Are Makeup Dupes Safe To Use?

Makeup dupes are growing more popular every day. Makeup dupes can be found everywhere online and in many stores around the world. Everyone loves a bargain, and when it comes to makeup, it feels good to find a less expensive option when money is tight. While they are so trendy, some may wonder if they are safe to use.

Makeup dupes bought from a reputable store are always safe. The packaging and makeup will be slightly different, and the quality can range from low to better than the original. However, some sites do sell knockoffs marketed as dupes. Typically, a dupe will not have a similar formula to the name brand.

If the formula is different from what you are used to, the makeup could cause irritation to the skin. Not every dupe is created equally. The coverage, pigment, and how long the dupe last will be different, but that doesn’t mean they are harmful. Many people use dupes daily versus higher brand makeups.

What Is A Makeup Dupe?

A makeup dupe is simply a less expensive version of name-brand makeup. Popular makeup companies will make a specific shade, formula, or product look a certain way. Once they have become extremely popular, the less expensive makeup brands see them selling so well, and they decide to create their own version. These are called dupes or duplicates. They are copies of the higher brands.

Due to legal technicalities, the companies who create a dupe can’t call them the same name, copy the exact formula or simulate the actual packaging. They also can’t use the same formula. This doesn’t stop them from coming close to the name brand products, though.

Some shades will almost be identical. The theme of the packaging will even look very close to the higher brand. Some dupes are so close to the more expensive brand that consumers actually choose to buy them over the higher-end ones.

Some people feel that there is an ethical issue with dupes. They are not illegal, although they get as close as possible without indeed copying the name brand. Just as some clothing brands will make something similar to a higher brand, makeup companies will do the same.

When Are Makeup Dupes Not Safe?

While most makeup dupes are safe, there are some places that you may find dupes that are not safe. There are many places online that sell dupes that are actually knockoffs. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Check the reviews and do a little research on the site. Knockoffs can contain all types of harmful ingredients. A knockoff and dupe are very different.

Think of dupes as a generic brand and knockoffs as fake illegal products.

If you find MAC on an unknown site for well below the average price, chances are it is indeed a knockoff. It would be best if you ran away from those.

It is also essential to know that some dupes are not made equally. After all, you only want to save a little money. You don’t want to suffer and have an allergic reaction to something not mentioned on the packaging. It is best to shop at well-known stores. Some dupes could have ingredients you are not used to using on your skin.

Sites such as Aliexpress and wish are known to sell knockoff makeup made to look like dupes or name-brand makeup. Stay clear of these sites as you may not get what you want and could have a bad reaction to a potential knockoff makeup.

Where Makeup Dupes Are Safe

There are thousands upon thousands of safe makeup dupes out there. As mentioned above, you just need to find a store that you know sells reputable makeup products. Some of the stores to find safe makeup dupes are:

  • Almost any grocery store that sells personal hygiene type of products will have a makeup area
  • Almost every drug store has some type of area for makeup. Many people swear by the drug store dupes.
  • ULTA has a wide variety of higher-end makeups and dupes. It’s a great store to get the perfect combo for your makeup collection.
  • Walgreens has a surprisingly large makeup selection in most states
  • Walmart

If you are buying your makeup dupe from any of these types of stores or sites, they will be safe. Some less expensive brands can have added ingredients that may irritate your skin if you have sensitive skin. For the most part, they are always safe to buy.

Pro Tip: As with most makeups, when trying a new brand, you should always test it on a small part of your skin before using it.

Where To Find The Best Makeup Dupes

There are so many dupes out there, but which are the best? A few of the better dupes for some higher-end makeups are:

With these few products, you could have a great start to a full face for a fraction of the cost of the makeups being dupped. You can also find great ULTA hacks here. They can be found anywhere. With a bit of research, you can easily find a dupe for many of your favorite higher-end makeups.

Are Makeup Dupes Ethically Safe?

When making the $60 eyeshadow and picking up a similar $10 brand, you may feel guilty. Is it ethically ok to buy the less expensive dupe? Most people that wear makeup are fully aware that the formula will be different. Some of the most common differences would be:

  • The coverage will not be as great as the higher brands or last as long. Some people favor dupes in foundations, while others do not like how it covers their skin.
  • Shades are slightly different, and names will be different
  • Lipsticks not as moisturizing or long-lasting
  • Face creams may not work as well, may not be as moisturizing, or have as many anti-aging properties as higher brands.
  • Packaging may not be as detailed or as elaborate

Makeup companies are known when a specific shade, makeup container, and product are selling well. Like many businesses worldwide, makeup companies will also copy better brand products and create a dupe for them.

That being said, for the consumer, makeup dupes are perfectly ethical to purchase. You are not doing anything wrong by saving yourself a little money on a lesser brand. You know it will not be up to the exact standards, but it is not a concern for many. Tons of people love to purchase fun eyeshadow pallets or many shades of lipstick. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the higher brands.

Makeup Dupes

A typical makeup dupe will not harm you, and you should not feel uneasy about the ethics of buying a dupe. Splurge on the high-end makeup when you can. When you can’t afford it, find a dupe for the product you are looking for to save a little money. Chances are you will be able to find a dupe for many popular makeup products out there. The product’s makeup may be different, but there will be no harm done to yourself if bought from a reputable store.