Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2 Review

Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2 Review

I’ll be the first one to admit that handling hot hair styling tools is not an easy job. You can end up with burns and scorch marks if you’re not careful.

It’s why I’m always on the lookout for hair straightening brushes and flat irons that reduce the risks of burns. One of my recent discoveries is Amazon’s bestseller Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2.

Rumor has it that this brush is the safest styling tool out available in the market. Like always, I wanted to try this product myself to see if this was true.

So is Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2 a worthy investment?

Yes, it is. It’s a great hair styling tool for ladies who’re looking for a nice blowout style without the hassle. The hair straightening brush offers adjustable temperature control and lots of safety features. This ensures that you get through the styling session without a mark.

However, I’m going to shave off a point for this slight disadvantage that I discovered.

Read on to find out the reason behind this deduction.

Pros and Cons

Things I liked:

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • No accidental burns or overheating
  • Versatile heating settings to suit different hair types.
  • Affordable.

Things I didn’t like:

  • Doesn’t reach the ends which can be an inconvenience sometimes.
  • We wish there was an LCD screen for better temperature control.
  • Cleaning the bristles can be a chore.

Overview: The Best Features of the Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2

Here’s a glance at the primary specs:

  • Anti-scalding ceramic bristles to protect your scalp.
  • 6 heating levels from 130ºC to 200 ºC.
  • Temperature auto-lock technology to minimize burns.
  • 30 minute auto shut off for extra safety.
  • 360° swivel power cord for flexible hairstyling sessions.

Bonus: Box comes with a cleaning brush.

Is the Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2 Good?

I’m confident that you’re going to enjoy styling your hair with the Asavea 2. It ticks all the boxes when you look at usability, functionality, and performance. I also appreciate the safety features they’ve added because nobody likes to get burned by hot tools.

I gave it a 4 /5 because of all these fabulous features.

Here’s a breakdown of my score:

Ease of Use – 4 /5

The hair straightener is lightweight and easy to maneuver, which makes it ideal for ladies with small hands. It’s also got a flexible swivel cord that prevents the wire tail from getting tangled while you’re straightening your hair.

With that being said, I switched the heating levels midway while I was straightening my hair. It’s because there is no display screen on the brush and the buttons are on the back.
Nevertheless, the brush does have safety features that balance things out. So once you get used to the styling tool, things will become more manageable.

Durability – 4.5/5

This is a new purchase, so I can’t confidently discuss durability.

The adjustable heat settings, auto shut features, and swivel wire extend the straightening brush’s lifespan. It reduces the chances of overheating and pulling.

However, Amazon users point out that cleaning the brush is tiresome. This means that the ceramic surface will wear out if you don’t clean it. So if you want it to use it for years, then you should maintain it properly.

Heat Output – 5/5

The heat output is top-notch and you only have to wait for 90 seconds for it to heat up. Then there is the anti-scalding ceramic coating that prevents the bristles from getting too hot. You won’t even feel a thing if you touch the surface.
Also, the temperature auto-lock system makes it easier to maintain a consistent temperature.

Price – 5/5

Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2 comes at an affordable price. There are cheaper products out there, but this brush’s features make it a better investment.

Options– 5/5

The hair straightening brush is super adaptable. It offers a heating range from 130ºC to 200 ºC which works for all hair types and textures. Plus, with the right technique, you can curl your hair with this straightening brush too.

Power – 5/5

This hair straightening brush is sleek you can use it on 110-120V, which is ideal for such a powerful product. Also, with the right power adaptor, this portable tool can be used everywhere you go.

In short, I think you should snag this hair straightening brush if you’re planning to get a new one.

Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2 Review: Closer Look

Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2 is like a dream come true for beginners. The ergonomic brush-like design makes the hair straightening process manageable for a newbie. It’s also got many safety features to ensure that you don’t burn your hands or scalp during the session.

Additionally, professionals and experienced users can have fun with its adjustable heat settings. That’s because it accommodates different hair textures and hair types. This is rare for a hair straightening brush in this price range.

Now, the official website doesn’t give away too much about the technical features of this product. I can confirm that it’s made from high-quality PTC ceramic that heats quickly. Also, the anti-scalding design stops it from becoming too hot to handle.

