What Are Curling Iron Barrels Made Out Of?

Hair trends come and go but curls are here to stay. The oh-so-beautiful locks falling on your shoulders gives you the boost of confidence you need. A good hairstyle uplifts your spirits, and nothing is better than adding a few waves or curls to your hair.

Many first-time buyers end up buying the wrong curling iron and waste their money, but you don’t have to!

What Are Curling Iron Barrels Made Out Of?

Curling iron barrels are made of lots of different materials. Some of the most common ones are tourmaline, ceramic, gold-plating, titanium, and Teflon. They all have advantages and disadvantages that I’ll discuss below.

The barrel is the most important part of a curling iron. Barrel material is the most important factor when choosing a curling iron. Choosing the right material for your hair type will give you fantastic curls and reduce heat damage.


Tourmaline is a newer addition to the materials used to make curling iron barrels. It is not used to make the barrels or plates. Tourmaline coats the solid ceramic plates.
Tourmaline is a mineral that is applied on a curling iron to smooth the surface and help trap moisture.

Tourmaline evenly distributes heat through your hair. It also reduces the chances of your hair getting fried by a curling rod.

If you want to straighten or curl your hair without using excessive heat, go with tourmaline.


Ceramic barrel irons are the crème-de-la-crème of high-quality curling rods and hair straighteners. These irons are great for all hair types and help your curls remain intact by providing consistent heat.

Ceramic barrel curlers are the most commonly used irons as they give users ultimate control over this electronic device.

You can adjust the temperature of the ceramic curling rod according to your heat preference. This material is ideal for any hair type as it discharges negatively charged ions that help keep the moisture of your hair.


A 24k gold-plated curling rod is all you need to be extra! 24k gold-plated barrels definitely look fancy but don’t let that fool you. Ceramic and tourmaline are better barrel materials than gold.

However, gold is not that bad for your hair.

The heat dial helps control the temperature to limit the damage done to your hair. The gold particles enhance hair follicles and can help keep your hair nourished. Compared to other materials, gold barrels can stay hot longer without getting damaged.

If you don’t have a hefty budget, then you should try a gold-plated curling iron.


Titanium is the strongest yet lightest metal found naturally. This metal is very durable and also heats up soon due to its ability to absorb heat quickly.

Titanium is the strongest barrel material and is best for curling thick and coarse hair. It makes your hair silky and smooth due to the discharge of negative ions. It is the best for thick hair but may end up damaging thin hair as it soaks up the moisture and makes it dry.

If you haven’t used a titanium curling iron before, be careful. They heat up really fast so it can be easy to heat damage your hair.


Chromium barrels are, as the name signifies, made of Chrome. Curling irons with a chromium barrel are cheaper. However, chrome is more damaging than any other curling iron material.

Chrome tends to overheat and ends up burning your hair due to the uneven heat distribution. Even though chrome-plated barrels may be cheap, you’ll end up paying for it with damaged hair.


Teflon is used to coat curling iron barrels. It is not the best material to go for as it doesn’t heat evenly either. Making it is very difficult to use.

Rather than discharging negative ions, Teflon discharges positive ions. This steals your hair’s moisture and leaves it frizzy and lifeless.

Teflon barrels are very unreliable when it comes to hair curling.

What Material Is Best For A Curling Iron?

The best quality curling rods are ceramic with tourmaline added to protect your hair. A ceramic-tourmaline curling iron is the best option today.

But, if you have thick or coarse hair, a titanium-barreled rod might be more suitable for you.

A gold-plated rod is appropriate if you’re on a budget.

Chrome and Teflon should be avoided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Given All The Curling Barrel Materials, Which One Is The Best?

The main curling iron barrel materials are tourmaline, titanium, gold, Teflon, chrome, and ceramic. Curling irons are also made of a combination of these materials such as ceramic and tourmaline. All these materials have their own pros and cons, but the best one for you depends on factors such as your hair type and budget.

Plus, the size of the barrel also varies. So a curling barrel that might be suitable for short hair may not suit long hair.

Stay away from Teflon and chrome. Ceramic, tourmaline or a combination is your best bet.

Can You Burn Your Hand On The Barrel Of A Curling Iron?

Yes, you may burn your hand if you touch the barrel of a curling iron. The barrel can get very hot, depending upon the temperature you selected.

All the materials, but especially ceramic and gold, heat up fast. The best solution is to use the heat-resistant glove that usually comes with a curler to protect your hands from getting burned.

Will The Barrels Of My Curling Iron Wear Out?

The barrels of a curling iron usually wear out depending upon the usage. Ceramic plates, in particular, tend to be very sensitive and can break. However, if the barrels do wear out within the given warranty, companies usually change the plates for you.

What Impact Does The Barrel Size Have?

You may have noticed that curlers have different barrel sizes. The size of the barrel is important as it determines the shape and the size of your hair curls.

Select a curling rod with a barrel size suitable for your hair. A small curling iron barrel is suitable for short hair. People with long hair can opt for a curling iron with any barrel size, but if you have thick and long hair, you should opt for a big barrel.


Long hair or short, want some gorgeous hair curls? Not a problem. Don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars at the salon? Don’t worry. Invest in a good curling iron with the perfect barrel material and you’re good to go!