3 Best Rice Shampoo Bars – Reviews & Benefits

What Are Rice Shampoo Bars?

It’s been found that hydrolyzed rice protein, one of the key ingredients of rice shampoo bars, contains inositol. This ingredient can penetrate all kinds of hair easily and offer these benefits. 

However, with the rising demand for these bars, the market is getting saturated with similar products. This makes it hard to find the right one for an individual. 

In this article, we’ll put a rest to that as we’ll share our honest review on the three best rice shampoo bars that you can buy now. 

Best Bar Shampoos Made From Rice Water – The List

We’ve picked the following products on the basis of their benefits and specialties. Let’s take a deep dive into the good and the bad they’re offering. 

1. Kitsch Rice Water Shampoo Bar

Kitsch Rice Water Shampoo Bar

What We Like

  • Helps close damaged follicles 
  • Encourages hair growth for long hair and prevents split ends
  • Comes with a natural fragrance
  • Lasts up to a hundred washes
  • Rich in vegetable glycerin for nourishing your hair

What We Don’t Like

  • Not suitable for dry hair 


Kitsch Shampoo Bar

To start off, we have this rice shampoo from Kitsch. Besides rice water protein, this shampoo bar is formulated with guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, vegetable glycerin, castor oil, and natural fragrance. 

As you can see, the ingredients are very light, but how does the shampoo work? Well, the rice protein takes care of the damaged follicles and helps close them. This reduces hair fall. Furthermore, the vegetable glycerin provides nourishments, making hair smooth and soft. 

If you have curly hair, this shampoo bar will help detangle your hair. Furthermore, it also prevents split ends, thus encouraging your hair to grow long and healthy. 

A ton of shampoos harm our hair by using artificial fragrances. This one from Kitsch comes with a natural fragrance, so you won’t have to worry about that either. 

Finally, we must say that it’s one of the most efficient shampoo bars out there. A single bar will give you up to 100 washes, which is twice as much as what two bottles of liquid shampoo offer. 

  • Hair-Type: Damaged, high porosity hair
  • Sulfate-Free: Yes
  • Scent: Natural Fragrance 
  • Size: 102g
  • Cruelty-Free: Yes

2. Viori – Citrus Yao Scented Rice Shampoo Bar

Viori Citrus Yao Scented Rice Shampoo Bar

What We Like

  • Rich in shea butter for moisturizing hair 
  • Gives you shiny hair and increases hair volume
  • Made with all-natural ingredients 
  • 100% plastic free, so it’ll help reduce carbon footprint
  • Uses Longsheng rice that can renew and reenergize your hair

What We Don’t Like

  • It offers only sixty washes, which is lower than the competition 


If you want the Red Yao tribe experience while using a rice shampoo bar, then you should definitely try the Citrus Yao. This shampoo is made from fresh red Yao fruits. Instead of regular rice, it uses Longsheng rice, that’s capable of offering much more. This rice water will renew and repair your hair follicles. 

One other special ingredient this rice shampoo bar comes with is shea butter. It will condition and moisturize your hair. So, you won’t necessarily have to use a conditioner bar after using this shampoo bar. 

Also, it’s one of the few rice shampoos that come with aloe vera. The aloe can add shine to your hair and increase the volume. 

Furthermore, the shampoo has hydrolyzed rice protein and bamboo to improve the condition of your hair. It also contains sodium cocoyl isethionate. One more thing, the details on the shampoo bar are absolutely beautiful. 

Despite the great benefits offered by this shampoo bar, its efficiency left us wanting more. This bar can last about sixty washes. While that’s far higher than what a regular shampoo would give, the competition offers far more washes. 

  • Hair-Type: Normal to oily hair 
  • Sulfate-Free: Yes
  • Scent: Citrus fragrance
  • Size: 1.25in/3.18cm height by 2.5in/6.35 width.
  • Cruelty-Free: Yes

3. Radiant Crush Rice Water Bar

Radiant Crush Rice Water Bar

What We Like

  • Contains no artificial chemicals, made of all-natural ingredients
  • The rice water used in this is fermented for four weeks for greater effect
  • Enriched with vitamin E
  • Made in an eco-friendly manner 

What We Don’t Like

  • Takes some time to affect chemically treated hair 


Lastly, we have the Radiant Crush bars. These shampoo bars are formulated with fermented rice water and also come rich in enhancers such as shea butter, almond oil, rice oil, etc. 

