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Since its launch in 2018, EssieButton has achieved incredible growth and has rapidly established itself as a go-to source of information for beauty enthusiasts.

We are dedicated to providing real-life editorial content with insight from those who have direct experience at every level of the beauty industry. This “front-line” experience, paired with strong expertise in digital marketing and social media, has established the site as a must-read resource for anyone with a passing or professional interest in beauty.

Thanks to this success, we are now able to leverage this influence to support other organizations who have similar goals through banner advertising, a high-profile social media presence, and sponsored articles.

We also recognize that there are organizations who are looking for more comprehensive digital marketing services or the support of a specialist agency with industry expertise. Our sister organization, Forward Slash Media, is a full-service agency that provides marketing, social media, and value chain consultancy services.

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2021 Rate Card

Website Banner Ads

Each banner receives approximately 100,000 impressions per month.

Mobile Sticky Footer

Sticky Mobile Banner - Essie Button

  • (1) Positions Available
  • 320px x 50px
  • Est. 1.26 million impressions in 2021

$750 per month

Desktop Header Banner

  • (1) Position Available
  • 1100px x 200px
  • Est. 1.26 million impressions in 2021

$750 per month

Sidebar Banner

  • (10) Positions Available
  • 300px x 300px
  • Est. 1.26 million impressions in 2021

$500 per month

In Content Banner

  • (3) Positions Available
  • 800px x 200px
  • Est. 1.26 million impressions in 2021

$350 per month

Sponsored Posts

We create stories that help to capture your brand in words.

Market Research

We’ll research your brand and market to get ideas.


Then we’ll meet with you to find out what you hope to accomplish with the post.


We’ll then come up with post ideas and submit them to you.


You’ll have full approval of the post idea that moves on to publication.


The article will be posted on our site and shared on our social media channels.


Finally, we will measure the success of the post and report back to you.

$1000 per post