theBalm NUDE ‘tude Eyeshadow Palette Review

I’ve been harping on about this eyeshadow palette for a good chunk of May and I thought swatches would be very useful if you are considering purchasing this palette from thebalm! Luckily, if you live in London you can see it in person at and Other Stories, but if not I think Feel Unique is the only other retailer in the UK? Don’t quote me on that. In the US, it seems easier to find. It is carried at Sephora, Amazon, and even Walmart.

Anyway, I love neutral eyeshadows (it’s definitely reached the point of addiction) and I tend to swing back and forth between being a matte lover and a shimmer lover. thebalm’s Nude Tude palette mostly consists of shimmer shades, but there are 4 matte shades in this palette too (Sultry, Sexy, Serious, Sleek). These eyeshadows are incredibly soft and they’re definitely ones that you can’t bang around in the bottom of your bag because they WILL break. My theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer broke really easily, but I suppose you just have to be careful. If anyone’s used the Wet N Wild eyeshadows-the consistency is very similar to that. Excellent color payoff and I think the shades in this eyeshadow palette are to die for. There are lots of different options for light, shimmery looks, but you can also make a dark smokey eye out of some of the colors on the right-hand side.

The only color I’m not so keen on is Silly. This one doesn’t have the best pigmentation and has chunky glitter in it (rather than shimmer). Fallout is also an issue. I have no complaints about the rest of the shades.

Nude Tude comes in sturdy cardboard packaging with a HUGE mirror inside, which has actually been quite useful for me. There’s also a little brush in there, which I haven’t used. I did use this palette in a tutorial video and as I mentioned, the eyeshadows are not straight inside the palette, they’re a bit crooked (on purpose). My crazy organizational ways were driven a bit crazy by that at first, but I’ve learned to overlook it because I LOVE these shadows (especially Seductive, Snobby and Selfish)!

So what do you think about the Nude’ Tude palette? Do you think it’s something you might try in the future?