The 4 Best Pimple Patches for Cystic Acne

If you’ve ever had to deal with cystic acne before, you know that it can be a long and frustrating process to get it to go away. We get acne when oil and dead skin cells clog our skin pores. With cystic acne, bacteria also gets into the pores, causing swelling and inflammation. This can cause painful, pus-filled pimples to form deep under the skin. Sometimes it can take weeks to clear up, especially if you don’t treat it. Not a fun issue to deal with, especially when you’ve got a big day ahead! 

Luckily, there are a LOT of products on the market today that can help clear your skin quickly (sometimes in as little as a few hours!). We LOVE using pimple patches to deal with cystic acne because they are so easy to use. Simply peel the patch from the paper and place it on your problem area and – Voila! – no more painful blemish. 

Here’s our roundup of the best pimple patches for Cystic Acne on the market:

Peach Slices Deep Blemish Microdarts

Peach Slices uses microdart technology to get under the skin and attack bacteria below the surface. This is key for dealing with cystic acne. This product works for all skin types and is highly effective. We recommend this for all of our readers! 

This solution is a little bit on the higher end budget-wise when you consider how many patches you get (usually 9 in a box). That said, these are HIGHLY effective and a great solution when you don’t want to wait weeks or more for a blemish to go away. They can make a difference in as little as six hours, and when you give it a whole night, you can expect to see your pimple get 50% smaller by the time you wake up! 

You will want to make sure that you press hard with these patches as it can take 10-15 seconds of pressing for them to adhere properly 

Peach Slices – Deep Blemish Microdarts

Actively absorb developing blemishes or already-present pimples. These small, translucent sticker-like hydrocolloid patches act as a protective cover over the treated area to make the blemish visibly smaller in less than one day.

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Mighty Patch Micropoint for Blemishes

You’ve probably seen The Original Mighty Patch but did you know that they offer a Micropoint product as well? These patches boast 395 micropoints designed to target blemishes right at the source. It’s exactly what you need to deal with the deep pimples that come with cystic acne.

Users love the stickiness of Mighty Patch, and this product is no different. You’ll be able to easily apply these with your fingers and not have to worry about them coming off at night. Don’t worry though, they are easy to remove when you are ready to get on with your day. Again, you don’t get a lot of these in the box (usually 8), but they work wonders on painful spots that would normally take weeks to get rid of. 

Mighty Patch Micropoint for Blemishes from Hero Cosmetics

Hydrocolloid Acne Spot Treatment Patch for Early Stage Zits and Hidden Pimples, 395 Proprietary Micropoints

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Derma Angel Active Patch Intensive

This product is great for anyone on a budget or who needs a larger supply of patches. These typically come in boxes of 96-240 patches! You just can’t beat the price. Users love a more affordable option that is still thin enough for daytime use while also being effective. 

The intensive version of this product blends in with any skin, and it also contains salicylic acid which can help with spots that need to be dried out. Just make sure that you clean your skin and dry it before applying! 

One downside is that the packaging can be a little bit hard to deal with. The perforated lines don’t really tear, and the stickers can sometimes be hard to remove from the backing. 

DERMA ANGEL Ultra Invisible Acne Patches

Salicylic Acid Acne Patches for Cystic Acne – Day and Night Use

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ZitSticka Killa Pimple Patch

ZitSticka also uses microdart technology to dissolve any cystic acne that may be on (or underneath!) your skin. So many people have found great success with this product! We strongly recommend this product if it is within your price range. 

Formulated with products like niacinamide and salicylic acid, it’s easy to see that this company knows what they’re talking about. These ingredients not only zap away blemishes and clear the skin, but they are also very hydrating and nourishing as well. Users are obsessed with the quick results. In as little as two hours, the blemish will be less inflamed, less red, and almost entirely gone. They are easy to use and highly effective, so they are great for those with acne-prone skin that is difficult to clear up. 

You are going to pay a higher price for the speed and effectiveness of these patches. One of the main things users dislike about this product is the price. It may not be realistic for you to buy this product often, but when you need serious, FAST relief from cystic acne, this product is definitely the way to go. 

ZitSticka Killa Pimple Patches

This pimple patch has tiny microdarts that self-dissolve to flood the epicenter of your early-stage zit with targeted ingredients, clearing the upcoming drama before it gets real.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Final Thoughts

Cystic acne can put a damper on your day, but luckily you’ve got options to deal with it. If you can make it work, we definitely recommend ZitSticka patches because they are so fast and so effective. If you’re on a budget, then give Derma Angel a shot. Definitely try a few different brands if you can so that you can figure out what is best for your skin and body chemistry. Peach Slices and Mighty Patch have great pimple patch products for cystic acne if you haven’t quite found what you need.