Fenty Cheeks Out Freestyle Bronzer Review

Fenty Beauty shook the beauty industry in 2017 when Rihanna launched 40 shades of foundation. There is no doubt Fenty Beauty changed the beauty industry for the better and continues to push brands to create diverse shade offerings. Now you can even find drug store brands launching foundations with 40 shades! The beauty community has dubbed this the ‘Fenty effect’ because Fenty has pushed many brands to rethink their shades and become more inclusive.

Rihanna set a new standard in the industry but there is still work to be done with other complexion products. When most brands release new bronzers there are 2 maybe 3 shades at most. How can you offer 40 shades of foundation and 2 shades of bronzer? Fenty Beauty’s brand is built on inclusivity so when they launch new products they always offer a range. Their Sun Stalk’r powder bronzer launched in 2019 and had 8 shades. Their latest launch is the Cheeks Out Freestyle cream bronzer and it comes in 7 shades.

Fenty’s Cheeks Out Freestyle bronzer is one of the easiest cream bronzers to use with the best shade range on the market. Cream products are rising to popularity as they’re more natural looking but they have a bad rep for being hard to work with. For the most part, they’re not harder to work with, they’re just different then powders which are more commonly used.

Cream bronzers are hard to find and when you do, there are often 1 or 2 shades at most. This cream bronzer is buildable, easy to blend and the 7 shades offers bronzing options for many. Fenty products are consistently good and this is one of the best cream bronzers I have tried.

Fenty Cheeks Out Freestyle Bronzer Review

Fenty Cheeks Out Freestyle Bronzer is one of their latest launches from their line of cream products. In April, Fenty launched 7 shades of cream bronzer and contour along with 10 shades of cream blush. Cream makeup is rising to popularity because it’s so natural and glowy on the skin. It sinks into the skin in ways powder cannot and it’s flattering for skin of all ages.

Cream products are harder to find and when you do, the shade range is usually abysmal. This Fenty Cheeks Out Bronzer is very reminiscent of the iconic Soleil Tan de Chanel cream bronzer. That cream bronzer by Chanel is great but it’s expensive and only comes in one shade. This Fenty cream bronzer does an amazing job at giving a very similar product at a much more affordable price tag for all different skin tones to try.

This bronzer is so easy to blend and it’s buildable. If you want a softer bronze it’s very easy to achieve and if you want something more intense, it’s easy to layer on. If you avoid cream products, don’t fear this…it’s as easy to blend as most powders!


  • Fenty’s Cheeks Out Freestyle cream bronzer comes in 7 shades!
  • The formula is blendable, easy to use and great if you’re beginning to use creams.
  • The coverage is sheer but very buildable.
  • The finish is natural but the cream is not sticky or tacky.
  • The product can be used alone or with powder bronzer layered on top.
  • This product on its own is long wearing.
  • Gives a natural looking bronze to the skin.
  • Fenty is cruelty free!


  • Fenty Beauty is still a prestige brand with high prices.
  • If you prefer powder bronzer go for their Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth powder bronzer.
  • Cream bronzer takes some more time to get used to.
  • Cream products expire faster than powder products.


Fenty Cheeks Out Freestyle Bronzer comes in 7 shades.

  • 01 Amber – contour, cool undertone for fair skin tones
  • 02 Butta Biscuits – fair to light skin tones.
  • 03 Macchiato – light to medium skin tones.
  • 04 Hunnie Glaze – medium to tan skin.
  • 05 Teddy – tan skin tones.
  • 06 Chocolate – deep skin tones.
  • 07 Toffee Tease – very deep skin tones, deep contour.

Some shades like 01 Amber and 07 Toffee Tease have cooler tones and are better suited as contour shades. The rest of the bronzers have a warm tone and are good to use as a bronzer to warm up the face. That being said, you can wear and use them in any way that you like.

They can be worn alone or with a powder bronzer on top for a more bronzed look. This formula is very sheer and buildable so know that you can make it darker or lighter with your application.

Where to buy it

How does it compare?