The soap is made of all-natural ingredients, and most of the resources are sourced from the Amazon forest, making the product sustainable. 

Even when such cosmetic products claim to be all-natural, they come with a few chemical components. This one is completely different from those, as it has zero artificial chemicals. While the main element of this shampoo bar is fermented rice water, it’s further enhanced with essential oils. 

One unique characteristic of this rice water shampoo bar is that it doesn’t work well on hair that’s been chemically treated. If you want this to work well on chemically treated hair, you’ll have to apply this regularly for a few days. After some time of use, the shampoo will become more effective. 

The fermented rice water used in this formula provides inositol. This is a special type of carbohydrate that can increase the elasticity of your hair. It’ll also reduce the surface friction to prevent hair damage. 

  • Hair-Type: Natural Hair 
  • Sulfate-Free: Yes
  • Scent: Fragrance-free
  • Size: 104g
  • Cruelty-Free: Yes

How Would You Know Which One’s Best for You?

Now that you’ve taken a look at the best products, the range should be narrowed down for you. That being said, it’s also normal to get confused about which one among the three you should opt for. Here are some pointers that’ll help you choose better. 

Beware of Sulfate

None of the three shampoo bars mentioned in this article come with sulfate. However, if you’re opting for any shampoo bar not mentioned in this list, we strongly suggest you go for a sulfate-free shampoo bar only. 

Sulfate is often added to create a rich foam that people like. However, sulfate is very harmful to your hair and can lead to damaged follicles. This is why we recommend sulfate-free shampoos. 

Get Paraben-Free Shampoos

Another ingredient we recommend you avoid is paraben. After applying shampoos with paraben, hair feels dry and crude. If you want that extra cleansing, then you should go for paraben-free shampoos. Plus, it’s also great for adding shine. 

Active Charcoal 

Activated charcoal can not only increase the volume of your hair, but it’ll also leave your hair super sudsy clean by removing all the impurities. 


Although having a shampoo that smells good can be pleasing, it won’t always be healthy for your hair. Some cosmetic brands use artificial fragrances to make their products more attractive, but these fragrances can damage your hair over time. 

This is why it’s recommended you pick fragrance-free shampoo and conditioner bars. However, if you must have a shampoo bar with fragrance, you should get one that contains natural fragrance. 

What Is Your Hair Type?

Most importantly, you need to consider what type of hair the shampoo is made for. A single shampoo bar is unlikely to benefit all hair types. If you have dry hair, you will benefit from a rice shampoo that adds a ton of oil. 

On the other hand, adding more oil to oily hair won’t help. So, this is why you need to get a shampoo that matches your hair type. 

Side Effects of Rice Water Shampoo

Frequently Asked Questions

Is rice shampoo bar beneficial for you?

Yes, and it’s one of the natural shampoo bars that actually work like magic. The Red Yao women have been using rice shampoo for hair growth, and it’s been used for thousands of years.

The specialty of rice shampoo is that whether you have oily or dry hair, it will benefit you equally.

How do you use a rice shampoo bar?

You don’t use the rice shampoo bar directly on your hair. To do so, take the soap and apply it directly to your hands. Now, rub your hands to make a lather. Apply that lather to your wet hair. 

In case you want to apply the bar directly, you need to cut the bar into smaller pieces so it gets easier. Plus, make sure to rub the bar downwards. Doing it upwards can entangle your hair.

How to store a rice shampoo bar?

You store the bars the same way you store a regular shampoo bar or bottled shampoo. Yes, you can put it in the shower, but make sure it doesn’t get wet.

We recommend using a soap dish as this drains the water right out.

How long can you expect to use a rice shampoo bar?

Shampoo bars last anywhere from 80 to 100 washes. However, that depends on the ingredients used in the shampoo bar. The three bars mentioned in this review will last about 90 washes.


Now that you’ve seen the best rice shampoo bars and know how to pick the right one for yourself, we believe you’ll be able to make the right purchase. 

In our opinion, the Kitsch shampoo bar is the best option you have. If you can’t find any of the products mentioned above, you should refer to the buying guide. So, go ahead and get yourself a rice shampoo bar, and don’t forget to share this with your friends!