Best Korean Vitamin C Serum – 5 Top Options

If there’s any single vitamin you want to lather on your face each day, it has to be vitamin C.

Using it in serum form makes this vitamin even more effective, so if you’re ready to see what it’s capable of, choosing a renowned Korean skincare brand solution is the best bet.

What does vitamin C serum do?

Skincare products that contain vitamin C have lots of benefits, including:

  • Brightening the complexion
  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stimulating collagen production

Using vitamin C serum means you get a highly concentrated dose of the vitamin and whatever other ingredients it has, for ultimately better results.

We’ve reviewed the best Korean vitamin C serums of the year to find which brands performed better than others, and gave their users the skin they’ve been dreaming of.

If you’re ready to put the power of vitamin C to the test, we’ve got the only serums you need to bother with.

Our Choices for the Best Korean Vitamin C Serum

Finding the Korean best vitamin C serum is no easy feat, especially once you get a look at the overcrowded skincare market.

To make your quest more fruitful, we’ve selected just a few of the best serums out there, and what it is that makes them stand out from the pack.

1. Missha Vita C Spot Correcting Ampoule

best korean vitamin c serum

The Vita C Spot Correcting and Firming Ampoule by Missha is made with their signature 33% Vita C Liposome Formula made with 99% vitamin C and collagen.

The 1.01fl oz bottle of ampoule is a two in one product for wrinkle repair and brightening and is best suited to users with aging or dull skin. With other noteworthy ingredients like tranexamic acid and niacinamide, it’ll liven up anyone’s skin tone.


Those wanting a serum that directly targets trouble areas will love the Missha Vita C Spot Correcting and Firming Ampoule, consistently rated as the best Korean vitamin C serum for hyperpigmentation.

Using their unique formula that combines 99% pure vitamin C, you’ll get noticeably brighter and younger-looking skin after a few weeks.

This isn’t the best serum for everyone though, as Missha recommends it’s better left for people with aging or dull skin, and those with oily complexions might find it aggravates this more.

The included anti-aging ingredients make it a great choice for those with concerns, including the hydrolyzed collagen and highly concentrated vitamin C that actively reduce wrinkles and help to firm up sagging skin.

Missha’s C Spot Correcting and Firming Ampoule is packed full of powerful ingredients including licorice extract, niacinamide, Hippophae Rhamnoides Water, and tranexamic acid.

If you’re after skincare that only uses a few key components, this isn’t it, but if you need a youthful boost and want vitamin C to provide it, this ampoule is one of the best.


  • Item form: Cream
  • Skin type: Aging, dull
  • Size: 1.01fl oz


  • A powerful tool to fight the signs of aging and one of the better options for those with already aging skin.
  • Uses some of skincare’s best ingredients like collagen and tranexamic acid for a unique blend that other serums don’t have.
  • After a few weeks of regular use, you’ll notice more fullness in areas that were sagging.
  • Brightens your overall skin tone and reduces spots and hyperpigmentation to make it look more alive.
  • Although there are lots of premium ingredients and a high concentration, Missha has made this serum affordable for everyone.


  • This ampoule isn’t suited to all skin types, so those with sensitive or oily skin will want to find something formulated for them.
  • Having a dropper applicator means the formula can be exposed to air, which could possibly destabilize the serum, so be careful when storing it.

2. Wander Beauty Sight C-er Vitamin C Concentrate

best korean vitamin c serum

Wander Beauty’s Sight C-er Vitamin C Concentrate is a multifunctional serum that protects the skin and brightens it, and it comes in a handy 1.0fl oz pump bottle for easy dispensing.

With potent vitamin C, Kakadu plum extract, niacinamide, and squalene, just to name a few, it goes beyond just skin deep to protect you from external stressors and brighten and soften your complexion.


If you want your vitamin C serum to do more than just brighten your skin, Wander Beauty has formulated its Sight C-er Vitamin C Concentrate to protect and prevent as well. 

The small air pump bottle is packed with goodness, including vitamin C derivatives, plant-derived squalane, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide, but without any nasties like alcohol or synthetic fragrances needed.

The biggest standout of this serum is that it uses Kakadu plum as its main source of vitamin C, it’s able to provide 55 times more vitamin C than an orange.

