The Best Professional Hair Dryers

Without a doubt, there are some very good hair dryers for home use on the market. However, they normally lack the power, durability, and resistance that professional hair dryers have. Luckily, hair stylists have the option of buying professional dryers with great performance.

Today, there are many professional hair dryer options to choose from. To help you choose the right one, I will review five of the best blow dryers for hair stylists available today. As if that wasn’t enough, I will provide useful information about professional hair dryers in general.

Hopefully, this info will help you choose the perfect one for you.

The Best Professional Hair Dryers

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer

Best Professional Hair Dryer for Fine Hair

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

A stellar combination of power, speed and design offers both heavy-duty 2000-watt performance and lightweight ergonomic handling.

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Featuring six heat settings and a maximum 2000 watts of power, the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium hair dryer is capable of quickly and efficiently drying hair of all types. It also features a cool shot button that acts quickly and deactivates as soon as it is released. What’s more, this product includes a concentration nozzle for providing a range of stylistic options.

Without a doubt, the most standout benefit that this hair dryer has to offer is its performance. Despite being very lightweight and compact, this device produces great speeds of warm airflow that is very efficient at drying all hair types. It is particularly effective, however, for drying thick, coarse hair that would otherwise be difficult to deal with.

Lightweight and compactIts barrel gets very hot
Ergonomic handlingLong cool-out times
2000 watts of power

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Jinri Paris Professional Hair Dryer

Best Professional Hair Dryer for Curly Hair

Jinri Professional Salon Hair Dryer

The Jinri Professional Salon Hair Dryer has 3 heat & 2 speed settings, making this blow dryer great for frizzy and/or straight hair.

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If you often work on curly hair, investing in a hair dryer that uses ceramic is highly advisable. The Jinri Professional Hair Dryer incorporates this technology is a remarkably effective way, producing fantastic effects on your hair without damaging it. Apart from drying your hair, this device reduces frizz and conserves moisture, resulting in a silkier hair.

The Jinri Professional Infrared Hair Dryer has three speed and two heat settings for applying different hair drying techniques. Instead of the traditional DC motor that most dryers use, this device uses a professional AC motor that, apart from producing a high level of power, is capable of prolonging the lifecycle of the product. As a guarantee of its safety, this product features an ETL & Rohs certification.

50% faster than most hair dryersThe barrel gets hot
Great for long and thick hairThe diffuser and nozzles are difficult to attach and detach
Three heat and two speed settings
ETL & Rohs safety ce

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GHD Air Dryer

Best Professional Hair Dryer for Thick Hair

This award-winning ionic hair dryer is, at the same time, powerful, ergonomic and compact. As a result, it is great for both home use and professional use. Despite its reduced size, the ghd Air Dryer has an incredibly powerful motor, resulting in a quick-drying action. Due to using ionic technology, the heat that this device produces is safe, and it naturally penetrates each strand of hair in order to dry it from the inside.

Something that comes up very often when talking to experts about this product is how bouncy and silky it leaves the hair of customers. What’s more, it is capable of achieving those results in half the time a regular hair dryer takes to fully dry a head of hair. As if that was not enough, this product features various power and temperature settings, two alternative nozzles and a quick-release cool shot button.

Includes two different nozzlesVery heavy
Quick cooldownVery loud
Does not get too hot
Compact and lightweight
Very powerful

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Turbo Power Twin Turbo 3200

Best Professional Hair Dryer for Stylists

Turbo Power Twin Turbo 3200

The Turbo Power TwinTurbo 3200 Hair Dryer ensures a statement of style and beauty. It is equipped with the Ionic and Ceramic Technology for the health and the elimination of static electricity of your hair.

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The Turbo Power TwinTurbo 3200 is not only eye-catching but also incredibly efficient. Despite its remarkable power, it’s very lightweight. This, in combination with its ergonomic handle, makes it very easy to operate, even for prolonged periods of time. It features a compact but powerful motor that works at 1900 watts. It also has four temperature and two-speed settings, providing enough versatility for professional use.

At its highest heat setting, this product is perfect for drying out coarse hair or performing a record-speed blowout hairdo. Meanwhile, its high-speed setting is astoundingly efficient for making and setting curls. Unlike most professional hair dryers, this one is very easy to disassemble in order to clean. This is further helped by the dryer’s stainless steel filter, a feature that collects dust and debris in an efficient manner no matter how high the level of heat.

Stainless steel filter
Capable of both high heat and high velocity

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amika The Accomplice Dryer

Best Professional Hair Dryer for Home Use:

amika The Accomplice
amika The Accomplice delivers the ultimate combination of high-powered heat and airflow, reducing drying time up to 70%.
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Utilizing the latest in Korean technology, amika The Accomplice Dryer is a product that provides a fantastic balance between heat and velocity. This dryer utilizes an 1800-watt AC motor, resulting in enough power to dry hair quickly and efficiently. Despite its vast power, the hair dryer has noise-reducing capabilities that are very efficient at muffling sounds and even vibrations.

