Best Lotion For Crepey Skin On Arms And Legs

What is the best lotion for crepey skin on arms and legs? If you think your skin starts to feel thin, saggy, loose, and finely wrinkled, just like the crepe paper you made arts and crafts with, you might have crepey skin (Cryolipolysis). In some ways, having crepey skin might just look like you have wrinkly skin, but it feels a bit more fragile than ever and sensitive like paper. 

But it isn’t the end of the world. Crepey skin is dermatologically treatable, even more so if you take measures early on. The goal is to keep the skin well-moisturized, especially in the areas where it’s more sensitive. Thankfully, there are many lotions available that protect your skin from creping up.

No need to hit the search bar for that one. We’ve already compiled our top 5 picks for the best lotion for crepey skin on arms and legs.

The 5 Best Lotions For Crepey Skin On Arms And Legs

1. Beverly Hills MD – Crepe Correcting Body Complex™

First on our list is Crepe Correcting Body Complex, made by Beverly Hills MD Cosmeceuticals. This lotion is specially formulated to smoothen and tighten the appearance of wrinkling, creping skin through deep cellular hydration and volumizing collagen support. 

It has a unique ingredient blend called HydraFirm, which contains algae, lentils, apples, and watermelon rind extracts that help hydrate, tighten, and smoothen parts of the skin affected by creping, especially in hard-to-beat areas like the stomach and the thighs.  

Niacinamide, another key ingredient, is a form of vitamin B-3 essential for achieving healthy skin. It helps boost collagen production and protein synthesis to increase skin resiliency and decreases pore size, making the skin smoother, more supple, and healthier-looking. Protein helps crepey skin in many ways.

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  • Ingredients are clinically proven to yield optimal results.
  • High customer satisfaction rate.
  • Special discounts for bulk orders.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.


  • Results may vary. It might not work on others.
  • A bit more expensive than other brands. 
  • Small jar size. You might need to purchase more to maximize its full effects.

Before And After

2 Weeks of Usage

Usage Guide

Apply evenly on areas affected by crepey skin. Use once a day only.

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2. City Beauty – InvisiCrepe Body Balm

InvisiCrepe Body Balm aims to eliminate traces of thin, wrinkled skin caused by skin creping through skin hydration, cell regeneration, and protein network support.

Skin hydration is integral to achieving healthy skin. Invisicrepe’s Multi-Fruit Complex and lipid compound provide the hydration the skin needs while repairing the cracks in the skin barrier. This causes the skin to retain more water and lock the moisture in to keep the skin rejuvenated and more elastic for a long time. 

The Lactococcus ferment lysate and oat bran extract prevent the thinning of the skin by strengthening the skin’s barrier, soothing and moisturizing it.  On the other hand, Niacinamide and ribose help combat sagging and wrinkling skin by energizing and renewing skin cells and increasing collagen production. These compounds help you achieve a firmer complexion and smoother skin in the process from the inside out.

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  • High customer satisfaction rate.
  • Ingredients show clinical evidence for their effectiveness.
  • Minimal risk of adverse side effects.
  • Leaves a comfortable feel on the skin.


  • Results may not be as drastic and evident. It may take some months of use to see optimal results.
  • In some cases, it might create a slight tingling sensation.

Usage Guide

Use InvisiCrepe Body Balm religiously once a day. Apply on affected areas by creping.

3. Hygeia – Crepey Skin Repair Firming Cream

Hygeia’s Crepey Skin Repair Firming Cream is an anti-aging cream formulated with a blend of ingredients that go hand-in-hand to combat skin aging from the source, rather than simply giving the skin an external boost, making it more effective in providing the skin a healthier, firmer glow.

So how can an anti-aging cream help treat crepey skin? As we have mentioned above, crepey skin can sometimes be caused by the aging process, where the body starts to produce less collagen, allowing the skin to become saggier, thinner, and more fragile. This Hygeia cream aims to combat that on a cellular level by hydrating the cells and helping boost their ability to regenerate new ones. 

The selection of this cream’s key ingredients is sublime. Some of these include Retinol (vitamin A) is essential for skin health as it amps up cellular turnover, increases collagen, promotes elasticity, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Idebenone is a vita cell antioxidant that helps reactivate the skin’s natural repair processes and the amino acid L-ornithine, which studies have found to be beneficial in facilitating skin regeneration.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


  • Ingredients’ benefits are clinically proven.
  • Brand reliability.
  • Leaves a light, comfortable feel on the skin.
  • Yields positive results even after a month of usage
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. 


  • May cause some side effects among certain skin types.
  • Price is relatively more expensive than other brands
  • Independent studies have yet to be made about its efficacy.

Usage Guide

Apply generously on desired areas once a day. Consistent use yields better results.

4. Osea – Anti-Aging Body Balm

Like Hygeia’s Skin Repair Firming Cream, Osea’s Anti-Aging Body Balm, as its name tells, is an anti-aging balm geared to reduce the effects of aging on the skin. But what does this balm have that other anti-aging creams and products don’t? How does it fare better at curing crepey skin?

Compared to most leading brands, Osea invests more in using all-natural products in lieu of common chemical ingredients. Key ingredients such as Alaria seaweed and coconut oil have always been used to moisturize the skin, making it more elastic. Coconut oil, in particular, is often used in relieving creped skin. Omega fatty acids, sea minerals, and antioxidants like rosemary leaf extract make the skin significantly softer and smoother to the touch.