Not only does it help in the usual ways that vitamin C does, but it also features antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which your skin will benefit from too.

This is where the protect and prevent part of this serum comes into play, giving you a well-rounded skincare solution.

Users loved how this absorbed into their skin but added a luminous finish which almost made it look pearl-like. As a lightweight formula, it absorbs almost immediately, but those needing lots of moisture might prefer something that’s a little heavier.

Wander Beauty’s Sight C-er Vitamin C concentrate is a potent formula that protects and prevents, as well as brightens, so if you want to harness the power of Kakadu plum for yourself, grab it today.


  • Item form: Cream
  • Skin type: All
  • Size: 1.01fl oz


  • The addition of Kakadu plum means you’re getting more than 50 times the vitamin C that serums using oranges can provide.
  • Uses an airless pump so the product inside will stay fresh for as long as possible and not destabilize. 
  • This serum isn’t just about brightening the skin but also protecting against free radicals and other forms of damage, so it’s two in one.
  • The pearl finish this leaves on your skin helps you to get a natural glow and is ideal for a natural look.
  • Especially soft on sensitive skin so if you’ve had irritation and breakout from other vitamin C serums, give this a try for better results. 


  • The lighter feel of this cream means those with very dry and dull skin might prefer something thicker to restore moisture, as it may feel ineffective.
  • For the amount of product you get, this ampoule is one of the more expensive options we’ve reviewed.

3. Missha Vita C Correcting Concentrate Ampoule

best korean vitamin c serum

Missha’s Vita C Plus Spot Correcting Concentrate Ampoule is a serum designed specifically for dull and uneven skin, and it’s a potent serum that comes in a tiny 0.51fl oz bottle.

Featuring vitamin C, collagen, vitamin E, adenosine, PHA, and ceramide, just to name a few, this product is all about brightening and beautifying, made for people whose skin is in need of repair.


Another entry from Missha’s Vit C Plus Range, and this time it’s their Spot Correcting Concentrate. This ampoule targets users with dull and uneven skin tones as its main goals are to brighten your complexion and bring some life back into it.

As a highly concentrated formula, it’s more expensive than their other ampoules but designed to deliver impactful results with just a small amount.

There are a few key ingredients that help it do that, including 99% pure vitamin C, as well as PHA, collagen, vitamin E, ceramide, and adenosine.

All of them work together to firm the skin, brighten the complexion, and help get rid of any dark spots that are stopping you from having the clear skin you’ve always dreamed of.

Customers were thrilled to find there were two types of vitamin C here, a powder and a pure ascorbic acid, which means you get double the effect.

Although not as targeted towards anti-aging as their other ampoules, the Vit C Plus Spot Correct Concentrate is the best option for uneven and dull skin, so all ages can get a refresher. 


  • Item form: Cream
  • Skin type: Dull, uneven skin
  • Size: 0.51fl oz


  • One of the most concentrated serums we’ve reviewed with only the tiniest dab needed to start seeing results.
  • Has two types of vitamin C which guarantees it works harder for your skin to remove spots and brighten the tone.
  • Users reported a more even skin tone with fewer spots after a month of regular use with this cream.
  • Has managed to hit the sweet spot between lightweight but effective, and you can feel it absorb instantly into your skin.


  • Coming in a tiny bottle, this is an expensive option for a vitamin C serum and only required for people with seriously dull and uneven skin.
  • This isn’t the best vitamin C product for everyone, so if you have sensitive or oily skin there are other formulas out there that can deliver.
  • Not as powerful for anti-aging when you compared to the other products in their range, so if this is your concern, choose another.

4. Some By Mi Vitamin C Glow Serum

best korean vitamin c serum

Some By Mi’s Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Serum is a 1.01fl oz dropper bottle full of goodness.

With 75% galactomyces and pure vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid, it’s got everything you need to brighten your complexion and give it a youthful boost. The serum contains no animal products, silicone, parabens, sulfates, or artificial colors or fragrances, and is cruelty-free and vegan friendly.


Some By Mi has developed an affordable and effective way to improve the glow and evenness of your skin with their Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Serum.

As the name suggests, it contains 75% galactomyces ferment filtrate which is a type of yeast, and when applied to the skin it moisturizes, improves elasticity, and smooths out and brightens your skin tone.

