dupes

    Olaplex No. 3 Review And Dupes

    While many of us love a good balayage or highlights, let’s not forget about the horror that follows it – damaged hair. Bleaching or coloring can test the limits of your hair, leaving it very dry and brittle. Hair dyes and bleaching comprise of chemicals that uplift the hair cuticles so that the dye can […]

  • How to Curl Synthetic Wig Hair

    There is no doubt that we all want to get those luscious bouncy curls on some days to complete our flawless look. Curls are not only a perfect way to add body into a boring hairstyle but they also bring an element of charm and elegance to an otherwise basic look. However, when trying to […]

  • How to Choose the Right Curling Iron Size

    Have you ever bought a curling iron to style your hair, only to find out that your hair didn’t turn out as you expected? If you believe that this transpired due to a lack of hairstyling skills, then think again. Your hairstyling skills might not be the problem; in fact, your curling iron might not […]

  • How to Cut Your Own Hair

    To cut or not to cut― that is the ultimate question. If you’re like me then you’ve experimented on your hair with a pair of scissors once or twice. This might sound like a nightmare for hairstylists, but we do have the right to cut our own hair. Plus, we’re living in an age where […]

  • A Complete Guide to Hair Types

    Figuring out your hair type is very important if you want to solve any hair-related problems. If your hair products aren’t giving you the results you want, it is likely that you don’t know as much about your hair as you thought. Determining your hair type plays a great role in establishing your daily hair […]

  • How Hot Does a Hairdryer Get?

    A hairdryer is a heat styling tool that is used worldwide to dry your wet hair or to style them. Heat styling can transform your sleek strands into bouncy waves and curls, depending upon how you use it. The drawback is that these hairstyling tools can cause severe hair damage such as roughness, dryness, thinning […]

  • How to Straighten Synthetic Wig Hair

    Many women feel like having long straight hair can make them feel attractive right away. They believe that long, healthy hair can make them more noticeable in the eyes of the opposite sex. To get those long locks of hair, some women invest in expensive hair care products to make their hair grow quickly. Other […]

  • How Much Does Your Hair Weigh?

    So, you’re probably aware of the newest hair trends. And you may have a killer haircare or hairstyling routine, but do you know about the anatomy of hair? Have you ever wondered what hair is made of? Or have you ever wondered if the weight of your hair can affect the figure on the weighing […]

  • What Does A Diffuser Do To Natural Hair?

    What exactly does a diffuser do anyway? A diffuser is a super-handy tool that is connected to a blow dryer. It helps disperse the heat of the hairdryer over a large area. Diffusers resemble showerheads and serve a similar purpose. Like showerheads help disperse water, diffusers disperse the heat from a hair dryer. This gives […]

  • What Is Remy Hair?

    Are you someone who dreams of having long luscious beautiful hair? Have you tried everything you could to make your hair grow long and still look healthy? Do you feel frustrated when your hair starts to look really flat and dead as soon as it grows longer? Well, we have the perfect short-cut to for […]

  • What Causes Gray Hair?

    Are you someone who recently spotted their first gray hair? Are you terrified of gray hair slowly replacing your healthy locks? Do you feel you’re not ready to go through this natural aging process yet? Well then, continue reading to find out everything you must know. Gray hair is a normal part of aging. Like […]

  • What Are Curling Iron Barrels Made Out Of?

    Hair trends come and go but curls are here to stay. The oh-so-beautiful locks falling on your shoulders gives you the boost of confidence you need. A good hairstyle uplifts your spirits, and nothing is better than adding a few waves or curls to your hair. Many first-time buyers end up buying the wrong curling […]

  • What is Balayage Hair?

    What is Balayage Hair?

    Do you secretly wish you could get a gorgeous balayage done to your hair but can’t afford to go to an expensive salon? Well, we may have the perfect solution to your constant misery then! Balayage hair is a subtle highlight technique. It gives you perfectly blended highlights with very low maintenance requirements. This coloring […]

  • Ombré Hair: What Is It? Can You Do It At Home?

