Colourpop Lux Lip Oil in Blossom Out Review

Colourpop’s latest addition to their line of lip products is their Lux Lip Oil. They join their cult-favorite Ultra Blotted Lips, Lux Lipsticks and So Juicy Lip Glosses and they look so promising! Their Lux Lip Oils provide a sheer wash of color packed with antioxidant rich chamomile and calendula oils. They’re light, hydrating, comfortable on the lips and never sticky.

Sounds like Colourpop has done it yet again, right?

Colourpop Lux Lip Oil is the perfect everyday lippie that’s hydrating, comfortable to wear and never sticky. It’s a sheer wash of color that pairs well alone or with a lip liner and flatters any look. With Colourpop’s affordable pricing, you’ll want to grab a few of these to keep in your purse and in the car because it’s so comfortable and hydrating on the lips! A lip oil has the ease and hydration of chapstick but the look of a gloss and it’s a great lip product for any occasion.

Colourpop Lux Lip Oil Review

Opt for comfort with this sleek, lip oil!

Colourpop new Lux Lip Oils are hydrating, lightweight, and easy to wear. They’re almost like an updated, chicer version of chapstick in that they’re easily applied without a mirror, hydrating and natural-looking. This lip oil sort of looks like a gloss on the lips but is not sticky or heavy. It’s a sheer wash of color so, if you like a natural lip, you will enjoy this.

How to wear lip oil? This lip oil would pair beautifully with a liner for added definition to your lips while still looking natural. It would also layer nicely over lipstick because it is so lightweight. Since it’s lightweight and sheer coverage on it’s own, I would say this is a daytime lip. It has a natural, undone look that’s casual and easy to wear whenever.

Size wise, there’s not a ton of product but it’s so affordable. There’s high end brands that sell lip oils with the same amount of product for 3xs the price. So if you’re looking at the amount of product per price, it definitely wins. Colourpop always does cute packaging that varies from collection to collection. The floral design painted on the bottle peels off with time but they’re still cute and a great addition to any Instagram flat lay!

The Lux Lip Oils are cruelty-free and vegan. In typical Colourpop fashion, the quality is there and these perform well. More high end brands are dropping lip oils as their comfort and ease is hard to beat and this one is right on par with those. The texture is lightweight, it’s not sticky and it performs like a high end lip oil. If you’re looking to try a lip oil, this is a really good one to start off with!


  • Comfortable on the lips!
  • For a shiny finish, it has a non-sticky formula.
  • Contains chamomile and calendula oils for added hydration.
  • Sheer wash of color that pairs well with any look.
  • Hydrating formula that is good for chapped lips and adding in moisture.
  • Easy to apply, bendy applicator with adorable, chunky packaging.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free formula.
  • Colourpop always offers high-quality, affordable formulas.
  • The formula with shimmer does not feel gritty.
  • Offers a nice shade range with different shades, some with shimmer and some with not.
  • Has a subtle, sweet smell that is very hard to detect.
  • Packaging is secure – they never leak or get messy.
  • Appears clear on the lips and matches with any look or lipstick.


  • This is not a very pigmented lip product.
  • This does not last very long on the lips.
  • The foiling decoration on the packaging flakes off.
  • If you apply this over lipstick some of it will get stuck to the applicator.
  • Some people may just prefer to go in with a traditional lip gloss.


The Lux Lip Oils come in 9 shades and as Colourpop releases more collections, the shade range will most likely grow! The Lux Lip Oils are getting great reviews so I think it’s fair to say we can expect more in the future. Some shades have shimmer, some do not but they all have a glossy finish.

I picked up the shade Blossom Out and in the packaging it looks like a simple, nude with some shimmer that’s perfect for everyday wear. Once it’s on the lips it looks like a clear lip balm and the shimmer is undetectable.

Where to buy it

The Lux Lip Oils are available exclusively on for now. Some Colourpop items are sold at Ulta so hopefully, they’ll be available there in the future!

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a sheer wash of color that’s comfortable, lightweight and hydrating…ding, ding, ding this is it! The Colourpop Lux Lip Oils are a great addition to their already killer line of lip products and they’re unlike anything else they offer. Lip oils are favored for their hydrating, easy to wear, comfort and this one is no different. It’s great for natural makeup days and it helps to hydrate like a chapstick would.

Lip oils are not the longest-lasting lip of the bunch but they’re easy to apply like a chapstick, no mirror necessary. I like to think of them as a nicer version of chapstick as they’re natural-looking, comfortable, and a good everyday option. Lip oils are growing in popularity and Colourpop Lux Lip Oils are totally comparable to high-end brands. Ultimately, if you’re looking for an easy, comfy, hydrating lip – give this a try and you’ll be very impressed!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a lip oil and a lip gloss?

A lip oil is usually lightweight, still glossy but hydrating and sometimes even oily. A lip gloss is heavier than an oil with a thicker consistency. They’re usually sticky while lip oil isn’t. (Think of comparing chapstick and lip balm – both are similar but different consistencies.) They’re both similar but lip oils have more benefits for your lips while glosses are more of an intense, notable glossy look.

What kind of applicator do these lip oils have?

The Lux Lip Oil has a smaller, bendy applicator. It’s good for precise application but with a sheer formula like this, precision is not something you need. Overall, the packaging is nice and chunky which makes it easy to hold and apply. The applicator is small and works very well for this formula.

Is Colourpop cruelty-free and vegan?

Colourpop is cruelty-free and they have the certification from PETA to prove so! Colourpop is vegan for the most part but they do have some products that aren’t. It’s some of their eye shadows and liquid lipsticks (not all shades) and the list can be easily accessed online.