What Is The Best Blow Dryer Brush for Curly Hair?

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Jinri Hot Air Brush

This hair dryer and volumizer is designed to deliver gorgeous volume and brilliant shine in a single step.

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If you are a person with naturally curly and impossibly thick hair, you know how tedious it is to dry your hair first and then style it. With a blow dryer brush, that’s two jobs you can mesh into one. You can save time and frustration if you choose the right brush. On top of that, eliminating frizz, which is always a constant concern for people with curly hair, can be a happy bonus.

We decided to search for the best blow dryer brushes on the market. In this guide, we’ll give you information about blow dryer brushes as well as our five top picks for the best blow dryer brush for curly hair.

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What Are The Best Blow Dryer Brushes for Curly Hair?

1. Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

If you want body and volume, this blow dryer brush can give you both. It’s specifically designed for you to be able to brush near your roots to give your hair some lift without burning your scalp. It’s an ionic dryer which goes beautifully with a round dryer brush. Your hair will be smooth, shiny, and full of body. The blow dryer brush is 1100 watts so it may take a bit of extra time to dry thicker hair, but if you don’t mind a few additional minutes you could reap some really good benefits.


  • The oval design helps with making the hair smooth.
  • It has a 2 year warranty.
  • It has the same, tangle free bristles as the Revlon One-Step, and they do a phenomenal job.


  • It produces a really good amount of heat.
  • The handle is thick so it could be hard to hold for people with smaller hands.
  • Not a good choice for short hair.
  • The brush is huge, so it may be a bit awkward to use.

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2. Jinri One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

Budget Pick
Jinri Hot Air Brush

This hair dryer and volumizer is designed to deliver gorgeous volume and brilliant shine in a single step.

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Jinri is quickly making a name for itself in the beauty industry by continuously producing quality products like this blow dryer brush. It rivals some of the most professional tools on the market. With 1000 watts of power and tourmaline ceramic technology, this blow dryer brush can dry just about any type of hair. You can safely dry next to your roots without burning your scalp and the swivel base makes it easy for you to maneuver your hair to a voluminous work of art.


  • It’s extremely light weight and a bit smaller than the average blow dryer brush, so it’s easier to handle.
  • The handle has non-slip material so it’s easy to hold.
  • It comes with a 2 year warranty.
  • The cord is 9 feet long.


  • It gets extremely hot.
  • The handle can get too hot to hold comfortably.
  • The bristles are a bit on the hard side.

Where to buy: Amazon

3. Revlon One-Step Paddle Hair Dryer Brush

Revlon One-Step Paddle Hair Dryer Brush

The Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler is a revolutionary styling tool that puts the power of a dryer and precision of a styler in your hands.

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This ionic hair dryer is a paddle-style brush that is great for detangling thick, curly hair. It’s flexible for added comfort while brushing and the detangling bristles work pretty well. Unlike a lot of inexpensive paddle brushes, the detangling bristles actually stay on instead of popping off a little at the time each time you brush your hair. At 1100 watts, you would think it would take long to dry thicker hair, but because the heat is coming out of such a large area at once, it dries thick hair fairly quickly. Using this blow dryer brush beats having to brush with one hand and dry with the other.


  • Swivel cord makes it easy to move around.
  • It’s a champ at detangling hair.
  • Paddle brush makes it easy to dry the hair on the back of your head.
  • 1.65 lbs, 4.1 x 11.5 x 10.2 inches


  • 2 year warranty.
  • Paddle brushes aren’t great for styling.
  • Even though the handle is ergonomic, it’s a thick handle so it may be hard for people with smaller hands to hold.
  • The handle can get uncomfortably hot.

Where to buy: Amazon

4. John Frieda Shine Shape 1” Hot Air Brush

John Frieda Salon Shape 1.5 Inch Hot Air Brush

The John Frieda Hot Air Brush with Advanced Ionic Technology releases up to 50% more ions for shiny, frizz-free hair; 2x shine, 3x frizz control.

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Blow dryer brushes can sometimes be heavy, but this titanium ceramic blow dryer brush from John Frieda is lightweight. We will say that it’s pretty big, but at least you won’t have as much trouble handling it as other blow dryer brushes. This blow dryer brush is great for people with arthritis, carpel tunnel, or any other wrist conditions that can cause you to fatigue quickly.


  • Titanium makes it light weight and even-heating.
  • Nylon bristles not only help with detangling but with shine also.


  • Advanced ion technology leads to an even better, frizz-free experience.
  • It only has 500 watts.
  • It’s not good for short curly hair or thick curly hair.
  • The blow dryer brush is huge–one of the largest on the market.

Where to buy: Amazon

5. InfinitiPRO By Conair Wet/Dry Hot Air Brush Styler

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Wet/Dry Hot Air Brush Styler

The Infiniti Pro by Conair Wet/Dry Hot Air Styler straightens, shines, and controls frizz with its Triple Action Styling System.

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This is a great solution for thick curly hair. The InfinitiPro is made with tourmaline ceramic technology so the extra ions, even heating, and far-infrared heat makes it easy and quick to dry thick hair. A big positive note is that it actually does leave your hair with an attractive sheen. This blow dryer brush definitely has those negative ions in use because your drying time will be short and your hair will look amazing.


  • It is extremely light weight–less than one pound.
  • Great for short hair.
  • Has a good length cord (8 ft).


  • Looks great but made with cheap parts.
  • Not great for reducing frizz.

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About Blow Dryer Brushes

Blow dryer brushes could possibly be one of the easiest, most user-friendly styling tools available. Even the most hair care challenged person can get what looks like a salon quality blow out depending on their hair type and the type of brush. Using a blow dryer brush has quite a few advantages (and a couple of disadvantages):


Easily straighten your hair.

Blow dryer brushes can be noisier than a hairdryers.

Easily curl your ends.

They can be a bit bigger than a hair dryer.

Save a significant amount of time styling your hair.

May not be as comfortable to hold as a hairdryer.

Achieve a well-groomed look with little effort.

May not be as powerful as a traditional hair dryer.

The disadvantages aren’t really that bad. If you aren’t concerned about power, then you may benefit from a blow dryer brush.

Choosing the Best Blow Dryer Brush for Curly Hair

Choosing a good blow dryer brush is a lot like choosing a good blow dryer. There are certain features that you should consider. In this case, we looked for features that were suitable for curly hair. Here is the criteria that we used.


Just like a regular blow dryer, the more watts the blow dryer brush has, the more power it can generate. This isn’t to be confused with how hot the brush can get. Heat and power should be looked at as two separate features. Power can be akin to air velocity. For curly hair, the more power, the better, especially for thick, unruly curls.


The weight of the blow dryer brush can significantly impact your ability to dry and style your hair. Even if you have big muscles, a lighter blow dryer brush can still make the job easier. You also want to watch out for blow dryer brushes that are too light–this could be indicative of cheap parts.

Cord Length

One feature that tends to get overlooked a lot is the cord length. If you get a blow dryer brush with a short cord, you might be stuck at the outlet trying to style your hair.

Final Thoughts

All of these blow dryer brushes are great, but we think that the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer is the best. It has the highest wattage so it can power through thick curly hair and you can get down to the roots to volumize flat hair. Revlon’s products usually come in a pretty affordable price range.

If you find that you need to save a few extra bucks, you could try the Jinri One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer. This is similar to the Revlon, but it’s made from cheaper parts so it cost less. No matter which of these blow dryer brushes you chose, you should get great results. They all have ionic technology, and some are paired with tourmaline or titanium which enhances the results. Finally, you can enjoy drying your curly hair.