What Is the Difference Between BB Cream and CC Cream?

It’s makeup time!

You might already be familiar with face powders, highlighters, and bronzers but what about the base?

With the introduction of the BB cream, CC cream, and tinted moisturizer, we are sure you often find yourself wondering which product to buy, especially because they serve similar purposes.

Most people know what a foundation is and what it offers full coverage. However, they don’t understand the difference between tinted moisturizers, BB cream, and CC cream. The former is a light shade with a mix of moisturizing cream that keeps your skin hydrated. Moving on to BB cream and CC cream, their names make the difference clear. The former stands for beauty balm or the blemish balm while the latter stands for color correction.

Following is a breakdown of these four coverage operations to help you understand how to use them and when to use them:

What is BB Cream?

Also known as the “Blemish Balm”, BB cream provides lighter coverage as compared to a standard foundation. It corrects blemishes and evens out your skin tone. Think of it as a multipurpose product that works as a moisturizer, primer, and foundation. The cream feels light on the skin, but is heavier than a tinted moisturizer. It provides light coverage, gives you a uniform and radiant skin, and keeps your skin hydrated.

The key ingredients in a BB cream are antioxidants. They protect your skin from pollution and any damage caused by free radicals.

The only drawback of BB creams is that they don’t come in many shades. Typically, you will find three shades: light, medium, and dark.

How to Use BB Cream?

Place a dollop of BB cream on the back of your hand. Swirl your brush on the cream and slide it over your cheeks, forehead, nose, upper lips and chin. You can blend the cream with your fingers, a foundation brush or a wet beauty blender. Since BB cream is applied as a light foundation, the layer should be thin and the cream should be gently applied to the skin.

When to Use BB cream?

BB cream is also referred to as a “Beauty Balm”. The cream gives you a radiant and healthy complexion, but that doesn’t mean it should replace your skincare routine. You can apply BB cream when you want a no-makeup look or when you are going to the office or out with your friends.

What is CC Cream?

The CC in this foundation formula is known as “Color Control”. As compared to BB cream, CC cream has a light texture, but it provides full coverage like a foundation.

If you are looking for a foundation formula that will help you hide your skin’s imperfections, CC cream is the best choice. These imperfections include hyperpigmentation, dark spots, redness, and blotchiness.

CC cream also promotes radiance and its color-correcting qualities work as a great primer underneath the foundation. This cream offers sun protection, anti-aging benefits and does not clog pores as a foundation does.

The only drawback of CC creams is that they don’t come in many shades. You will typically find three shades: light, medium, and dark.

How to Use CC Cream?

If you want heavy coverage, apply a thicker layer of CC cream. This cream can be applied to your skin in the same manner as a foundation. Take small dollops from the tube and smear them over your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. Place more cream on areas that you wish to color correct, such as underneath your eyes, upper lips and lower lips. Use a foundation brush to blend the cream.

When to Use CC cream?

CC cream is best used for parties or concerts, where you know that you will be around people all night long. If you need a little color balance and want to shorten your makeup routine, then this cream comes in handy. The cream provides longer-lasting coverage, which gives it an edge over BB cream and tinted moisturizer.

What is a Foundation?

For full coverage, a foundation is what works best! It camouflages your blemishes, improves skin tone and gives you clear skin. In the past, foundations had a cakey texture. Even applying a little bit with a light hand indicated that you were wearing foundation.

Recently, makeup companies have improved foundation formulas and come up with new ones. You get to choose one that matches your skin tone and type.

Standard foundations come in a multitude of shades. They are thicker than CC creams, BB creams, and tinted moisturizers. For a camera-ready look, the standard foundation is the coverage you need.

There are dozens of shades and options. You can even find foundations according to your skin type for dry skin, a dewy finish or a matte look.

How to Use a Foundation?

Since a foundation offers a thicker finish, you need to be extra careful while applying it. First, you need to prep your skin. Wash your face with a face wash and moisturize your skin. Once your skin feels hydrated and soft, take a foundation brush and apply the foundation all over your face. When all the areas are covered, use a beauty blender to get an even finish.

When to Use a Foundation?

Foundation is for longer wear and is best for parties, conferences or galas. Since a foundation acts as a color corrector, hides blemishes and makes your skin look radiant, you should only wear it on special occasions.

What is a Tinted Moisturizer?

A tinted moisturizer doubles as a moisturizer and the sheerest foundation. It gives minimal coverage and a little pop of color to your skin. This hybrid coverage option keeps your skin hydrated and pores unclogged.

A tinted moisturizer can replace your skincare routine. Try to find a tinted moisturizer that has a high amount of moisturizing cream. Some tinted moisturizers are made of 99% pure moisturizer and only 1% foundation. Some tinted moisturizers also provide UV protection and if they have fruit-derived pigments, then they can give your skin a glow.

How to Use Tinted Moisturizer?

The best way to apply a tinted moisturizer is with your fingers. Simply apply small amounts all over your face and then massage in the cream. Since tinted moisturizer screams “a natural look”, refrain from applying face powder over it. Instead, use a face mist to get a dewy look.

When to Use Tinted Moisturizer?

A tinted moisturizer is great for everyday wear. Since it is easy to apply and gives a natural look, it is great to apply before Happy Hour or if you are going for a no-makeup makeup look.

Final Thoughts

All these options have similar purposes, but they differ when it comes to coverage. BB cream can be replaced with a foundation if you favor a natural look. But CC cream can be used to prime your skin before applying foundation. Now that you know the difference between these coverage options, you will be able to do your makeup in a couple of minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes a Good Curling Iron for Thick Hair?

Curling irons for thick hair must have a high-temperature setting (heat up to at least 400F) to hold thick hair into curls all-day if not for a few days!
The best curling irons for thick hair use an advanced ionic or infrared technology to reduce frizz and keep your hair moisturized.

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For thick hair, a curling iron with a barrel sized 1.5 inches is the most suitable option for everyday use.
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How do you make curls last all day with thick hair?

Use a mousse and heat protectant before you blow-dry in order to give the hair more hold. Prepping with a setting spray is also great for locking in your curls. Many of them offer heat protection, too!

Can I Use BB Cream Instead of Foundation?

Yes, but only if you are looking for light coverage. Plus, it’s possible that you won’t find your exact skin shade in a BB cream. As a result, you will have to apply face powder with a heavy hand.

Can You Use BB Cream and CC Cream Together?

Yes, both BB cream and CC cream can be used together. The creams will provide double the protection, hide blemishes, color correct and give your skin a radiant glow.

Can You Use BB Cream as a Primer?

Even though BB cream is lighter than a foundation, it is still considered a foundation. It offers almost the same coverage as a foundation and cannot be applied as a primer, or the blend will give a cakey look.

Can You Use CC Cream as a Primer?

Yes, CC cream can be used as a primer. It is lighter than BB cream and is used for color correction.

Does BB Cream Offer Sun Protection?

Yes, BB cream has certain ingredients that protect your skin from harmful UV rays.