To top it off, its scent is not too strong or overpowering, unlike most creams. You’ll surely love its floral jasmine or geranium scents. Paired with the balm’s light texture on the skin, you’ll get to move about more without any heavy, sticking feeling.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


  • Uses all-natural ingredients in place of synthetic ones.
  • Nice serum-like texture.
  • Keeps skin moisturized for long hours.
  • Works nicely for mature/damp skin.
  • Relatively more affordable.


  • Tends to run out quickly with use.
  • Scent might not be pleasing to some.
  • Moisture might not last among those with extremely dry skin.

Usage Guide

Apply generous amount and massage onto dry or damp skin once a day. Shake before use.

The balm can also work as a conditioning hair mask—lather on to dry hair for up to 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

5. StriVectin – The Crepe Control™ Body

Unlike the previous picks on our list, The Crepe Control Body System is a packaged set containing two products, the Crepe Control™ Exfoliating Body Scrub and the Crepe Control™ Tightening Body Cream. This two-step body care system aims to repair creped skin for a smooth, hydrated, and suppler appearance.  

First, the Crepe Control Body Scrub works through dull, rough skin to remove dirt and dead skin cells. Then, the Crepe Control Body Cream serves to moisturize and nourish the skin, effectively tightening, firming, and restoring the skin’s elasticity and suppleness. The combination leaves the skin looking more radiant, smoother, and softer than ever and prepped with an evened skin tone.

StriVectin makes use of classic ingredients that are highly essential to skincare for this set, namely papaya & guava enzymes, jojoba seed extract, turmeric root extract, murumuru seed butter, and other fruit-derived seed oils. With all of their properties considered, they are especially effective at relieving the effects of crepey skin, and in effect, giving you healthy, youthful, and glowing skin.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


  • Positive results are clinically proven.
  • Light texture makes it easier to apply.
  • Visible results may appear as early as four weeks. 
  • Pleasing smell.
  • Great value for your money. The set costs less than other single-item products.


  • Price is still considerably high compared to most brands. 
  • Items might run out fast due to consistent use. 

Usage Guide

  1. While showering, apply Crepe Control™ Exfoliating Body Scrub to wet skin on affected areas in circular motions.
  2. Rinse with warm water and pat the skin dry gently.
  3. Rub an ample amount of Crepe Control™ Tightening Body Cream onto clean, dry skin twice daily, concentrating on areas affected by creping skin.
  4. For optimal results, repeat methods twice or thrice a week.

What Is Crepey Skin & Why Are Arms & Legs Prone To It?

Crepey skin commonly occurs in non-sun-exposed areas such as the inner parts of the upper arm, in the neck region, and just above the knees. It also tends to occur around the eyes. While it can affect anyone, women are more prone to getting this condition more than men. 

But what causes crepey skin exactly? A lot of factors are at play. Prolonged exposure to the sun, as we know, can darken and dry up the skin. Its ultraviolet light starts to break down the skin’s collagen and elastin, the fibers in the skin that allow it to be stretchable and to its normal position, eventually causing it to lose firmness and wrinkles to appear. Age is also an essential factor. The skin begins to lose elasticity and firmness since the body produces less elastin, collagen, and oil, which help lock in moisture.

Even without those, other things like pollution, hormone changes, and lifestyle habits like smoking, unhealthy diets, and poor personal hygiene can cause the body to decrease its natural oil production, still affect the skin significantly, and cause it to dry up.  If you tend to have naturally dry skin, that could also increase your risk of getting crepey skin. 

Treatment for Crepey Skin

So you’ve got crepey skin—no need to go berserk just yet. Many forms of treatments are readily available, which can be used to reduce crepey skin and improve one’s skin health. Though it’s important to take note that not all treatments may be conducive or yield the same results for people of different skin types.

Certain methods might be more effective on others, while others not, so it’s important to ask your trusted dermatologist to help you figure out the proper treatment for your skin type. Regardless of the chosen method, it’s also imperative to seek immediate treatment once you notice the signs appearing. The sooner crepey skin is treated, the easier it will be to relieve its effects on the body.

How To Prevent Crepey Skin on Arms & Legs

As the age-old adage says, “Prevention is better than the cure.”

Early on, you can take specific measures to avoid the risk of getting crepey skin on your arms and legs. While it’s good to get some sunlight now and then, applying sunscreen lotions and wearing protective clothing helps. Or better yet, simply avoid staying outside during hot temperatures for too long.

Keeping your skin moisturized with a good lotion or moisturizer has its long-term benefits. It also pays to be particular with a certain product’s ingredients since these can make or break your skin health. Lotions and balms containing niacinamide, ribose, glycerin, shea butter, papaya, or hyaluronic acid are highly recommendable for people who seek long-lasting hydrated and moisturized skin. 

If you want a greener approach, go for natural oils since they pull in and hold moisture better so that your skin stays hydrated and supple.  Coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, sunflower seed oil, and cocoa butter have antioxidant, anti-aging properties which help repair the skin barrier, enhance the skin’s elasticity, and give it the moisture it needs.  

A healthy diet can make a huge difference too. While there isn’t any particular set of foods that specifically combat crepey skin yet, we can assume that eating foods associated with good skin health would suffice. Vegetables like carrots, apricots, spinach, kale, and fruits like berries and watermelons are known for their hydrating and complexion-boosting properties. Vitamin C-rich foods such as tomatoes and citrus fruits are likewise ideal for their role in boosting the production of collagen. 

Try to stay hydrated at all times, using a hydration pack like Liquid IV or a Liquid IV alternative once per day can help keep your fluid levels at an optimum level.

But some miracles don’t happen overnight. Applying lotion, eating some fruit, or a momentary habit won’t give you results instantly. Still, consistency is the key if you’re aiming to go long-term. Practicing these good habits early on helps you build a strong foundation of good health for life to come.

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