NYX Butter Gloss Review

My love affair of the NYX Butter Glosses started over 5 months ago when my friend Ashley sent me a cute little package with lots of lip products including the Nyx Butter Gloss in the shade ‘Vanilla Cream Pie’. I hadn’t heard of them before, but from the moment it graced my lips I was smitten. They come in so many gorgeous colors that (clearly) it’s hard to choose! I now consider myself a full-blown lipgloss lover (I’m shocked too) and these are like nothing else I’ve ever tried. The texture is creamy, smooth, moisturizing and soft-nothing sticky about these…


I think my personal favorite shades are Peach Cobbler, Vanilla Cream Pie…and…oh hell, I love them all! The name ‘Butter Gloss’ really is perfect because it feels like butter on the lips! I can’t say I’ve ever slathered ACTUAL butter on my lips, but I imagine it would feel slightly similar? Let me know if you test that theory.


NYX Butter Glosses are available on Amazon and various drugstores if you live in North America! Have you tried these before? What do you think? What are your favorite NYX products?