The vitamin C also provides a glow to the skin and fades any dark spots you might have, coming in the form of ascorbic acid for the most potent effect. As a lightweight formula, it glides on easily and absorbs right away, and for the best results, you should apply it after toner.

Users reported results in just a few weeks, including a brighter complexion and noticeably faded dark spots and hyperpigmentation, which is amazing for the price of it.

Some people were put off by the brown tint of this serum and concerned it would add discoloration to their face, but once it’s applied it’ll go on clear.

There’s nothing nasty to be found including no parabens, sulfates, or artificial fragrances, and Some By Mi stands by their commitment to cruelty-free and vegan-friendly skincare with their Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Serum.


  • Item form:
  • Skin type:
  • Size:


  • Some By Mi creates affordable skincare products that fall into the premium category so you don’t have to break the bank.
  • There’s nothing nasty in this serum so everything you’re putting on your skin will be doing it favors.
  • You’ll get a noticeably even skin tone after a few weeks of regular use and any obvious spots will start to fade.
  • Contains ascorbic acid which is the best type of vitamin C you can use for these types of treatments.
  • Has a nice lightweight feel that absorbs quickly and lets your skin breathe for the rest of the day.


  • With a natural brown tint to the serum, some people were concerned about putting this on their face, even though the color disappears when applied.
  • The dropper makes it harder to prevent air from getting to the serum so you’ll have to be careful to open and close it quickly before dropping it on your skin.

5. Soffli Vitamin C Serum

best korean vitamin c serum

Soffli’s Vitamin C Serum is a minimalistic formula that contains 16% vitamin C made with pure ascorbic acid and 3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid, with only 13 other ingredients, including hyaluronic acid ferulic acid.

The 1.0fl oz pump bottle ensures no air gets in, and it’s a lightweight and water-like gel that absorbs quickly into the skin.


Soffli creates the best vitamin C serum Korean skincare is known for, with their 16% formula. If you’re someone who prefers potency but with minimal ingredients, you’ll be pleased to know there are only 14 in this formula.

Still, it manages to be one of the most effective at reducing hyperpigmentation and brightening the skin tone.

One of the best things about this vitamin C serum is that it uses two types of vitamin C, including pure ascorbic acid and 3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid. This makes it more effective in delivering a potent dose of vitamin C but without the usual irritation.

For this reason, this is one of the better serums to suit all skin types, from sensitive to oily. You’ll also find vitamin E and ferulic acid for moisture, making the silky and lightweight serum perfect for achieving that dewy look.

Although the pump bottle helps to keep the formula stable and not exposed inside, some users found it required a little bit of effort to get working.

However, you can feel the serum immediately absorb into your skin upon application and in just a few weeks, users reported a noticeably clearer and more even skin tone.

Soffli’s 16% Vitamin C serum is the ultimate choice for a brightening treatment that uses this wonder vitamin the right way.


  • Item form: Gel
  • Skin type: All
  • Size: 1.0fl oz


  • This is gentle enough for sensitive skin and acne prone users, so it covers everybody.
  • Soffli has included one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C for a serum in this price range so you’re getting more of the good stuff.
  • You can feel it immediately absorb into the skin without having to wait around.
  • Users noted brightening and evening out of their skin tone after a month of regular use.
  • With only 14 ingredients in this formula, you don’t have to worry about a long list of confusing scientific names that you’re putting on your face.


  • The pump on this bottle takes a little getting used to and some users have described it as ‘clunky’.
  • Has a slightly citrus scent that can be irritating to the nose when it’s first applied if you’re sensitive to smells.

Best Korean Vitamin C Serum FAQs 

Before you can select your new favorite skincare product, you need to learn a little more about vitamin C and serums, and how to use them effectively.

If you feel like you’re still left in the dark, we’ve got the answers to some FAQs about these vitamin-infused potions that will lead the way.

Vit C to Beautify Your Skin

Not only is vitamin C a powerful defender against the signs of aging and hyperpigmentation, but it can brighten your complexion altogether.

With one of our selections for a Korean vitamin C serum, you’ll see what all the fuss is about and be able to put vitamin C to the test for yourself.

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