This Fenty Cheeks Out Freestyle Bronzer is one of the best cream bronzers out there with one of the best shade ranges. Powder products in general tend to be more popular then creams because they’re easier to use and last longer. In some cases, this is true but this bronzer gives the natural look of a cream but lasts like a powder. Even oily skin types could use this product!

If you’re looking for a new bronzer it just depends on what look you’re going for and how you want to use it. What is bronzer really used for?

Fenty Cheeks Out Freestyle Bronzer vs Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Benefit Hoola Bronzer is a classic in the beauty community because it’s so easy to use and it works to contour or bronze! Benefit’s shade range isn’t the best but Hoola recently expanded it’s shade range after being one singular shade for years.

Now it comes in the OG Hoola. Hoola Lite for fair skin. Hoola Caramel for Medium skin. Hoola Toasted for Deep skin. Hoola Bronzer is one of those foolproof, options you can’t go wrong with. It’s a classic bronzer that does a great job.

How does it compare to Fenty? Both are good, just different.

Fenty Cheeks Out Freestyle Bronzer vs Milk Makeup Bronzer

Like Fenty, the Milk Makeup Bronzer stick is a cream bronzer that’s really easy to use and blend. It gives a very similar effect to the skin as Fenty and it’s been a cream bronzer favorite for a long time. There are not many cream bronzers to choose from and Milk Makeup’s bronzer is a great product. You also get a ton of product for the price, it’s almost impossible to finish up an entire one.

Compared to the Fenty Cheeks Out bronzer, this Milk Makeup bronzer has a few downsides. One, it contains coconut oil so if you have acne prone or sensitive skin, this may cause breakouts. Two, it only comes in 2 shades.

Fenty Cheeks Out Freestyle Bronzer vs Kylie Cosmetics Bronzer

Kylie Cosmetics’ bronzers are very different in comparison to Fenty Beauty. The Kylie Cosmetics bronzers come in 6 shades but the range isn’t as diverse as Fenty. They’re also powder and not very pigmented. That’s not an awful thing for bronzer because you don’t have to worry about applying too much or looking streaky.

This is a good bronzer to go for if you’re new at makeup or don’t love or use bronzer often!

Kylie Cosmetics’ bronzers are also very affordable for a prestige brand.

Final Thoughts

Cream bronzers are already hard to find to begin with and most of them have poor shade ranges. This Fenty cream bronzer blends like a dream and has a great shade range. The bronzer sets itself and sinks into the skin without feeling sticky or tacky. It’s great for a more natural, chiseled look or you can use it under powder bronzer as a contour.

As a self-proclaimed, cream bronzer connoisseur, if you’re looking for a good cream bronzer I would tell you to get this one immediately. It’s one of the best and it doesn’t take hours to blend or make your face feel sticky. Cream products tend to look more natural and they will never have you look cakey.

Fenty Beauty does their shade ranges and inclusivity very well. They’re a brand you root for and want to support! So, Fenty Beauty killed it with this launch and if you’re looking to up your makeup routine or try some Fenty, this line is a great place to start.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply cream bronzer?

The Fenty Cheeks Out Freestyle bronzer applies best when it’s heated up. So warm it up with your fingers and apply it to the skin. Or you can use a stippling brush which also works to warm up the product. The only thing I don’t recommend is to use a sponge to apply it to your face because it doesn’t pick up much product.

Once the product is on your skin then you can use a sponge or a brush. Even your fingers! I find a brush works best and gives the most control.

Do I have to set cream products?

It depends on the product. Traditionally we are taught most cream products need to be set with a powder product to keep it in place. This Fenty Cream Bronzer does not need to be set, it sets itself and doesn’t feel sticky and wears very well.

If you want to use it as contour or just want a more bronzed look, you can layer powder bronzer over it too which is what a lot of people do. If you’re oily and worried about it lasting, this will help.

Can I apply this over powder?

Yes! This product is very easy to use and layers with other products. If you powder your foundation then apply this to your face, you shouldn’t have any issue. If you apply this then powder your face, that works too.