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Crème de La Mer is the most high maintenance, super star product in the beauty industry. It’s exorbitantly high price puts it out of many people’s price range because no face cream should ever be worth that much. Ever! Some swear by it and some say it’s not worth the price which is totally obvious.

It’s rich moisture helps plump the skin while offering light exfoliation. Surely, other face creams do the same?!

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Our favorite dupe for Crème de La Mer is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream! They share similar ingredients and both provide instant hydration. The magic cream has an insanely rich and hydrating cream texture and can be used on the face, hands and body. It has become a staple in my daily skincare routine! The price tag is still a splurge (SO WORTH IT!) but less than La Mer which your wallet will thank you for!

Crème de La Mer Dupes – The List

Crème de La Mer is luxury in a bottle. It’s an intensely rich, thick hydrating cream that soothes, moisturizes and hydrates. Oily skin types likely won’t feel the same way about it as dry skin types would!

It’s star ingredient is fermented seaweed which works as a lactic acid to lightly exfoliate. It’s nice but not enough to warrant the hefty price tag! This crème is good for redness, dryness, and wrinkles. Let’s get to the best alternatives!

Our Favorite

1. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

Sometimes simple is better! This intensely hydrating cream is rich, thick and can be used all over the body.

The ingredients list looks pretty similar to La Mer so no wonder this has been the go-to dupe. It’s ridiculous how affordable this is compared to La Mer. Trust me, this is truly a game changer, your face will feel instantly refreshed.


  • Similar ingredients list to La Mer.
  • Insanely rich and hydrating.
  • Can be used all over the body.
  • So affordable and comes in tons of different sizes.
  • Works as a hand cream.


  • Less luxury than La Mer.
  • Does not contain seaweed extract or have light exfoliating properties.

2. SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2

Crème de La Mer dupe Skinceuticals triple lipid restore

Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 is an anti-aging cream that contains the optimal and patented lipid ratio of 2% pure ceramides 1 and 3, 4% natural cholesterol, and 2% fatty acids, which is proven to nourish skin and correct signs of aging.

This unique lipid correction cream contains the first 2:4:2 cholesterol-dominant ratio to help restore skin’s external barrier and support natural self-repair, while potently nourishing aging skin for improvement in the visible appearance of skin smoothness, laxity, pores, and overall radiance.

It has shown clinically proven results and is critically acclaimed by dermatologists. It’s similar to La Mer with how hydrating it is but is much cheaper. It still is a splurge but actually worth it! We love this moisturizer especially in winter because it works exceptionally well in the cold weather months. It’s a great hand cream too!


  • Richly hydrating.
  • Affordable.
  • Clinically Proven Results
  • Cruelty-free!


  • Can leave a greasy finish, so not ideal for everyone.

3. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Moisturizer

Crème de La Mer dupe la roche-posay

One of the main ingredients in Crème de La Mer is glycerin and these two creams share that in common. The glycerin is a moisturizing agent that really helps the skin trap the moisture it draws to the skin.

This cream also has niacinamide which can help fade skin discolorations. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Face Moisturizer is much more affordable than Crème de La Mer, in fact it can be purchased at a drug store. It’s a great and affordable alternative to La Mer.


  • Both formulas contain star ingredient, glycerin.
  • This contains niacinamide and ceramide-3.
  • Affordable!
  • Absorbs and doesn’t feel greasy.
  • Oil-free formula.


  • Some people complain about the scent – more natural floral

4. Weleda Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream

This ultra-rich cream contains many natural ingredients such as beeswax to moisturize the skin. Weleda Cream feeds thirsty skin with intense nourishment and hydration. The ultra rich face and body cream combats stubborn dryness that occurs on your face, hands, feet and elbows.

Essential fatty acids along with vitamin E moisturize and soften while organic pansy calms irritation due to dry skin. Organic calendula flower extract gently cares for your skin, aiding repair and restoration. It’s a dupe that comes pretty close to Crème de La Mer and it is insanely affordable.


  • Natural ingredients.
  • Insanely hydrating.
  • Affordable.
  • Cruelty-free
  • Tested by dermatologists


  • Not very luxury.
  • Can clog pores.

5.First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydrating Cream

This head-to-toe moisturizer offers rich hydration without leaving behind a greasy feeling. The super rich hydration is best for dry skin types. A bonus is that it’s great for eczema and irritated skin.

The price is insanely affordable compared to La Mer. It’s free from lanolin and mineral oil if you’re allergic or don’t like those in your skincare.


  • Artificial fragrance free.
  • Works all over the body.
  • Ingredients list is good for sensitive and irritated skin.
  • Cruelty-free, vegan and gluten-free.
  • Comes in an oil control and intense version for oily and extra dry skin.


  • It is available on Amazon but be careful because some people said it arrived expired.

Frequently Asked Questions

I feel like heavy creams clog my pores, is this true?

Yes, sometimes there can be too much hydration! Check the ingredients in your creams – sometimes it’s just texture but sometimes it’s formulation. Heavy creams can commonly contain shea butter, coconut oil and lanolin. All of which can be comedogenic and highly irritating to some skin types. If you have irritation with any of these ingredients, make sure to find a cream without them. It’s a little harder but not impossible!

Is La Mer cruelty-free?

As if you needed another reason not to spend hundreds of dollars on a night cream, La Mer is not cruelty-free! They sell in Mainland China and animal testing is required there. They are also owned by Estée Lauder which tests on animals. Sad! Thankfully, other companies are cruelty-free and make amazing an dupe. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, Weleda Skin Food, and First Aid Beauty are all cruelty-free dupes.

If I have a heavy night-time routine, do I still need other products?

YES!! A good night cream no matter how many wrinkle reducing claims it has won’t get rid of all your wrinkles. At night, you’re best off using actives to target your skin issues. Lines and texture – try retinol. Acne – use a BHA serum to help unclog pores. Dark spots and dullness – use an AHA to give live back to your skin. A good night cream is good to use with actives, but on it’s own, it’s not enough to really improve skin issues.


Our list of dupes proves there is no need to go out and spend all your money on Crème de La Mer! Just kidding, if you want to treat yourself it’s the perfect product but, it’s not the only option for a richly hydrating night cream. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream is our favorite dupe and it comes in many sizes. If you’re missing the light exfoliation, just go in with an AHA serum or toner. That’ll be more than enough compared to what the La Mer offers and it’s the basis of a pretty solid nighttime routine.