13 Celebrities With Stretch Marks From Pregnancy

Whether you’ve had a baby or just went through a serious growth spurt as a teen, there’s a good chance you’re sporting stretch marks somewhere or another.

Although we look at celebrities as shining beacons of perfection, it’s nice to see when some of them show off their stretch marks too, reminding us that they’re only human after all.

Who are some celebrities with stretch marks?

With 80% of the population claiming to have stretch marks on their body, you’ll find that most celebrities have them, even if they’re hidden. Some of the more popular names who have shown their post-pregnancy stretch marks include Kourtney Kardashian, Reese Witherspoon, and Chrissy Teigen.

If you’ve always struggled with stretch marks and are looking for some solidarity, look no further than the A list. These celebrities show that stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of and might even help you to flaunt yours with pride as well.

13 Celebrities With Pregnancy Stretch Marks

13 Celebrities With Pregnancy Stretch Marks

For all their glitz and glamor, celebrities really are like us, including the fact that they have stretch marks that they just can’t seem to get rid of.

We’ve compiled a list of just a handful of the most famous celebrities with stretch marks from pregnancy so you can see that your skin is normal and beautiful, too.

#1: Reese Witherspoon

13 Celebrities With Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Hollywood A-lister Reese Witherspoon is one of the most genuine celebrities out there and she’s always been open about her journey with motherhood and how much it’s changed her.

She’s been upfront about stretch marks, cellulite, and changes with her breasts, thanks to her three darling children. In one of her most quoted interviews, she confessed that it doesn’t matter how cool you think you are, being a parent will bring you right back to reality. 

#2: Katie Holmes

13 Celebrities With Pregnancy Stretch Marks

The celebrated actor and ex-wife of Tom Cruise has always had a laid-back attitude in regards to the Hollywood lifestyle, and is often papped with a fresh face, no makeup, and casual clothing choices.

It’s no surprise to learn then that Kaite Holmes has embraced her stretch marks and shares them regularly on her Instagram with 2.3 million followers, and famously posed for Vogue Australia baring her stomach that showed them off. 

#3: Hilary Duff

13 Celebrities With Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Hilary Duff is one celebrity that’s been vocal about how proud she is of her body and an advocate for women who feel ashamed by body standards.

The singer and actor shared a post in 2017 directed at these shamers and showing off her body in all of its postpartum goodness. Duff is a firm believer in being healthy and taking care of herself, but not worrying about the impossible beauty standards set for women.

#4: Padma Lakshmi

13 Celebrities With Pregnancy Stretch Marks

The stunning Indian American TV host, model, and author isn’t afraid to show the world that she has some imperfections, and still looks gorgeous while doing it.

Her Instagram is full of candid shots that aren’t edited or photoshopped, with her gorgeously long legs sporting stretch marks for the world to see.

As a mother of two, it’s refreshing to see someone who is proud of her body even if it isn’t photoshopped and embracing her stretch marks rather than trying to hide them.

#6: Ashley Graham

13 Celebrities With Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Ashley Graham made a name for herself as the world’s most famous plus-sized model and she’s continually championing body positivity.

When she became pregnant, she shared her journey with the world and her millions of Instagram followers, including a nude shot with her purple belly stretch marks and a caption that compared them to the tree of life.

Post-partum she looks just as beautiful and real, and although her stretch marks have faded you can still see them shimmering in all their glory.

#7: Drew Barrymore

13 Celebrities With Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Hollywood darling Drew Barrymore is another celebrity mother who’s embraced her body for all of its imperfections and beauty, and she’s often been a champion of loving yourself for who you are.

Barrymore always puts a positive spin on post-partum body changes, including being grateful that she was able to carry her children herself, or the fact that she has a flabby stomach and stretch marked body because she worked hard to lose weight.

We could all get on board with Drew’s brand of body positivity and spin our negative thoughts into good ones. 

#8: Jessica Alba

13 Celebrities With Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Jessica Alba has always been regarded as one of the most naturally beautiful celebs out there and she has such a high level of confidence in everything she does.

After dealing with attacks from body shamers and tabloids about her post-baby body, she learned to love herself and all of her so-called flaws.

The actress has remarked that she’ll keep her stretch marks, cellulite, and sagging boobs, as she’s gained a lot of confidence that can’t be taken from her. 

#9: Halsey

13 Celebrities With Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Singer Halsey is about as unapologetic as it gets and she’s another new mother who’s proud to show off her stretch marks.

She proudly shared a pic of her postpartum belly stretch marks to her millions of Instagram followers so that everyone could see how proud she is, and continued updating the world about the reality of being a new mom.

We love to see this unfiltered version of celebrity that shows us that famous people go through all of the same stuff that we do, including stretch marks.

#10: Kourtney Kardashian

13 Celebrities With Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Kourtney has long been considered the most real of the Kardashian clan and regularly posts to her Instagram without editing any of the stretch marks or imperfections she has.

An avid fitness fanatic and healthy eater, Kourtney has proven that moms can still be hot and have stretch marks, and there’s no need to go crazy with Photoshop trying to edit them out.

#11: Kelly Rowland

13 Celebrities With Pregnancy Stretch Marks

The second most famous member of Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland, and mother of two, often shares unedited bikini pics on her Instagram, much to everyone’s delight.

Most recently, she posted a picture with the famous Kendrick Lamar line about showing off without photoshop, and you could see her stretch marks in all their glory.

In previous interviews, she discussed her struggle with trying to get rid of postpartum stretch marks before just embracing them, so it’s nice to know that celebrities are just like us sometimes.

#12: Kandee Johnson

13 Celebrities With Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Kandee is one of the worlds most follow beauty influencers and her platform lets her share her image with the globe.

After having kids and going through the usual growth spurts that happen with age, Kandee’s legs are covered with what she calls ‘thighlights’ and she’s proud to show them off.

An advocate for women and men being proud of the bodies they have, she wants everyone to embrace the natural beauty that is stretch marks.

#13: Kylie Jenner

13 Celebrities With Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Kylie doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to posting unedited pictures on Instagram, but we caught her in a rare moment once when she shared a picture of her post-partum boobs and the ‘gift’ that her daughter Stormi gave her.

Seeing Kylie showing off stretch marks was refreshing and an important lesson to teach her millions of followers, and we wish she would keep up with this trend.

Stretch marks are a normal part of life with men and women of all ages and backgrounds developing them at some point.

To help you understand why we get them and what we can do to reduce their appearance, we’ve answered some FAQs that’ll give you the lowdown.