You can also expect to get nice glossy sleek hair in one-go. If you’ve got thick curly hair then you might have to run it through your hair a couple of times to get a frizz-free look.
Another cool thing about Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2 is that it comes with a temperature auto-lock. This ensures that the temperature stays at one setting while you’re styling your hair. They’ve also included a handy auto-shut system that shuts the hair straightener off if you don’t use it for 30 minutes.

This safety feature prevents the hair straightening brush from overheating in case you forgot to unplug it after you’re done.

On the whole, this is a great hot styling tool that is easier to use than a flat iron.

The Ultimate Test: How Does It Compare to Other Brushes?

Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2 vs. MiroPure-S102 Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush

The Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2 and MiroPure-S102 Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush are very different straighteners. The latter is wider and heavier than Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2, which makes it less manageable for beginners. It’s also more expensive than our feature product.

If we look at technical aspects then MiroPure-S102 Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush is the superior model. That’s because you can bring it to 230°C without getting burned. This is ideal for you if you’ve got thick and long hair. Plus, the ion-technology makes your hair smooth and silky after use.

These are things you don’t get with Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2 even though it’s got an extra heat setting. If you’re looking for a hair straightener for thick hair, you should buy MiroPure-S102 Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush.

Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2 vs. Head Kandy the One Upper

Head Kandy the One Upper is a delightful hot styling tool that comes in an assorted range of colors. Like Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2, this one looks like a brush and it can cater to many heating requirements. The only difference is that it isn’t that sleek and it weighs 2 pounds. This makes it inconvenient for you if you’ve got small hands.

Alternatively, the best thing about Head Kandy the One Upper is that the buttons are on the front and it comes with a digital display. These are two things that I found lacking in Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2. So if you can’t style your hair without them, then you should pick Kandy.

However, Head Kandy the One Upper is pricier. It’s why I prefer to use Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2 as it is easier to use.

Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2 vs. DAFNI Classic

DAFINI Classic is one of the most recommended hair straightening brushes out there. I like it because the brush bristles make allow me to straighten my hair from root to tip. It also heats up in less than 15 seconds which means I get straight hair in less than 10 minutes.

The only problem is that DAFNI Classic doesn’t get hotter than 185ºC. This makes it unsuitable for afro-textured hair. Some people will also find it heavier than Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2.

Due to this, Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2 is a great choice for you if you like hotter hairstyling tools.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to see why Asavea Hair Straightening Brush 2 has become a favorite of hairstylists. Not only is it affordable, but its flexible design and adjustable temperature range give you frizz-free styled hair in less than an hour.

The anti-scalding design and auto-lock system keeps those accidental burns at bay.

All in all, this hair straightening brush is a great fit for beginners and professionals alike. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to upgrade their hair straightening brush.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Best Way to Straighten Your Hair?

Everyone has a different hair straightening technique. I recommend that you watch a few tutorials if you’ve never used a hot styling tool before.

Also here are a few quick tips that you should follow:

  • Always remember to brush your hair before you straighten them.
  • Don’t use the hair straightener on wet hair.
  • Start from the roots and then pull through.
  • Divide your hair into sections to get done quickly.

These simple steps ensure that you end up with sleek glossy straight hair instead of burns on the first attempt.

How Long Does It Take to Straighten Your Hair

A good quality hair straightening brush can get the job done in a matter of minutes.

However, the amount of time it takes to straighten your hair depends on your hair type and length. So if you’ve got long curly hair, then it will take you a few extra minutes to straighten them out compared to someone who has medium-length wavy hair.

Can I Use a Hair Straightener Every Day?

Ideally, you should use a hair straightener only twice or thrice a week. The hairstyling routine prevents your hair from getting dry, heat-damaged and frizzy. If you want to flatten your hair more often, then prepare to take care of your locks too.

Here are some hair care tips I live by:

  • Use a hair protectant to cut heat damage.
  • Shampoo and condition your hair regularly.
  • Clean your hair straightening brush before use.
  • Don’t use old hot styling tools.

That’s it.

Now go grab a hot straightening brush and style away!