Due to its advanced technology, the Amika is capable of reducing drying time by a whopping 70 percent. Largely, this has to do with the device’s ionic and infrared abilities. To enhance the benefits provided by its ionic technology, the dryer was infused with tourmaline. Apart from making the entire process more effective, the combination of the dryer’s ionic technology and material results in a smoother, frizz-free hair. As if all that wasn’t enough, this professional hair dryer is lightweight and compact.

Reduces drying time by 70 percentOnly has two heat settings
Infused with tourmalineOnly has two speeds
Ionic and infrared abilities
Lightweight and compact

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Professional Hair Dryer Buying Guide

Hair Dryer Types


Infrared dryers emit long wavelengths of heat. Due to its nature, this type of heat is capable of passing through the entirety of each strand of hair without damaging it. By doing this, an infrared blow dryer can dry your hair with extreme efficiency. What’s more, this type of dryer will dry your hair in an even manner.


Fast and effective, ionic hair dryers are often used by hairstyling professionals to create complex looks. They function by violently emitting negatively-charged ions that break down the positively-charged water molecules. Ionic hair dryers are great for combating frizz and uneven textures. If you have this kind of hair, give it a try. Check out our guide on the best ionic hair dryers here.

Hair Brush Dryer

Hair brush dryers release air through small openings on their shaft instead of the traditional barrel. Located between the bristles, these openings help a hair brush dryer provide warm air more gradually than barrel dryers. Check out our guide on the best hair dryer brushes here.


In most professional hair salons, you can find at least one bonnet hair dryer. This type of device fits like a cap over your head, applying a warm and dry air to it from every direction. This type of dryer is incredibly effective and even in its performance. Check out our guide on the best bonnet hair dryers here.

What to Look For in a Professional Hair Dryer

Short drying time: A good hair dryer should be capable of doing its job relatively quickly and without damaging your hair.

Variable settings: Without a doubt, the best blow dryer for hair stylists is one that has various different settings. Try to look for a hair dryer that has various different settings as it will allow you greater freedom when styling your hair.

A cool shot feature: Using cool air can help seal the cuticle of your hair after it has been completely dried. Cool air is also useful for locking in curls.

Ergonomic handle: Since you will be holding it for prolonged periods of time, look for a hair dryer with a comfortable, ergonomic handle that will not strain your hand or wrist.

Common Hair Dryer Materials


Because it is great at dispersing heat evenly and smoothly, ceramic is a material that is often used in hair dryers and similar tools. Apart from making it more effective, the dispersive capabilities of this material make it gentler with your hair. Check out our guide on the best ceramic hair dryers here.


Due to its ability to boost the presence of negatively charged ions, tourmaline is a material that is often used in ionic blow dryers. By enhancing the action of said ions, this material can make the blowing drying action smoother and more effective. Check out our guide on the best tourmaline hair dryers here.


Titanium is often used as the main material for the construction of blow dryers due to its heat conduction and dispersion efficiency. Apart from making the dry more effective, this material makes it smoother and more protective. It should be noted, however, that this material tends to get very hot.

Five Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Hair Dryer

What is My Hair Type?

It’s important to be aware that different hair types require different levels of heat. While coarse and thick hair types need a higher level of heat, thin hair needs a gentler level or it could get damaged. Low high is also useful for blowing dry bangs and setting curls.

What is My Noise Tolerance?

Without a doubt, all hair dryers are noisy. Some of them, however, are louder than others. While extra noise can be a sign of a powerful motor, it can also be due to a lack of muffling or noise-reducing technology. At any rate, you should take into account your tolerance before deciding on a particular dryer.

How Strong Are My Arms?

While the weight of a blow dryer may not be an issue for some people, it can be something to consider for others. Professional-grade hair dryers tend to be heavy because they have powerful motors and are made of high-quality materials.

Do I Travel Often?

If you are always traveling, you may want to consider buying a compact and lightweight hair dryer. Some models can even be folded in order to take up less luggage space. However, this kind of portable hair dryers tends to perform less than optimally, particularly in comparison to professional devices.

What Attachments Do I Need?

There are various attachments that you can use in order to make the drying process more efficient. Alternatively, you can use different attachments to produce special effects. Among the most important is a diffuser, an attachment that helps distribute heat across a wider area. Opposite in its effect is a concentrator nozzle, a device that helps focus the airflow in a reduced spot. Take your personal needs into account when choosing a hair dryer, and be sure to check out whether the device is compatible with the attachments you need.

Final Thoughts

Having gone through all that valuable information, I am ready to choose the best blow dryer for hair stylists on the market. With everything on the table, I can say with confidence that the GHD Air Dryer is the winner this time around. In addition to being powerful, it is adaptable and versatile, allowing professionals to use it on customers with different types of hair. In addition, it is lightweight and ergonomic, resulting in less strain during long work hours. What’s more, its ionic capabilities make this dryer extremely efficient and fast. If you are a professional hair stylist, give this fantastic hair dryer a chance!