    On your last visit to the hair salon, did your hairdresser throw around terms like balayage, Ombré, and Sombré? Did that make you wonder if they’re speaking a foreign language? Or did you pretend to know what she was talking about? These may seem like fancy terms, but they make your hair look even fancier. […]

  • Pineapple Hair: A How-to Guide for Long and Short Curly Hair

    Pineapple Hair: A How-to Guide for Long and Short Curly Hair

    A universal nightmare for girls with naturally curly hair: waking up with your hair all tangled up when you have to rush to work! You’re standing in front of the mirror, staring at the frizz explosion that happened when you were asleep. Aren’t you tired of facing the same issue over and over again? Mirror, mirror, […]

  • How to Use a Diffuser on a Hair Dryer

    Have you been trying to get those flawless beachy waves in your hair but seem to fail at it every single time? Do you get disappointed when your hair ends up in very rigid defined curls because you were aiming for a different look altogether? Do you look at magazines covers and wonder how hairstylists […]

  • The Only Guide For Getting Slime Out Of Your Hair In 2023

    The Only Guide For Getting Slime Out Of Your Hair In 2023

    Have you ever played with slime? If you’ve got kids at home, then the answer must be a big YES! Slime is one of the most beloved playthings for children aged 3 and above. It’s colorful, gooey, mushy, and very sticky. All these things make it an amusing addition to a child’s toy collection. But… […]

  • How to Get Rid of Brassy Hair at Home

    You obsess over those gorgeous blonde and brunette locks that you see fashion models flaunt on magazine covers and finally you decide to get your hair dyed! You go, girl! The hairstylist did a great job. You the look of your dreams – and you left the salon ecstatic, all ready to show off your […]

  • How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

    Is 2019 the year of hair extensions? Definitely! It’s the age of hair extensions, wigs, and big hair trends. Anyone who hasn’t tried out at least one of these trends is missing out on something spectacular. I say this because hair extensions are a practical way to rock different looks without damaging your hair. You […]

  • The 5 Best Hair Dryer Attachments

    Want to know the secret to get perfect curls, waves, or dead-straight hair with a hair dryer? It all depends on the, often oddly shaped, attachment that comes with the package! Even the most expensive and high-end hair dryer isn’t enough to set your hair in perfect style. You need the best hair dryer attachments, […]

  • How Often Should You Condition Your Hair?

    How Often Should You Condition Your Hair? The Secret’s Out! Is it your shampoo day today according to your hair washing schedule? You roll off your bed, step into the shower, and shampoo your hair. While rinsing, you see the conditioner peeking at you through the glass of the shower cubicle. Should you bust it […]

  • How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

    How often do you wash your hair? Do you have to shampoo them daily or do you prefer sticking to washing them a couple of times in a week? Well, most women hate the rough look and greasy feel of un-shampooed hair and so, they can’t help but wash them daily. Some lucky women don’t […]

  • What To Look For When Buying Your First Wig

    Have you been toying with the idea of buying a wig? Whether it’s just for fashion or to hide away your hair problems―wigs are slowly taking over the hairstyling world. So I think that you should definitely go take the plunge. You’ll soon realize that wearing a wig isn’t just a trendy fashion statement anymore. […]

  • Rusk W8less Hair Dryer Review

    Finding the perfect hair dryer that has all the features you want yet remains affordable, is difficult. Considering all the options available on the market today, it’s hard to compare all the options to find the one that offer the most value. To help narrow down your choices, here’s my Rusk W8less Hair Dryer review, […]

  • The Best Hair Dryer For Fine Hair

    Wouldn’t you love it if you had a professional hair stylist to do your hair every morning before work? Unfortunately, most people are not privileged to enjoy such a luxury. However, this should not stop you from looking fabulous, courtesy of your beautiful hair. You can easily stand out from the crowd by getting yourself […]

  • NuMe Megastar Review: Is This Hair Straightener Worth Your Time?

    Are you planning to trade your hair straightener model? Word on the street is that you can’t go wrong with the NuMe Megastar. The nifty styling tool can style your hair whichever way you want. From Kardashian’s sleek straight hair to Zendaya’s soft curls―this hair straightener has got you covered. It’s got the power to […]